The Yu Yu Sequel

The man smirked as he slipped through the sleeping boys window.

"Tymos.... Tymos... Wake up Tymos."

With a soft groan, blue and purple eyes opened. "Daddy?" the boy asked sleepily

Haiiro smiled "Yes, Tymos. I've come to get you."

"But... Kaneru and Somei said you're bad." Tymos said, sitting up.

"Do you think I'm bad? Haiiro asked, gently cupping the boy's cheek.

Tymos shook his head "No, daddy"

"Do you want to come with me, my son?"

Tymos bit his lip "What about Kaneru and Somei?"

"I'm sure they'll be alright without you."

"But... They'll miss me."

"I don't think they will, not as much as I've missed you"

Blue and purple eyes brightened "You missed me?" He asked, hopeful.

"Very much" Haiiro smirked "Are you going to come with me, Tymos?"

The boy nodded excitedly "Uh-huh! Lets go daddy!" He said, jumping off the bed.

Haiiro chuckled " Tymos, do you want to be daddy's favorite son?"

The boy nodded

"Well all you have to do is help daddy get Hiei."

Tymos pouted "Is Hiei your son too?"

"Yes Tymos."

"Is he your favorite?"

Haiiro smirked "Yes, right now he is. He is very powerful. So if you want to be daddy's favorite, you need to make him come to me."

"How do I do that?" He asked, tilting his head.

"Take away his fox." Haiiro answered with a smile

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! It took me forever but I'm finally starting the sequel to Yu Yu Fic!! I was surprised to see I'm on 20 author alert lists, and 21 favorites lists! That's awesome! thanks guy! I love you all! - It's great to be back, and I can't wait to dish out this sequel. I got some fun stuff planned!

Kioko Yasu