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After a huge fight to finish off the Shreadder, the turtles were all sitting in the lair, listening to one of Master Splinter's lectures of their forms during the fight. "Your forms and movements were sloppy, that is why we will be having a longer training sessions," Master Splinter said looking at all of his sons.

"Oh man," Mikey said slapping a three-fingered hand to his forehead. Just then Raph, Donnie, and Leo all elbowed him in the ribs. "Ow...what was that for?"

"Shut up do you want Master Splinter to be givin' us more practice time?" Raph growled at Mikey. "If not then shut the fuck up."

"You are all dismissed for the rest of the night, we will begin at two tomorrow...so you might want to get some sleep," Master Splinter said getting up as he headed to his room.

"Two in the morning?" Mikey wined as he got off of the floor and plopped on the couch.

"That's what Master Splinter said," Donnie said getting up as he headed to the recently built lab. It was already filled with new, untested gadgets.

"Don's right you two," Leo said as he and Raph got up slowly, not to injure themselves any further. "So you two should hit the sack."

"That depends, are you in the sack I'm supposed to hit...if so...then let me get my Sais," Raph said as he sat on the couch slowly, he had a gash on his plastron, Leo got an injured leg, Mikey got a good slashed arm, and Donnie only got a few bruises. Mikey snickered at the comment.

"Ha ha, very funny Raph," Leo said dryly. He slowly limped to his room. He closed his door when he got inside.

"Hey, I'm gonna get some pizza...want some?" Mikey asked as his stomach grumbled. He stood up and put on his dark coat and hat.

"Sure but I want pepperoni on mine...and ya might want to ask them what they want," Raph said as he watched music videos on MTV.

"Fine...DO YOU GUYS WANT ANY PIZZA...IF SO TELL ME WHAT YA WANT ON IT!!!" Mikey yelled without any warning. Raph fell of the couch from the loud sound combined with his headache. "Sorry."

"I'm gonna kill ya Mikey," Raph said as he tried to get up but couldn't because of the pain. Donnie and Leo entered the living room to see Raph on the floor. They started to help Raph when Mikey screamed.

"DON'T TOUCH HIM...HE'S GONNA KILL ME!!!" The loud yell made Leo and Donnie drop Raph and cover their ears. He hit his head on their small coffee table in the process of getting dropped.

"Shit Mike, do you have to yell so loud?.........Oh sorry Raph," Leo said in concern as he saw Raph on the floor clutching his head.

"Mikey, you better run 'cause if I catch ya," Raph said in a voice that said he meant it. "I'll rip off you limbs, make turtle soup, and sell ya to people who work in a fuckin' restaurant." Mikey shivered at the thought, even though he knew Raph would do that. He'd do much worse with humiliating him instead.

"I'm gonna go for that pizza now," Mikey said slowly walking towards the door but never taking his eyes off Raph even though they were picking him up. "So that's a chocolate, a pepperoni, a vegetable, and a sausage, right?"

"Yes," Donnie said knowing that Mikey knew what they wanted already, without having to ask them.

Mikey left for the pizzeria that was a few blocks away. On the way back he noticed something he hadn't before, a opened box that was dry. Which was odd because it was raining. /This must have been put here recently, what's that sound comin' from?/ Mikey heard weird scratching sounds from the box when he looked inside he saw something he wouldn't have ever expected to see.

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