Happily Ever After Chapter Two

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Two large black wooded doors were thrown open as the sun light poured in silhouetting two beautiful people making them glow. One was the very mistress of the house Empress Narssica and the other was the future emperor Prince Draco. Both moved with a fluid like grace towards a large black marble table littered with sweet smelling dishes cooked by hand. Draco sat to the left of a large throne style chair that was occupied by a regal looking man with an artic stare of mercury eyes. His silver hair fell around his shoulders in waves like a snowy embrace. He was the emperor and second to last Veela recorded to be alive with in his realm, Draco was the last. "Hello m'love... son how was your morning. I hope you both slept well last night during the storm" Lucius spoke coolly. He knew for a fact his wife did not as she was away with her slave all evening. "Yes father I did but I do say that if I find that disgusting girl Pansy with in my chambers even once more I will not think twice of killing her" Draco spoke back with his own ice like voice.

"Draco you know very well that she was added to the harem specifically for you to enjoy. She seemed willing to do anything for your pleasure. Why do you not make use of her?" Lucius asked as he saw his son glare down to his food. He knew the answer to his question for you see, like his mother, Draco preferred men to women with in his bed. "Father I do not allow any of the harem near my rooms. Why should I change now" he spoke softly pushing his half eaten food away. Draco knew he would never allow a female to touch him and since he was half veela he didn't need to because with his heritage came the power to create a child with in a man he if wished to.

"Draco you know me and your father are simply looking out for your best interest. Sooner then you think you will have to marry and produce an heir for the kingdom. The people are already demanding you choose a husband or wife." Narssica spoke softly as she to finished her meal. She to knew her son wished nothing more then to marry a man and so her and Lucius promised not to interfere with his choice. "I know mother and I will choose soon I just see nothing I like with in the confines of nobility" Draco said softly showing a much sadder, lonely part of his soul through his voice to his parents. Both Narssica and Lucius hated to see him this way and so with a silent questioned directed to Lucius and a nod in return she spoke once more. "Very well Draco your father and I will give you tell the end of the month to fall in love be it with nobility or commoner but if you should fail we will choose for you" she spoke with a pained voice hating to place him in this situation but the kingdom was starting to demand the young prince to marry.

Draco looked from his father to his mother and a soft smile graced his lips. This was a chance to see if anything would become of his friendship with the young stable hand. He missed his friend dearly but once he reached marriage age he had to let that friendship go in order to search for a life partner. Now he could see if anything could be grown from that soil. He jumped from the chair and hugged both his parents smiling widely. "Thank you! Thank you mother... father... you wont regret giving me this chance. I am going to the stable and have Lighting prepared for a village ride" Draco spoke as he just about ran from the room if protocol would have allowed him.

Down in the stables the sun made the snow glow as if it were clouds. Harry had just arrived when a whinny called him forward to an enclosed circle. Their standing in all their glory was two mares. The one that called out was the color of coal with a shining star like tint. Her mane was a bright white and her eyes were a bright jade. The second stood a little shorter with a snow white coat. Her mane was as black as her pen mate's coat and her eyes were as blue as the ocean. Harry stood staring in wonder at the two beauties. He fell in love at once as he pushed open the gate to brush and feed them. As he brought down thick bundles of hay and feed he did not notice Draco enter.

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