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Saving Innocence Chap 1:

Three friends were sitting in science class. Ingrid passed a note to Meredith and signaled to pass it to Hannah when she was done. The note read: "S.O.S! Will Mrs. Dubilzag ever shut up!?!?" Meredith replied with a simple no and gave the note to Hannah. Scribbling something down Hannah gave it back to Meredith who looked to see what Hannah had written. She added to Merry's no with: "Chill hon, only 2 more minutes." Meredith laughed quietly and gave the note back to Ingrid. Finally the bell rang.

"I thought that class would never end!" Ingrid exclaimed walking out the door.

"Believe me hon, I've lived through worse." Hannah assured her with a pat on the back.

"Well at least we have lunch next, we can finally just sit and talk... about Soul Calibur!"

"Meredith no." Ingrid snapped.

"Fine be that way Ingrid!" Meredith shouted.

"Maybe I will!" Ingrid retorted. Hannah rolled her eyes ands they stopped at her locker. Hannah put her science binder away and slammed the locker door shut and gave it a good kick to boot.

"Wow Hannah kill it why don't you." Ingrid commented. So they continued down the hall to Ingrid and Meredith's lockers. Meredith's locker was 3 up from Ingrid so Hannah stopped in between them and leaned against the wall.

"We have that English paper due next period, after lunch of course." She commented randomly.

"Wow I can't believe how completely random that was." Merry laughed sarcastically, kicking her already closed locker. Then she looked at the locker next to hers and kicked it as well. Hannah raised an eyebrow.

"Wow I can't believe how completely unnecessary that was." Hannah said mimicking Meredith. Meredith tried to slap her on the head but missed and hit Ingrid who had mysteriously appeared next to Hannah.

"What the hell Merry!" Ingrid screeched drawing attention to herself.

"Ingrid? Care to explain that outburst?" the 7th grade science teacher asked.

"Not really Ropa."

"Something tells me it wasn't really a yes no question." Hannah muttered to Ingrid who nodded.

"Ummm PMS?" she tried. Mr. Ropa rolled his eyes and went back into his classroom.

"Hey Ropa just cuz I'm in you homeroom doesn't mean you can just disregard my feelings like that!" Ingrid pretended to sob.

"Ingrid you don't have to shout, we are THE ONLY ONES IN THE HALLWAY!" Hannah yelled at her. Meredith looked at the clock.

"We should go to lunch you guys it's already 10 after." She commented suddenly serious. Hannah nodded.

"Yeah let's go." So they began to walk towards the other end of the hallway when suddenly...


"Owwwwww! My head! What the heck?" Ingrid whined sitting up. They must of landed (why they fell was still a mystery) in some kind of forest.

"Yeah I feel like I just fell out of a plane!" Hannah added, rubbing her neck. Meredith turned to them, a look of utter astonishment on her face.

"You guys I think our English papers are gonna be late, cuz we aint in Kansas no more." She finally blinked and looked around. There were trees everywhere!

"I think she's right, except for that whole...Kansas...thingy, but more important than our English papers is the fact that we aren't in the right dimension anymore." Hannah directed the comment at Ingrid who was still recovering from the fall.

"Is it just me or does this all look strangely familiar?" Meredith asked and they all nodded. Ingrid looked around and sighed.

"Well I've never really changed dimensions before but I should probably check my sugars." She reached down towards her pump (and for anyone who doesn't know what that it: Ingrid has diabetes so she needs to take insulin every so often, her insulin pump regulates and adminestors it okay? Without it she'd pass out, her sugars would go crazy, she'd puke a lot and then die. If anyone has questions concerning this matter email me at: ) to discover it wasn't there.

"You guys," she said her voice panicky. They turned to her. "My pump is gone, like gone, oh my god I'm gonna die! Ahhhh! Where did my pump go?!?!" she screamed. Meredith tried to comfort her with no success. Hannah looked up to see a strange looking man (?) walking towards them. She poked Meredith and Ingrid until they looked up too. Meredith and Hannah jumped up and created a shield in front of Ingrid.

"Hey who ever you are stay away from our friend, she's in distress!" Merry shouted.

"Excuse me?" Ingrid screeched.

"Pardon Meredith sir, ummmm could you tell us where we are?" Hannah tried to be polite, but sensing it didn't work she tried again. "I mean we're lost and aren't quite sure of where we've ended up." The man (still not sure it's a man mind you) looked even more distant and Hannah gave up.

"If my ladies are done asking questions I will be happy to escort you to milord." He told them kindly.

"Your ladies?" Ingrid inquired sternly.

"Ingrid honey, HUSH." Hannah told her. Meredith looked up.

"Wait you guys, ummmm excuse me sir, but who is your lord?" she asked. The man smiled and tucked his long brown hair behind his ears to reveal they were pointed.

