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Innocent Blood

Chapter 1: The Last Innocent

Vampires, creatures of the night. Blood suckers, and soul steelers. Well, in some ways maybe, but not always. All vampires have one goal, to recieve the ring and become a true vampire. Until they become a true vampire, they had to obey many rules: Only nutriants were blood from their victoms, they can't come out in day time unless they wanted to die, they were the wherewolf's enemy to the bitter end, and they had to earn the Ring.

The Ring was given to every vampire upon their awakening. To become a vampire one had to be bitten three times. The first time they drain away one third of your blood. The time between your first and second bite is filled with headaches and dizzyness. During the second bite the vampire drains another third of your blood. The next day is spent in a delusional haze, with only the occational migrain. The third and last bite the vampire drains the remaining blood in the victoms body. The person will then go into a coma from which they will either awaken as a vampire or will die. When they do awaken from the coma they find themselves surrounded by experienced vampires as well as the one who had changed them. They will then need to be fed, so the vampire who changed them would have hunted down someone for them to feast on. Once finnished draining their victem of the much needed blood they are given a ring from the oldest Vampire in the room. Not all bitten turn into a vampire though, there are those who are used as food, only a select few get the gift of 'eternal life'.

The vampires then teach them the laws of the night and the Curse of the Ring, or so it's called by the vampires. The ring that they recieve upon their awakening is a simple band of gold that is then placed on their finger. To become a True Vampire the fledgeling then must complete the ring. Ten jewels must be earned. Five red, and five white. The red stand for the five experienced males that they feed on, (not difficult to find), and the white stand for five virgin maidens. Unfortunitly in this day and age it is rather difficult to find worthy young girls over the age of sixteen. There are serious penelties for those who take a childs life, for they are protected by the light. To kill a child they then earn the wrath of the Angels.

Once the ring was completed (the gems apear on the ring with each person worthy that they drain), there was a ceremony. There is not much known about the ceremony since the only ones who know what goes on are the ones who have been though it, and they jealously guard that secret.

Vampires are solitary creatures by nature, but don't balk the atention of others, human or otherwise. Being bitten isn't the only way to become a vampire, you could be born that way too.

Such was Inu Yasha's fate, or half of it. For this young vampire was only half, his father was the infamous Inutaisho, his mother a beautiful human. His father couldn't bring himself to Change the presious flower, and take away what made her so innocent. He had fallen in love with the mortal girl, something that happened very rarely.

Inu Yasha's ring was almost complete. Five red stones gleamed interlaced with four of the five white. One more innocent girl and he would be a true vampire. He would no longer be a half-breed! This would be the first time a half vampire had actually made it to a the True Vampire stage. Most were killed at a very early age. But he had a strong sence of survivle, he had no thought of failing.

His older half-brother was already a True Vampire, and how he hated him. Of course Sesshomaru held no love for his younger sibling.

Inu Yasha stood in the light of the full moon on the edge of a large building in the city of Tokyo, looking down into the darkness of the street below him. He sniffed the air tentetively, there it was again. The scent of pure blood! He smirked, tonight he would complete his ring.

The scent led into the alley to his right, he quickly moved to that side of the building. He crouched down of the edge of the wall and looked into the thick dark, his golden eyes focused as he searched the night for a hint of the girl he was in persute of. There! He could now make out her form, dimmly though. He squinted his eyes when he saw a movement slightly in front of the girl.

Two large men stepped out of the shadows to block the girls path, she paused and he could sence her fear. He didn't move from his vantage point just yet. He would see what they would do first.

The larger of the two forms started to move forward and he heard a deep voice say, "Well looky what we got here, Joe." He chuckled and raked the frightened girls body with his eyes, "Now isn't she just lovely!"

The other man chuckled darkly, "That she is Saul, that she is!" His voice was more gravely, and sent shiver of revultion up Inu Yasha's spine. He knew exactly what they were going to do to his long awaited prize. He couldn't let them do that, now could he. He didn't move though, he'd wait till the oportune moment.

