Hinata watched from behind the thick branches of the weeping willow as her father nodded, listening to the spirits whose graves he sat at. His Byakugan pulsed with aura and she shuddered away when she thought she saw a flicker of motion from the headstone. Silently slipping back into her room (from which she had been forbidden from leaving), she clambered into her closet, curling up on the bedroll stored in there and closing her eyes to the world.

There she hid, wishing that her father hadn't given her books to Hanabi before berating herself, recalling her father's words.

"As my heir, Hinata, she will need everything that was once yours to help with her training. Lord above knows that I need to train a daughter who doesn't flinch at the sight of her ancestors."

Besides, her mind continued to her heart, Father needs a daughter to pass on the Shaman genes – not a silly little wimp who can't handle a few ghosts.

Hinata brought a pillow over her head to smother that little voice of reason and tears escaped from her eyes, dripping down upon the rough cloth. Her stomach growled and she thought wistfully of food before she squashed that idea down as well. After last night's disaster, she was certain she wouldn't be allowed to eat for another week!

But it wasn't her fault Hanabi decided to throw one of her tantrums and knock the soup from Hinata's hands as she was serving it...

The twelve–year–old ignored that tiny, defiant voice just as she had her entire life. If she ever did decide to act upon those feelings...

She might just become one of the spirits her clan spoke to.


No. No – get away! I don't like ghosts!

"Hinata... sama..."


"Please, save me!"

Hinata's eyes flew open and she sat up, nearly beaming herself in the forehead on the upper shelf. Clutching her folded comforter to her chest, she peered fearfully into the darkness of her closet. A cold touch brushed her arm and she looked up to see a pale, translucent face watching her.

Stifling a scream, Hinata ducked her head, closing her head and twined her fingers together to deactivate her Byakugan she couldn't remember triggering. When the ghostly touch drifted away, Hinata slid her closet door open and tumbled out to the floor, whimpering as she crawled away. Reaching the opposite wall, she huddled against it, not bothering to wipe the tears from her eyes.

"My bed is haunted..."

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