"Well maladies why don't you meet him yourself? He has been expecting you/" and with that he turned and began walking away, obviously beckoning them to follow him. So still in shock the girls helped Ingrid up and they followed him.

"You guys I think he's an elf!" Merry whispered shakily.

"Yeah no shit Sherlock," Ingrid snapped.

"That means we're either in Middle Earth or we've come across one of those Lord of the Rings reenactments Tucker was talking about." Hannah told them narrowly avoiding a tree branch.

"I really hope for sanities sake, it's the second one." Ingrid said shaking her head.

"Yeah but it would be kinda cool to be in Lord of the Rings you know? Just to get away, escape, go on an adventure." Hannah was staring serenely into nothing until Ingrid slapped her upside the head. "Hey!" she screamed and slapped Ingrid back. Ingrid tried to hit her again but missed and smacked her hand against on an innocent tree.

"Owwwwwwwwwwww! Holy shi-," Merry slapped her hand over Ingrid's mouth.

"You know you could try being a LITTLE LOUDER!" Meredith yelled into Ingrid's ear. Hannah laughed and Ingrid began rubbing her poor damaged ear.

"Meredith next time you decide to scream in my ear, do it SOMEWHERE ELSE!" Meredith gave the girl an odd look as if to say 'not even in Latin would that make sense' and she spoke again.

"Well Ingrid next time just don't BE SO LOUD IN THE FIRST PLACE!" Ingrid was fuming and Hannah decided to step in.

"You guys need to be quiet!" she said in a hushed whisper.

"Oooh Ms. "All serious so we can impress this elf dude" wants us to be quiet Meredith." Ingrid mocked in a sing-songy voice.

"You know Ingrid next time you decide to try and slap me," Hannah began, and then taking a deep breath finished "DON"T TRY IT!" she bellowed and their escort turned around.

"Miladies is everything alright?" he asked almost too kindly, he had obviously found their little episode amusing. At least amusing enough not to interrupt.

"Ok what is up with this my ladies thing? For the last time we're not your la-ahhhh!" Ingrid's screeches were once again muffled by Meredith's hand.

"Everything's fine, ummmmm not to sound rude but well," Hannah tried to find a polite way of saying 'Are we there yet?' when Meredith chimed in.

"Are we drawing near to our destination?" Ingrid snorted and Hannah tried (unsuccessfully) not to laugh. Merry shot them an evil glare and the elf smiled (again).

"Look for yourself." He said opening his arms. "Welcome miladies, to Rivendell." Meredith and Ingrid gaped in awe as Hannah stared breathless.

"Oh my god, I can't believe it!" Merry exclaimed.

"Yeah I know, I thought he was gonna try and hug us for a second there." Hannah said shaking her head. Ingrid sighed.

"She meant about the fact we're in Rivendell! Which means we're in Middle Earth!" she yelled. There was a silence as they entered the gates and made way to a very beautiful building. The three girls recognized it as Lord Elrond's home, the quote 'n' quote House of Elrond. Finally they reached a large door to a probably even larger room. The elf who had been walking quietly ahead of them turned around now.

"Well it has been a pleasure escorting you but I will leave you in Lord Elrond's capable hands now. I bid you all a good day." With that he bowed and walked away.

"Ummmmm Thank you!" Meredith yelled down the hall.

"And good riddens he smiled too much for my liking." Hannah commented and they nodded. The girls jumped as the large door behind them creaked open.

"Ah, you're here. Very well then, we best get started I have a lot to cover. Please come in," a dark haired elf said motioning for them to enter the room. It was a large well-lit room with a long table in the center. An open window looked out onto a bridge, the very bridge Aragorn and Arwen had stood on in the movie.

"Well sit down then." He told them. Taking a moment to look around Ingrid sat down followed by Hannah and Meredith.

"As you probably know you're in Rivendell which is in Middle Earth." He reminded them. Ingrid shook her head.

"I have a headache." She said. Hannah looked worried.

"Do you want a granola bar? I have one in my pocket," she asked and Ingrid nodded.

"Yeah hold on let me just," she stopped and looked down towards her waist. "You guys, MY PUMP IS GONE!"

"Yes Ingrid we've been over this remember? Right before that fr-" Meredith stopped and remembered Lord Elrond's presence. "I mean very kind elf showed up." She corrected. Ingrid completely ignored her.

"MY PUPM IS GONE! HOW AM I GOING TO GET MY INSULIN! I DON'T HAVE MY KIT, MY PUMP DISSAPPEARED, I DON'T KNOW HOW I GOT HERE and I'm... I'm, I'm feeling a little... a little dizzy...I think I need to...to lie do-" Ingrid had gone from looking hysterically upset to looking drunk. For a moment she seemed to try and retain consciousness before fainting.

Hannah jumped up and Meredith almost fell out of her chair.

