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It is absurd to devide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious.

Oscar Wilde

Innocent Blood


Something was wrong, he could feel it. Kagome was crying. But why? 'Kagome?' He called to her mind. After their bonding thier link had become stronger, and they could now speak to each other with easy.

'Yes?' Came her soft reply.

'What's wrong?'

'Nothing Inu Yasha. I'm fine.' Was his mate's reply.

She was lying. This had been going on for about a month now. What was wrong? Was she unhappy with him. Did she regret being Turned? That made no sence though, she'd tell him if she were unhappy, wouldn't she?

He wasn't so sure anymore. He felt like something had been placed between them. A silent, invisible wall that separated him from his heart. Somehow they had grown distant, while their two best friends grew closer.

Inu Yasha still loved his chosen deeply, so he knew it wasn't that he no longer felt anything for her. He also still desired her just as much as the first time he had seen her. The first time he had kissed her. So that wasn't the problem either. Maybe he spent to much time patroling, and not enough time with his new bride. No, no that wasn't it either. He made sure he spent more then enough time with Kagome. She was still a fledgling, and needed his help. So what, then, was the problem?

The vampire quickly headed home, maybe she would tell him what was troubling her. Or maybe he'd be able to descover it for himself. Maybe he'd be able to repair the damage done to his relationship. he would never give up on her, that was for sure.

Inu Yasha pushed the thoughts to the back of his mind as he made his way in through the ballcony doors. What he saw made his heart clench painfully in his chest. Kagome sat huddled on the bed, her knees drawn to her chest. She stared up at him with wide, watery brown-gold eyes. Her hair was slightly rumpled and the sleeve of her sweater was falling over her shoulder. She had obviously been crying.

"Kagome, what's wrong?" He asked softly, stepping into the room and making his way over to her.

"Nothing." She said, turning away and wiping her eyes on her drooping sleeve.

"Don't lie to me Kagome." Inu Yasha said sternly as he walked deliberately towards the girl on the bed.

She looked up at him through her bangs, after a long pause she finally cofessed, "I'm scared."

Inu Yasha raised his eyebrow at her in suprise, what was there to be scared of? Naraku was gone, Kikyo and the rest of the vampires were locked away, Koga was not bothering her. It made no sence to him, "What are you scared of?"

He sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled her, unresisting, onto his lap. She took a deep breath and looked up at him, forcing a smile to her lips, "I'm going to have a baby Inu Yasha." Her voice was soft, and strained.

That made no sence though. She couldn't be afraid of having a baby, so she was dodging the subject. Then it hit him. Kagome was having a baby. His baby? Of course his baby, who else's baby would it be, Koga's? That thought made him growl.

Wait. A baby. Meaning he was going to be a father. Wow. What a shocker.

He looked down at her with a bemused smile on his lips, "A baby? We're having a baby? Are you sure?"

She nodded her head, not meeting his eyes, "Positive." Her voice was slightly shaky, but he brushed it of as excitement.

He pulled her face up and kissed her roughly on the mouth, trying to express his joy to her.

"Your not...mad at me are you?"The girl quiried.

Mad? Why would he be mad? "Kagome, I'm not mad. Why would you think I'd be mad?" Unless the baby wasn't his...a scowl slowly stole the place of his smile.

"Well, I don't know. I just thought that..." She trailed off at his expression.

"I'm not mad." He assured her again. "I could never be angry with you." He thought about it for a moment before desiding that there was something she should probably be informed of, "Kagome. I think there is something you need to know."

She looked up at him expectantly and he slowly continued, "Your not going to have a baby."

Kagome watched him in confusion, "Yes I am. The doctor said it was for certain."

InuYasha smiled gently down at her, a soft chuckle rising in his throat, "You misunderstand me, sweet. Your not having a baby." He put a gentle emphasis on the 'a'.

"What?" Kagome asked, still staring at the True Vampire before her in confusion.

"Kags, when vampires have children, they never have just one. We always have twins. Always." He thought she would be thrilled. They were not just going to have one child, but two. Well, three technically if you count the brat.

"But Sesshomaru...you?" Your not twins are you?" Kagome didn't think so. The only similarities between the two were hair and eyecolor. Sesshomaru was taller, and his skin was lighter, having never encountered the warmth of the golden rays of sunlight.

Inuu Yasha was only half vampire, even though he was now a True Vampire, he still had mortal blood.

He chuckled deeply, "No, we're not twins. Sesshomaru's twin, Rei, died at the age of five." At her questioning look he elaborated, "Hunters."

"What about your twin?" Half of her was curious, he'd never mentioned a twin before. The other half of her, though,was slightly jealous that someone other then her could have such a strong bond with her halfbreed.

He grinned at her, somehow sencing her jealousy, "I don't have a twin." At her confused expression, which he found extremely cute, he smirked and explained, "My mother was human, human's don't neccessaraly have to have twins, unlike vampires."

Inu Yasha's mate nodded slowly in understanding. "So, I'm having...twins?" Her voice was hesitant, and broke over the last word. He could see her trembling.

"What's wrong Kags? Are you alright?" He asked in alarm, drawing her closer to his chest.

