Hello everyone! Sorry it's been a while but I've been really stressed out with school and was glad to get some time to write! So here's chapter two! Same disclaimer from chap one, I don't own anyone but Hannah, Ingrid, Merry, Rien, Kiera. Okay, enjoy!

-The Water Sprite

Saving Innocence Chap. 2

2. a Sword, a pair of daggers, a bow and a few arrows

When they came to the end of the hallway, Rien opened a large wood door and the girls were led outside. Sun beamed onto the pathway, warming the cold stone. They came to a small building surrounded by a large wood fence. Seeing as you could only get inside the fence by going through the building, it would appear they were going inside. Rien stopped at the door.

"Alright, this is the Weaponry House, where the weapons are stored and through the building there, is an archery range, a sword fighting range and a dagger fighting range." He opened the door to reveal a large room with swords hanging by sheathes on hooks and sitting on shelves. As they came farther into the building they saw it had three more rooms as well. One had daggers of varying sizes all lined up, unsheathed, on shelves. One had numerous bows of different sizes hanging on hooks and cases of arrows, organized by length, stacked on a table. The last room was full of quivers, belts, sashes, sheaths (for daggers and swords), and spare bow strings.

"Well girls we're going to start by evaluating your archery skills." Rien led them into the archery room and equipped them each with a bow to their fitting and a case of arrows.

"Ok so you want us to just go and try to hit the targets?" Meredith asked putting the case of arrows on the ground outside.

"Um, sure if you'd like," Rien looked questionably at the three friends and stepped back. A lot. "Actually, why don't you try it one at a time, just shoot an arrow and try to hit the center or the target in general really."

"I'll go first!" Meredith screamed. "I've never done this before but I have good aim from shooting in basketball." She sounded full, I mean sure, of herself as she set the arrow to the string.

Meredith pulled the string back and almost posed before she loosed it. She felt pretty cool with her bow and the awesome position she took, that is, until she saw (or didn't see for that matter) where her arrow went.

"Hey, where'd it go?" she looked confusedly at the target, obviously expecting it to have landed in the center. Ingrid and Hannah were laughing so hard they fell over.

"Why don't you check that tree Einstein!" Hannah blurted before laughing again. Meredith looked where Hannah was pointing and low and behold, there was her arrow, smack dab in the middle of a tree. She left them to have their laughing fit and stalked off to get it.

"Ummmm that…was…interesting, so who's next?" Rien asked masking a grin. As much as he hid it in his mouth, he couldn't hide it in his eyes.

"I will I guess." Hannah offered. She put an arrow to the string and pulled back very slightly, afraid she would snap it if she pulled back any farther. She loosed it. It headed straight for the center and then… hit the ground right below the target. "Shoot, my aim was off!" she cried.

"No, your aim was perfect!" Rien corrected her.

"My posture?" Hannah questioned.

"No, no, no, no, no, no, you need to pull back more!" he exclaimed. Meredith had shot another arrow and hit another tree. But when she went to get it she couldn't reach it.

"Ah! Rein? Could you help me? I can't reach this arrow!" she called.

"You weren't supposed to shoot another arrow until instructed." He raised an eyebrow. "But yes, I'll help you." Meredith smiled sheepishly.

"Thank you."

"Pull back farther? But the string will snap!" Hannah looked worried as she tried again. Pulling it back about 2 millimeters farther she let go of the string. This arrow landed right in front of her first on the ground.

"No, no, no, no, no, no, you need to pull back farther." Ingrid mocked, demonstrating with her bow. She has pulled the string back really far and without think removed her hand. "OH MY GOD!" she had startled herself when the arrow loosed. The string had snapped back and hit her hand. Rien looked over from getting Hannah's arrows in time to see Ingrid's arrow hit the target dead center.

"Excellent!" He called running over. He handed Hannah her arrows and Meredith hers before stopping by Ingrid. "That was beautiful." He smiled. Ingrid beamed.

"Really?" she was shocked. He nodded. "Cool."

"Indeed, now just a few more, we should try and be quick, the Weaponry House must be cleared for, as Lord Elrond may have mentioned there is a very important council tomorrow and his guests will be arriving in 2 hours. They may want to practice, I'm unsure, all I know is Lord Elrond wants it cleared, alright?" Rien told them. "So each shoot 5 more arrows so I can observe, then we'll move on."

All of Meredith's arrows ended up in trees, except for one which narrowly avoided hitting a bird. Hannah's went mostly on the ground until on her third try, one hit the outermost circle on the target.

