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"I want you to give me a manicure."

Joan looked at Goth God, wondering if he had gotten one too many pircings or if all that eyeliner had gone to his head.

"Excuse me? You want me to what?"

"I want you to give me a manicure." God repeated slowly.

"You mean massage your hands, trim your nails, paint them, all that?"

He nodded. "Yep."

"Why? Can you do that yourself?"

He nodded again. "But I want you to do it."

Joan opened her mouth, but God cut her off. "Just do it. You'll thank me later."

"When do you want this done?"

"Saturday afternoon. See ya then." He replied, walking away and giving his trademark wave.


Joan had everything set up on the kitchen table. She had a magnifying lamp, a nail file, nail and cuticle clippers, cotton balls, nail polish remover, all the nail polish she owned, a small bottle of vanilla scented lotion, a bowl of warm water with the same scent and a hand towel. Joan stared at it all nice and neat and wondered what she was doing. She jumped at the knock at the kitchen screen door and looked up to see who it was.

"Come on in." she said, opening the door.

Goth God walked in, pulling off his coat. "Hi Joan, thanks."

Joan nodded. "Want anything to drink before we get started?"

Goth God hung his coat from one of the chair backs and pulled out the chair. "Dr. Pepper please with ice." He replied, sitting down, knowing they had it in the fridge.

Joan made his drink and stuck in a swirly straw made of blue plastic. God giggled at this when she set it at his side.

"Shut up, the swirly straw rules all."

"No, I do."

Joan stuck out her tongue and sat down across from him. "Let's get started."

God took a drink, set it aside and handed her his left hand. Joan took it in both of hers and began to remove his rings and bracelets, pushing his sleeves up past his elbows. "Interesting taste in jewelry."

One all that was gone, Joan soaked his hands in the water for a few minutes to soften the skin. She took it out, letting it drip onto the towel before wrapping it up and drying it off. Joan picked up the lotion, dotted some across the back of his hands and slowly began to rub it in.

God smiled at her strong, slow strokes and his eyelids fluttered. "That feels very nice Joan, you're good at this." He purred softly his hand slowly flexing in hers.

Joan blushed. "Thanks."

"Welcome.' he replied, propping himself up with his right hand, smiling blissfully.

Joan rubbed the lotion into his palm and worked up to his fingers, slowly working the lotion in. She did the same to his wrist and forearm, slowly massaging the muscles in his arm. She brushed her nails down the inside of his forearm and God chuckled.

"God's ticklish?"

"Just a little."

"Good to know."

Joan finished with the massage, wiping off her hands on the towel. She gently pushed back the cuticle on each nail and trimmed it, then trimmed and filed his nails. She held up the hand after filing and asked "What do you think?"

Goth God opened his eyes; she was so good it almost put him to sleep. "Very nice." He smiled. Looking at the polish, he picked a dark purple and a bottle of top coat.

"Pretty, it'll look good on you." Joan pulled over the magnifying lamp and snapped on the light. Pulling his hand under the light, Joan began to brush the color on.

Joan finished the left and began again on the right while the first coat dried. After 20 minutes, maybe half an hour, both hands had been soaked, massaged and painted. Joan was in the middle of a second color coat when her mom and Luke walked in.

"Hey Joan. who's this?" Helen asked.

"Hey mom. This is David; he's a friend from school." Joan said, wincing inwardly at the lie. "David, my mom Helen, my little brother Luke."

"David" smiled and said hello to both of them. The group made small talk for a bit before Helen and Luke went their separate ways.

"Sorry about the lie." Joan said after they left.

"It's all right Joan. It's not like they would believe you if you told them the truth."

The polish was dry when Joan asked why he had her do this.

"Well mostly because I wanted you to." Goth God replied, pulling on his coat. "But also for the bonding experience." God leaned over and gave Joan a kiss on the cheek. "Thanks a lot may need to come back to you when I need another. I'll be in touch Joan." And he walked out the same way he had come in, leaving Joan sitting at the table wondering what all that was about.