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"NOT ME!" Everyone but Leo and Mikey yelled. They knew why Leo couldn't yell, and Mikey thought that it was lucky. Mikey rolled his eyes.

"You guys act like it's wrong," Mikey said. "Frankie's only a little underdeveloped, plus he doesn't feel weird when you touch him." Raph, Donnie, and Casey tried not to gag when Mikey said that. Leo's head was swaying a bit and he was a lighter green.

"Michelangelo," Master Splinter said, gaining Mikey's attention. "Can you remove 'Frankie' from Leonardo's mouth when we untie you?"

"Sure, besides, Frankie needs his rest," Mikey said with a smile. Master Splinter went and got one of Leo's katanas. He used it to cut through the floss. Mikey went over to Leo and removed him from Leo's mouth.

"I need mouthwash!" Leo yelled as he ran out of the room and into the bathroom as fast as he could. Raph, Donnie, Casey, and Master Splinter laughed as they heard Leo gargling for a long time. Mikey ran to the sink and began to wash Frankie.

"Eww, Leo spit," Mikey said as he got out the dish soap and washed Frankie with it. After he was done, Mikey used Leo's towel to dry Frankie off and he wrapped Frankie back up in the newspapers as he put Frankie back under his bed. After half of an hour, Leo finally left the bathroom.

"Where's my towel?" Leo asked as he looked around in his room.

"Mikey used I' ta dry of 'Frankie'!" Raph yelled to Leo when he went to go face them. Leo cringed.

"Don, can I please use your towel to dry off my face?" Leo asked, not wanting to touch his tainted towel.

"What's wrong with yours?" Donnie asked in a joking manner. "Don't worry Leo," Donnie said when Leo's eyes went wide. "I would not do that to you, it is on a ledge in Raph's and my room."

"Thanks," Leo said as he went to use the purple towel to dry off his face. When he left Donnie and Raph's room, Mikey asked him a question.

"What's wrong with your towel?" Mikey asked. "Only Frankie used it."

"DUH!" Casey yelled, causing him and Raph to laugh again.

"What's wrong with Frankie?"

"Do ya want us ta write it out?" Raph asked, causing everyone but Mikey to laugh.

"Sure." After a hour, Raph gave Mikey a list that was three feet long. Donnie wrote out the thoughts of Leo, Master Splinter, Casey, Raph, and himself. Mikey got to number three and stopped. "What does this word mean?" After another hour, including all forty three times that Donnie had to explain the words and their definitions, Mikey found out what was wrong with Frankie.

"Raphie?" Casey asked.

"Yeah?" Raph asked as his eyes were still on the television.

"Where are tha demons from Hell?"

"Probably wit Donnie an' Masta' Splinta'."

"They are not with me," Donnie said as he waved to them from the kitchen.

"Nor are they with us," Master Splinter said as he and Leo exited from the dojo.

"Do ya know Mike?" Casey asked Mike, who was sitting right next to him. Mikey shrugged.

"Come one," Raph said as he stood up. "Let's go find them." Casey and Raph searched in Raph and Donnie's room. Nothing. Then they looked in Mikey and Leo's room. Where they laughed till they cried. Mikey, Donnie, and Leo ran over to see what it was and Mikey screamed.

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