The girl stiffend and spoke, "Who-who are you?" Her voice quivered only slightly and Inu Yasha was forced to admire her bravery. "What do you want?"

Inu Yasha almost snorted at the stupid question, but checked himself. "Well, we're just here to see that you don't git hurt, little girl." Joe said in a sugery tone that totaly contradicted his voice.

The girl took a step back, wrong move. The first man stepped forward quickly and grabed her arm, successfully stalling her escape, "Now, your not leaving, are you girl, that's not very polite!"

The girl sniffed in disdain, "Let me go, sir!" The man lifted his other hand and wrapped it around the girls waist pulling her closer to him. She gasped in surprise, and discust. He then moved her up against a wall and held her in place with his hands and then raked her body again with his eyes. He then moved one of his hands and started to pull her shirt out of her skirt, she squirmed against his hands but he captured her lips with his and forced her mouth open. Inu Yasha saw the girl shudder in revultion when his tongue pushed passed her lips. Then before he could lift her shirt up any further (it was just showing her stomache right now) She bit down on his tounge, he reared back in pain and she jamed her leg up, catching him where it hurt and he bent double. She started to run away but the other man caught her and Inu Yasha had a feeling she wouldn't be so lucky again.

Time for him to jump in and save his prey, he chuckled at the irony of it. He leapt down from the roof of the building and landed in front of the man who was curently in pain. He heard a hiss of surprise from him, but ignored it. He pulled the man named Joe off the girl and spun him around to face him.

"What the!" the man said his eyes widening, "Where did you come from?"

Inu Yasha smirked revieling his deadly fangs, the man paled visably. "Around." His voice was smooth and deep.

He then punched the man across the face, the man flew back (from the force of the blow and Inu Yasha's strength), and hit the wall of a building. He slumped to the ground out cold. "That was pathetic." Inu Yasha said, he heard a gasp from the man behind him and turned to look. All he saw was the backside of the creep run off in the other direction. He shook his head and turned to find the girl he had been persuing staring at him in a mix of gratitude and fear. He was shocked at her beauty, how could she be a virgin? He was confused, he'd never met a girl so lovely who was still pure, but his nose didn't lie! Long black hair framed a perfect ivory face. Dark brown eyes showed all her emotions, and her dusky pink lips were slightly open as she breathed. Her body wasn't bad either, he thought as his eyes traveled over her figure leisurly, He then met her eyes and was amused to see her embarressment.

He smirked at her, his fangs retracted so that she couldnt see them. "Thank you." Came her soft but proud voice. He just reguarded her with amusement. He stepped toward her ever so slightly, with a preditory smile on his face.

"Who said you got out of trouble?" He asked and her eyes widened in surprise, his voice had a seductive quality, "Hmm, now you are a pretty one, I can see why they wanted you." He was talking about her, not to her and she bristled, increasing his amusement onehundred fold.

"You...!" She obviouly couldn't find a word vile enough to describe him.

He chuckled a deep throaty chuckly, he was standing very close to her and felt her shiver when he chuckled. His hands reached up and rested lightly on her shoulders, his thumb making lazy circles on her sleaves. She flushed under his intence gaze.

"Let me go!" Her voice had lost it's demanding quality, it was like her mouth said one thing and the rest of her said another.

He leaned close to her ear and whispered, "And if I say no?" He felt her shiver again when his breath brushed her ear and cheek.

She didn't do anything for a while just stared at him. He smirked and leaned in to kiss her, but she pushed him away from her at the last second. "No!" She said breathlessly.

"That's all you had to say." He said with amusement, and she looked at him in confusion. "What's your name?" He finnaly asked.

She looked taken aback, "um, Kagome." She said.

"Kagome..." He said trying it out on his tongue, he then looked at her again, "I'm Inu Yasha." He said and smiled at her confedently.

"Um...thanks again." She said.

"Hmmm...you really should be more carefull. If I hadn't been here, who knows what would've happened." He said seriously. "Here, let me take you home."

She looked uncertain, "Don't worry, I won't hurt you. I just want to make sure you get home safely." He reasured her and she slowly nodded her head.