She burried her face in his shoulder, her trembling had increased and a sob escaped her.

"Shh." he whispered against her hair comfortingly, "It's alright."

Her arms snaked around his waist and she cuddled closer to him, "I'm scared." He barely heard her mutter against his shirt.

Kagome's words alarmed him all over again, "Scared of what?"

"Of having a baby...two babies. It scares me." She told him seriously, finally looking up. Her exotic brown-gold eyes were wide with fright.

"Your afraid of becoming a mother?" Quite frankly, that puzzled him. Weren't girls supposed to be absolutely thrilled when they knew they were going to have a child.

She smiled slightly and shook her head, "No, Inu Yasha. I'm not afraid of having a baby, but of having a baby." That made no sence. Wasn't it the same thing? Apparently not. The moment Kagome saw his puzzled expression she continued, "I'm afraid of everything before the baby comes. I'm afraid of giving birth."

"Like the pain?" Inu Yasha asked unnessecarily, cringing slightly at the thought. He'd heard somewhere that when girls were delivering the baby, they scream and yell and blame the father for everything. Not to meantion the tears. he hated tears. He didn't like it when kagome cried.

"Yeah." She said weakly, "You won't leave me, will you?" She asked suddenly, her voice hesitant and soft.

kagome's question struck Inu yasha dumb for a moment. "Why would I leave you?"

"Well, I'll be fat. You'll not want to be around me."

She wasn't sounding very much like herself at the moment, he noticed. She sounded insecure and so very afraid.

"I won't leave you, sweet. I love you. Even if you get all fat and moody, I'll still love you. You're my innocent."

Kagome crinkled her nose at him, yet cuddling closer a laughter dancing in her eyes, "BUt I'm not an Innocent anymore." She pointed out.

Inu Yasha grinned, "You'll always be an Innocen't Kagome. My Innocen't."

She pushed away from him and lookd up at him with a stern look, ruining the effect by giggling slightly, "And why do you say that?" They had had this conversation before.

He placed a hand beneath her chin, pulling her faceupwards, "You'll always be an Innocent kagome. Always. Your too good to be anything else."

Kagome smirked, half to herself, "Explain." she ordered.

"Well, for one, you never kill your victoms."

It was true. She had never killed one mortal. She couldn't. Luckly for her, vampires don't have to kill to get enough blood to survive, otherwise there was no way she could have lived as a vampire.

Kaogme was still not comfortable with the whole drinking blood thing. It was nasty, and moraly wrong. But she could no longer eat human food. She had no human blood in her to be nurished by it. It had no effect on her whatsoever.

"And you took the brat in." Inu Yasha added, receaving a bright smile from the female vampire in his lap, "Speaking of which, where is the brat?"

"Shippo's over at Sango and Miroku's, he'll be staying the night." Miroku and Sango had announced their engagement about two weeks after the Mating Ceremony, and had been married about a month later. A week after that, Sango had told Kagome she was pregnant.

That was two months ago. And now Kagome too was pregnant. She'd been planning on telling Inu Yasha for about a month, but had been afraid of his reaction. Now that she thought about it, she realised how stupid that fear had been.

She glanced up at Inu Yasha's face to see a sly smile slip onto his lips, "So, we're all alone huh?"

Kagome shot him a harrassed look, "Don't be rediculous Sesshomaru's s..." She trailed off when the True vampire shook his head, a small, pleased sile on his face.

"He's off with Jaken somewhere, probably checking the security of the Prizon.

The Prizon was where they had placed all the traitor vampires, including Kikyo. Unfortunitely, Naraku was never found. They were forced to assume that he was gone for good.

"Oh." Kagome said, schooting away from Inu Yasha. He peirced her with his gaze.

"And where are you going?" Inu Yasha asked. In one quick movement he had her pinned against the bed.

The girl's eyes widen and she let out a squeel of surprise, "Um, don't know." She thought about it as he lowered his lips to the side of her neck.

Kagome gasped in surprise when she felt the vampires tongue fick out to graze her skin. Her gast turned into a giggle as she pushed him off her and made a bee line to the rest room.

Inu Yasha growled in response and dashed after her. He caught his prize right outside the door; Inu Yasha's hands wound around her waist and hauled her bac towards him. His head bent down near her ear as he dragged her kicking and screaming towards the bed. "Oh, no you don't, sweet. I haven't seen you for three long miserable nights. Your not going anywhere."

She shivered at his words, as well as his breath on her ear and neck.

Inu Yasha's legs met with the side of the bed, and he toppled backwards, Kagome still clutched against him. After impact he fipped over so that his mate was beneath him.

He supported his weight on his elbows so as not to crush her slight form. Inu Yasha's molten orbs stared into Kaogme's. Passion meeting passion.

Inu Yasha's lips slowly desended to hers, kissing her passionately. kagome's eyelids slid shut, and her arms snuck around his neck, pulling him down to her. Inu Yasha dug his hands underneath her and lifted her up towards him.

The young man pulled away from Kagome slightly for air and she opened her eyes slightly to stare at him, "I missed you." She murmered before his lips captured hers again.