"Alistair James Weasley, what do you think you're doing?"

Alistair turned quickly and stared at his Mum, casually stepping down from the large dictionary he'd been using to reach the counter. Giving her his best innocent smile, he said, "Nothing, Mum."

Hermione kept her lips firm despite the impulse to smile at the green eyed redhead who was obviously lying to her. "I suppose you weren't attempting to reach the chocolate chip cookies, then?"

"I'm not allowed to eat sweets until after dinner," he recited as his eyes looked at the floor, unable to actually lie to his Mum but not wanting to get in trouble for trying to steal a cookie.

"What's wrong, love?" Charlie asked as he entered the kitchen, kissing Hermione's neck before moving past their son to grab one of the cookies that his Mum had sent them.

"Daddy's eating sweets before dinner!" Alistair exclaimed excitedly, "Does that mean we can have a cookie, too?"

"Charlie!" Hermione had to laugh when his mischievous gaze met hers. With a roll of her eyes, she went to the counter and removed three cookies from the tin. Handing them to Alistair, she instructed, "You give one to your sister and one to your brother and you may have the other one on the condition that you eat all of your dinner."

"Yes, Mum," Alistair agreed before running from the kitchen to find his siblings to share his treat.

"That was very smooth, Mister Weasley," Hermione glared at her husband as she used her thumb to remove a crumb from his lips.

"What did I do?" he gave her an innocent look that was remarkably similar to their eldest son's.

"You can't fool me," she informed him before leaning over to pick up the dictionary. With a smile, she said, "I'd have expected him to at least use the chair if he was trying to sneak sweets."

"The chair makes noises," Charlie replied before lowering his voice, "Bill and I would always use a book to reach Mum's cookies and cakes to avoid detection."

"Should have known he got that from your side of the family," she muttered, laughing when he lunged for her. She moved around the table, her eyes flashing with amusement before his arms went around her waist and pulled her against him. Batting her eyelashes flirtatiously, she asked, "Whatever do you plan to do with me?"

"Well, after the kids go to bed, I do believe I'm going to ravish you until you can't move," Charlie decided after several moments of deliberation, "but, for now, I'm just going to kiss you."

Hermione met his kiss eagerly, her fingers tangling in his red hair as she decided that the children might just be sent to bed early tonight.

The End.