Chapter One: Training

Sanjuro watched from a distance as Shugo battled the monster. He was impressed at how strong Shugo had gottan in just a few battles. He noticed the monster catch Shugo off guard and hit him, sending him flying a couple of feet away. Unsheathing his katana, Sanjuro dashed at the monster and slashed its head off, killing it instantly.

He watched the monster's body vanish before taking attention to the fallen twin blade. A blinking red aura around his body told Sanjuro that he needed healing. Kneeling down beside Shugo, he took out a healing potion and lifted Shugo's head so he could drink it. The aura soon disappeared and Shugo opened his eyes slowly.

"Where did the monster go?" asked Shugo, getting up and looking around.

"I killed it, you shouldn't have let your guard down or you could have," answered Sanjuro as he also got up.

"Well, lets go find another one, I promise I will do better next time," said Shugo eagerly.

"No, that was enough for today. You did a good job," replied Sanjuro with a smile. Shugo returned the smile and they warped back to the root town.