"Yay!" she exclaimed. Then it fell off. As for Ingrid, well she hit the center each time. Rien went down to get the arrows so they could pack them up when Meredith, who still had one arrow left, shot, this time actually trying to aim instead of look good. Unfortunately her aim sucked too and the arrow whizzed past Rien, nearly 1 centimeter from his face. He jumped back then he grabbed it out of mid-air, saving himself the trouble of having to wrench it out of a tree. Meredith's jaw dropped as did the other two girls.

"Ok! That's enough archery let's pack up." He breathed quickly giving the arrow to Meredith.

"That was amazing!" Hannah threw her arms up in the air. The others nodded.

"Thanks." Rien said shyly. He cleared his throat. "Let's go onto sword fighting. Follow me." They walked back into the building and traded their arrows and bows for swords. Rien led them out into a different field, which was sectioned off from the archery range by another fence. When they got in, the girls could see burlap sacks (5 of them) hanging by elvish rope from a wood plank that went from the right side fence to the left side fence. They appeared to be filled with leaves or paper of some kind. About 15 feet away from the sacks were 5 circles dug out of the ground, leaving indentations of about 1 inch.

"Take your swords, stand on a circle, and then when instructed, run up and slash at the sack." Rien told the girls. Ingrid walked to the second circle on the right, Meredith went to the third on the right, and as for Hannah, the first on the right.

"You go first then Ingrid." Rien motioned for her to run but she stood still. "Umm, Ingrid, I said you could go."

"No, I have issues with stabbing things. I, I quit." She put her shaking hands in the air as a means of surrendering and dropped her sword. Rien nodded.

"I suppose that's alright, you have been placed on archery so just hold onto your sword whilst we finish, it won't be long." He instructed her. "Meredith go ahead." Meredith looked up at this and ran at the sack with a new hope of success. Ingrid had picked up her sword and stood next to Hannah against the far wall to watch their friend.

Meredith reached the target at full speed and swung. Too hard. She lost her footing, her feet going ahead of her, and she fell flat on her back. Ingrid and Hannah cracked up, and Meredith scowled.

"It wasn't that funny." She growled.

"Yes it was!" Hannah exclaimed, clasping her stomach. Ingrid nodded, laughing herself to tears.

"You suck dude." She laughed. Meredith slowly got up and brushed herself off.

"Okay, Hannah why don't you try?" Rien was obviously trying to get them to stop laughing, but the girls could see a smile playing at the corners of his mouth. Hannah picked up her sword and walked towards the starting point. With one final look at Rien she ran towards the sack and in one swift movement cut the sack in half. Rein's eyes widened. "That was perfect!" he exclaimed. Hannah smiled shyly.

"Thank you." She lowered her head and looked at the scattered feathers from the sack. So that's what was inside them. As Hannah returned to her spot next to Ingrid she saw Meredith scowl.

"Well I would have you go again but we're running out of time so we'll have to move on. This way." Rien turned and began to walk away towards the Weaponry House. When they got inside Rein helped them put away their swords and fitted them with daggers.

"Alright follow me." Rien led them back outside, past the archery range in the opposite direction of the sword fighting range. The new area was exactly like the sword range in every way, the sacks and everything.

"Ummmm… let me guess, we do the same thing as back with the swords?" Meredith asked wearily.

"In a nutshell, yes." Rien nodded. He motioned at Meredith to go. "Go ahead Meredith." Meredith shook her head furiously.

"No, I'll mess up again. Make her go!" she pointed at Hannah worriedly. Rien looked at her confused but looked at Hannah, and the look in his eyes told her to do as Meredith said. Hannah nodded back, saying that she understood and ran to the sack. She slashed it with one of the daggers just barely grazing it. The sack remained intact.

"Well at least you've demonstrated good swordsmanship. Alright Ingrid, you next."

"I told you I have issues stabbing things, no, have Meredith go." She said crossly.

"No Ingrid I think you should go." Rien said after glancing at a discouraged Meredith.

"No." Ingrid crossed her arms. Rien looked somewhat angry.

"Go." He said firmly, but not meanly. Surprised at the elf's tone Ingrid stepped forward.

"Fine." She said with an attitude. "Actually…" a small mischievous smile grew on Ingrid's face. Then all of the sudden she chucked the dagger in her right hand towards her target. It went straight through the sack and lodged itself in the wooden fence. Rien shook his head disapprovingly but shrugged it off.

