Happily Ever After

This is one of my first tries at writing for This is a slash fic so please if male/male disgusts you leave now. This is a Harry/Draco fiction and this is a character page and summery so please follow to the next section for chapter one.

Summery: It is around the 17th century and the world had just been reunited as a whole. All countries held a royal family all of which contain magic with in their blood along with many families around the palace. Rules were designed and peace resigned over all the land. In the European nation their lived the royal family Malfoy. Love was above all desired but not always found. When Prince Draco fell it was with someone he would never be allowed to have. So five years later the result of that passionate love is found when the love returns to the palace.


Emperor Lucius Marcus Malfoy – 44 yrs old

Empress Narssica Marie Malfoy – 34 yrs old

Crown Prince Draconis Lucius Malfoy – 18 yrs old

Royal Guard - Lord Blade Zambini – 20 yrs old

Court Concubine – Pansy Parkinson – 16 yrs old

Court Taylor – James Scott Potter – 43 yrs old

Court Cook - Lilly Selena Potter – 33 yrs old

Court Stable Master – Harry James Potter – 17 yrs old

Village Baker – Ron Michael Weasely – 17 yrs old

Village Scribe – Hermione Michelle Granger – 16 yrs old

Royal Advisor – Servers Erick Snape – 34 yrs old

Royal Ambassador – Tom Marvolo Riddle – 30 yrs old