I also decided to write about the different emotions of the scouts that the generals and the prince shrug them out of. Or vice versa it could work both ways. So certain parts of the poem are about specific scouts. If you have any other questions or comments let me know.

Depending on how this goes ...maybe I'll write a story. The story probably would incorporate the poem but going into more detail.

My Life

The ups the downs

The feeling

Pulling me inside and out

My indecisiveness, moodiness

Supposed stupidness


The only question with weight

Is the answer too much for me to handle

To comprehend

Why can't I see the end?

I wander, wonder

Over and over


But never finding

You never seem to be there

Though you tell me you never left

What else is next?

What do I do?

What is left to do?

I must be missing something

Is that it?

All I'm missing is you

Caught up in a world filled with pain

Always fighting never gain

Barely stable


To conquer the darkness within

Thats where you come in

With your light

Guiding light

Steady light

Too much to bear

Too much to share

With anyone who should care

Other than you

If you're truly there

You'll understand what I'm trying to say

I am doubt, hope and life

The truth and the contradiction

I am a vessel of utmost perfection

Missing only one thing


( A/N : I didn't know whether to add the part after the border so tell what you think and I'll change it.)