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Aliens Vs Predator III

The LV-1201 Incident was regarded by all as the single greatest failure in the history of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. Two facilities completely destroyed as well as invaluable archaeological remains. Research data painfully acquired over a period of 2 years, billions of dollars lost. And the casualty list would make anyone feel sick. Losses were total. No one had survived. Researchers, specimens, mercenaries all dead and now just a pile of radioactive slag on the planet's surface. Only the marine unit sent it to rescue them had escaped though many of them had not made it. The faith and influence formerly commanded by Weyland-Yutani had died along with everything else when the bomb went off. And the damn data was still incomplete. What had really caused this catastrophe? What did it matter though, the small details and facts. Raymond Weyland III was going to hang for this. All his other developments on planets, the careful system of planets he had manged to create would all be taken from him. The last member of the Yutani family had died shortly before and he had inherited the entire company. He hadn't kept the name just out of respect. He had hoped to keep the influence as well. Everyone had admired and loved the old man. But not him. No he was too ambitious, too greedy but ultimately a coward. When they'd had to send in the marines he had let the old man negotiate and handle the press. Now he was ruined. The small army of lawyers the corporation had wouldn't be able to save him now.

"It's time, Mr. Weyland," his assistant said. He was standing in the doorway waiting.

"Very well, Arthur," Weyland got up from his desk, gathered his papers and stuffed them in his briefcase. He strode across the room where Arthur had his coat ready. Weyland took it without another word and walked out of the office, down a corridor to the elevator. Arthur followed him, and together the two men stepped into the elevator. Arthur pressed the button for the lobby and the elevator began moving down. Neither man spoke. Weyland was too lost in though and Arthur could not find and means to a conversation. Silently they arrived in the lobby where three lawyers greeted them.

"Mr Weyland! Don't worry about a thing. My associates and I will take care of everything," one lawyer said. Weyland just nodded unconvinced and the group proceeded towards the waiting limo.

"Oh Mr. Weyland, I almost forgot!" Arthur said when they were outside. "A certain Mr. Van Grey called this morning. He said he must speak to you as to a matter that is very urgent. Do you know him?"

No, I've never heard of him," Weyland answered, frowning. "Did he mention anything more specific?"

"No sir he said nothing more."

"Mr Weyland your trial..." one lawyer interjected before Weyland could say anything else.

"Right. We'll discuss this when we come back," Weyland conclude and got into the car. The limo drove off silently, leaving Arthur alone in the street.

The trial should have been private. However Weyland arrived in a room barely under its maximum limit. He wondered briefly what the ration was ratio was, how many supporters he had and how many people wanted to see him burn. He walked with all the calmness he could muster and sat in his seat. The lawyers surrounded him and began throwing various strategies at him, all of which he barely heard. All he could focus on was the smug face of the prosecutor who knew that at long last he had him in his power.

"All rise! The honourable judge Harry Eliot presiding," the bailiff called. The room stood as the judge walked to his place and sat down.

"All right. Today we have the case of the state vs. Mr. Raymond Weyland III and the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. Would the defence begin with their opening statements?" the judge intoned.

"Yes, your Honour," the head lawyer rose from his seat and began. "Your honour the case you see before you today is but an accident and though as horrible as accidents come..."

Weyland could no longer focus on the words. All he could do was look at the faces of the jury. There was no sympathy there, no support. He shifted and looked at the judge but his face was carefully expressionless.

"...as in any complex systems any small chink can disrupt the entire..."

"...your Honour, the defendant had several psychological test run on his staff? Did he not see they were unsuitable to run such a project? If you'll look at General Rykov..."

The droning continued. There was a time when Weyland himself was called to the stand. Though he answered all questions truthfully there was a sense of detachment as if he was a man who sees death come for him and ignores the actual means by which he dies.

"...based on Eisenbergs history alone we can see that..."

Just when it seemed as if it would never end, one of his lawyers shook him slightly. Everyone was looking at him.

"What..." oh. The judge was leaving. Weyland stood up as if propelled by springs. The judge gave him a look then left the courtroom. People began to file out.

"Ok Mr. Weyland. The jury will have their verdict by Friday. That's four days from now. Do I have your go-ahead to employ... other means of securing our verdict if we did not convince them enough?"

"Yeah. Sure. You do what you have to, right?" Weyland said. He began walking towards the exit, his lawyers following him. Just as he was about to leave the room a man intercepted him and stuck out his hand.

"Mr. Weyland I presume? My name is Jason Van Grey. Did you get my message?"

This man surprised Weyland. For starters he was very young. He couldn't have been any more than 35. His face too although wearing a smile, had an almost sinister quality to it.

"Yes I did. Unfortunately I was tied up," Weyland replied. "Well if you'll excuse me I have other business to attend to. I'll find a time to talk with you. How can I contact you?"

"Mr. Weyland time is not a commodity I have nor one I want to waste. You may have to cancel your other business. What I have to say will interest you greatly I assure you. It might even interest the jury into giving you another chance."

Weyland could only stare dumbfounded. The man's smile widened. "If you'll follow me." Slowly Weyland began walking forward.

"Your lawyers don't need to be present," the man said. Weyland nodded and dismissed them. He followed the man as if in a dream.

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