"Sorry Meredith, but you must go now; we don't have too much time left. So please?" he encouraged her. She nodded sadly pushing a strand of her dark blonde hair behind her ear.

"Okay here goes nothing…" she took a deep breath and ran at the sack and with both daggers she obnoxiously hacked at the sack, but with nice technique. Then she stepped back and looked at the still intact sack. "Awwww, I missed!" she exclaimed. No sooner did she finish her sentence, the sack fell apart into a million pieces. Rien smiled.

"Perfect, we're done here follow me." He told them, glad the whole experience was over with. He led the three girls back through the Weaponry House and towards the House of Elrond. He took them through two new hallways and up three flights of stairs. The girls were in awe at the beautiful detail on the marble walls and the extravagant paintings that hung on them. After a long trek he stopped at three doors at the end of one of the long hallways. Pulling three colored rings, each large enough to fit over a door knob. This is exactly where they were put, one on each door.

"These are your rooms, you'll find everything you need in them, Ingrid you are the black room," Rien pointed to the door with the black ring on it. "Hannah you're blue and Meredith you're purple."

"Actually I think I'm white." Meredith was examining her skin. Rien sighed.

"There will be someone in to fit your gowns in a little bit."

"Gowns?" the girls asked in unison. He nodded.

"There is a large party of people arriving in an hour and there will be a welcome dinner in their honor. They have come from all over and traveled very far, I'm sure they're anxious to rest and feast. So Lord Elrond asked you be dressed appropriately. I bid you good day miladies, I'll be back to escort you to dinner in 2 hours." Rien bowed and left them. The girls opened their rooms and looked inside.

Each room had a large king sized bed fitted with white sheets and pillows. A beautifully carved white wood armoire and a desk made of birch wood. An ink quill pen sat on the desk next to a book bound of blank paper and a bottle of black ink sat near the edge. A large candle sat in the corner of the desk for light and a fireplace was located next to the desk. The bed faced a window that looked out over a garden. There was another door at the far end of each room probably leading to a bathroom. The girl's jaws dropped to their feet.

"I'm in heaven!" Ingrid ran into her room and threw herself on the bed.

"Cool…" Meredith was about to do the same thing but Hannah grabbed her arm.

"Do you guys realize that in like 55 minutes Legolas, Boromir, Aragorn, Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin, Gimli, and Gandalf will be here! With in arms length! We can talk to them!" she screamed. Meredith nodded and screamed with excitement. That is where Kiera found them.

"Good day miladies!" She greeted them cheerfully. The two girls in the hallway looked up from their fan girlish screeching and Ingrid came out of her room. Kiera had long dark hair and hazel eyes. She had on a long fuchsia dress with a light pink robe over her shoulders. "Time for your dress fitting!" she lifted her sewing basket up higher and asked "Who's first?"

Hannah raised her hand excitedly. "Ooh! Me!" she squealed. Kiera seemed just as happy as she rushed Hannah into her room and closed the door. When she came back out 30 minutes later she was dressed in a deep blue gown that flowed past her feet. It was fitted from the waist up and the middle tied together like a corset in the front. The sleeves hung off her shoulders and flared out at the wrist, hanging down to her knees, but only on the side that the inside of her wrists faced so she could move her hands. Her golden blonde hair was put up in a bun with a few extra strands hanging out. The whole outfit was accented by her necklace, a silver dolphin curled around a crystal stone hanging on a long silver chain.

"Who next?" Kiera asked proudly. Ingrid raised her hand happily and was taken into her room for 30 more minutes. Hannah went back into her room and Meredith stood by her door when Ingrid came out. She had on a stunning silver dress that was somewhat similar to Hannah's but the middle had a vest that only reached below the ribcage, tied on corset style. Then at the waist a shorter skirt was tied over the dress itself corset style as well. Her hair was down, the light brown wavy strands falling on her shoulders.

"Alright, last one." Kiera took Meredith away for the standard 30 minutes. She returned a changed woman. Meredith was in a long deep purple dress with long sleeves and a sash across the waist that was secured with a metal ring. Her elbow length hair was tied back in one long braid in the back.

"Oh you all look wonderful! Rien should be here shortly, have fun tonight!" She smiled warmly and turned to go.

"Thank you!" Hannah called. The dresses were in the wardrobes, just altered for size. Each gown was made of elven silk and accented by soft satin slip on shoes. The three girls were in Ingrid's room talking when Rien came to get them.

"Don't you all look lovely." He smiled. "Now then, ready to meet the guests?"