Leon and Dom were sitting on the couch, waiting for Jesse to come down stairs they were all suppose to go out clubbing to see if they could find a girl for Jesse to go with. Everyone in the gang thought he was find by his self but the truth was he was just lonely. He was lonely but he still didn't want to go to a club just to pick up a girl to bring back home sleep with then she just leave before the day was over he wanted someone to, Ok this is gonna sound mushy, but he wanted someone to talk to. To make love to more the once and still have the spark or whatever they call it. He wanted someone to, to love not just someone to sleep with or have as a fucktoy.

But he didn't want to get Dom mad and stuff so he said he would go, but he was trying to find a way out of it. Like saying he had to do some work on his car but he didn't his car was perfect and the hole garage knew that, truth was the hole city plus beyond knew that so he definitely couldn't say that. Truth was he was always a good liar but today he couldn't of anything to say. So he decided that he would just go pick up a girl fuck her brains out till he got tried of her, then throw her out, No one would ever think that of him but truth was he was a real playa. Anyways as soon as Jesse came down they got ready to leave Jesse was wearing what usually wore baggy blue jeans and a muscle shirt. He was ready to go face the clubs and oh the girls.

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