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Wind Beneath The Sails: Chapter 1

Goddess greetings, Lady Tobren

Goddess greetings, Andrev Tobren felt her brothers' colors bristle in anger and indignation.

Hey! I'm a knight now! And that means you have to address me as LORD Andrev!


Don't 'whatever' me. I'll have you know I earned that title. I...

Tobren sighed, instinctively blocking out her brothers tirade. He was 27 winters old, which was one more than her 26, but sometimes she felt that she was his older sister.

Look Andrev, I've gottta go. I promised Father I'd spend some time with him today.


Glad you agree with me. 'Bye

With immense relief, Tobren cut her brothers' rant off by effortlessly pushing him off the sunlight. She sighed and looked at the castle se stood in front of. Dragons Rest was indeed a magnificent palace, with no less than seven prominent towers, looking for all the world like a sugar-spun fantasy. She hadn't been lying when she told Andrev she had to go to her father, but the sunlight glistened seductively, and she relented, spinning sunbeams around her and riding wherever the wind took her.

She passed through the rich farming lands of Princemarch and through Fessenden to the snowy paradise of Firon. A strong wind pulled her towards the Sunrise Waters, but a collection of something on the northern waterside took hold of her attention. She frowned and flew across the water for a better look, and gasped.

It was an army.

There was no other explanation. She had been at Radzyn enough times to know that these ships were nothing like any of the ships that sailed in the thirteen princedoms. There were fifty ships with two hundred scowling soldiers on each, giving a grand total of ten thousand soldiers. And not just any soldiers. Tobren felt her blood run cold as she saw one of the common soldiers call fire.

Sorcerers. Tobren thought Its an army of sorcerers.

She saw one of them look up, directly at her. And he winked. Tobren panicked and flew away, not back to her body in the garden of Dragons Rest, but to her father standing directly in the sunlight, across the palace.

Father! she called on the sunlight Father!

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