"Okay, Merry, help me lay her on the table," Hannah (who kinda wanted to be a doctor) ordered. Meredith nodded and they moved Ingrid from the chair to the table.

"We should probably che-" Meredith stared then remembered there was no way to check Ingrid's sugars. "Now what? I guess she did have a good reason for freaking out." She finished.

"Yeah for once, I don't know, ummmm well we should probably see if she's just fainted or if she's in a diabetic coma," Hannah began and Meredith stopped her.

"Yeah, um, how?" she asked so she could help.

"First we check her pulse, do you have a watch?" Hannah asked and Merry nodded. "Good count to three th-out loud- then start clocking 60 seconds-one minute- and then at the last 3 seconds count them out loud and say stop ok?"

"Okay but I don't think my clock is right Hannah," Meredith objected then paused. "Oh but it'll still clock a minute."

"Or close enough," Hannah took hold of Ingrid's wrist, with her index and middle finger over her vain.

"Alrighty, one, two, three, go." Meredith watched her wristwatch intently as Hannah counted heartbeats in her head. After 57 seconds Meredith spoke again.

"And three, two, one, stop!" she proclaimed and looked up.

"Good her heartbeat is normal, and her breath intake is steady and regular. Hold up a sec..." Hannah pried one of Ingrid's eyes open and looked at it for a second. "Her pupils aren't too dialated, she's conscious, just fainted." Hannah concluded.

"Oh good, so she's not in a diabetic coma, or any coma for that matter." Meredith sighed with relief. Suddenly both girls exchanged confused glares before slowly turning around to face Lord Elrond, who had just stood in the corner and watched during Ingrid's little episode.

"Excuse me milord," Meredith began. She was interrupted.

"Ah I'm sure you're wondering how I can just stand here while your friend is lying on the table half conscious right?" Lord Elrond questioned. Merry and Hannah nodded.

"Well you see girls, while in Middle Earth there are certain things you don't have to bear, things that normally, in your world, you would." He paused as Ingrid stirred. She sat up groggily and rubbed her eyes.

"What's going on? Why is everyone staring at me?!" she soon became alarmed and, in the process of spazzing managed to roll off the table. "Owwwwwwwww!" when she finally settled down enough to attempt to stand she was offered a hand from both Hannah and Meredith. "So, ummmm what are we talking about?" Ingrid asked sheepishly, shifting her weight from foot to foot. Once Hannah and Meredith caught her up Lord Elrond continued.

"So as I said there are things you used to deal with in your world that you don't have to anymore." He sat down and taking the hint so did the three girls. "Such things include your illness Ingrid an-"

"You mean I don't have diabetes while I'm here?" Ingrid asked excitedly. Lord Elrond nodded and Ingrid jumped up, did a victory dance, and then sat down again. "I'm staying here forever!" she whispered to Meredith and Hannah who laughed. Lord Elrond raised an eyebrow in amusement but continued anyway.

"So no diabetes for Ingrid, and any other such diseases are non apparent here in Middle Earth as well, as they don't really exist."

"Excuse me milord, if I may?" Hannah began.

"Of course." Lord Elrond smiled.

"So Ingrid and I don't have asthma anymore either?" she looked hopeful, asthma was an annoying thing. Lord Elrond's expression went from pleasant to grim.

"Well you see since Ingrid was rid of her diabetes, her asthma was lifted as well, that's why you passed out dear, because of the shock, but unfortunately Hannah, yours wasn't rid of." He explained sympathetically.

"That's alright Lord Elrond, at least I have my inhaler in my pocket, since we were going to be going out to recess." She piped brightly. "I'll be alright."

"Glad to hear it, but even though you still have asthma, all of you are able to stand harder physical activity and for a longer time, as well as you wont be bothered by things like the common cold, need for frequent rest, certain monthly burdens," he paused and looked over at the girls who averted their eyes toward their hands. "Besides being rid of things, you have gained certain things as well."

"Like what milord?" Meredith asked curiously.

"Well you have many qualities of elves, such as walking silently, good eyesight, keen hearing, you'll be able to walk on snow-"

"That is so totally wicked!" Ingrid interrupted jumping up. Hannah pulled her back down into her seat.

"Aye, but you must stop interrupting! It's fully one of the rudest things you can do when someone is just trying to help us!" she whispered heatedly.

"Jeese sorry MOM." Ingrid mocked Hannah who shot her an evil glare and most likely would have attacked Ingrid if not for Lord Elrond.

"I think that is all actually, so now there is a council tomorrow that you won't be attending but today I'll send you with Rien who is going to evaluate you and see which weaponry you're most suited to."

"Weaponry?" the three friends said in unison.

"Yes now be along." He motioned to the door where a blonde elf in a dark blue tunic that matched his eyes led them down, yet, another hallway.