Chapter Six

Shugo stretched as he left the chaos gate, a smile on his face. "That was a tough monster but we defeated it togather."

Sanjuro blinked a couple of times before letting a small smile come across his face. He walked over to Shugo and patted him on the head. "I am very proud of you, you actually did the importance of defeating the monster. Rena will be impressed at you new skills and you will be able to protect her from any danger."

Shugo nodded, "Well I hate to say this but it is time for bed. I have school in the morning, I had lots of fun," Shugo said before heading to the chaos gate and logging off. Sanjuro was silent for a moment before doing the same.

Taka stood infront of a grave a looked down at the tombstone. The girl that he promised to protect would never be there for him to protect. He could remember her smile and peaceful aura. That is why he became Sanjuro, to do what he could not do in the real world.

He let a grin come across his face. "I hope you are proud of me.....Tori...."

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