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( A u t h o r' s   N o t e )  Hey, I wrote this little SangoKohaku ( the quick edit won't let me use it, but the little addition sign means platonic ), a little while back for lynnxlady, the first line belongs to her.  I really, really, um, really love it so I decided to share it.  Enjoy!

"Do you want to live or not?" she asks him. On the outside she is frantic and her fingers tremble as she presses the cold, unforgiving blade to her brother's neck. He is blank and indifferent in the face of her inquiry even as she falls apart in front of him. She is crying and bloody and her clothes are torn. Through her tears she can hardly see. The world is a blur of red and black.

On the outside she is being swept away in a torrent of reality. But on the inside, deep inside, there is nothing but calm and eerie silence that speaks of a certain morbid acceptence. Fate is so much easier when you don't try to fight it. A weight has been lifted. Deep inside her, it's like the eye of a hurricane. It's peaceful and quiet and she's been through so much. But then the wind starts up again and she's reminded that it's only half over. There is so much more story to tell before they get to the end. She contemplates skipping to the last page. It wouldn't be happy ending, but it would be over.

"Answer me!" she pleads, "Tell me you want to live!" She wants him to answer. She wants him to be selfish and want life. She doesn't want to be alone. But there is no answer. There never will be. If he doesn't answer he can't lie. She looks down at him and grasps his shoulders, feeling like if she let go the weight of his guilt would bury him in the ground. She prays for it to get better. It never does.

Years later they live together in a nameless village. He never talks and, on the rare occasion's that he's forced to – he walks like he's broken. Sometimes late at night she has to keep her ear to his chest to make sure he's still breathing. It'd be so easy to stop. She didn't take the easy way out, she didn't take the hard way out. She didn't take any way out – she just froze time the best she could.

Kohaku is alive and with her although his soul will never be free. She stays in the eye of the storm, living every day in fear of the wind's return.