Long Forgotten – Darth Vader

Character(s): Darth Vader, Obi-Wan Kenobi
Period: post - ROTS
Genre: Angst, Drama, AU
Summary: The newly appointed Sith Lord, Darth Vader stops a ship with an interesting passenger.

Looking out a viewport, one cannot help but be awed by the stars. The vastness is overwhelming. As I watch the fleet, I am reminded of the Empire's immensity, its domain reaching from the Outer Rim to the Corporate Sector; its order and control thriving since the fall of the Republic. The pockets of sedition will be crushed soon, and we will acquire peace at last. The outer worlds hold the downfall of the Alliance and as we make the journey, I cannot help but be restless. My blood is calling to me.

We are in the outer-rim. I despise it. Many of the planets of this region hold nothing but vile memories, but as the blue glow of the atmosphere of Tatooine comes into sight, I find myself unable to move away from the viewport.

Here...is where I left the last memory of the weakling Anakin Skywalker.

What is he doing right now?

I reach out with the Force, hoping.... But there is nothing. It is only me...and this wretched suit. It has been a long time since I allowed myself such whimsy. The planet is an unwanted reminder of what was, and what might have been. It has been easier than I once thought, to let the past go. The dark side cares little for memories.

Still, there are times when the memory of that night long ago assails me in my weaker, more inadequate moments. Not for long, for the events that precede them are forever seared on my body, and I have no desire to revisit them. They are memories of pain, betrayal and failing.


"What are you going to do," Kenobi asked. "Kill us?"

His eyes were wide with fear and he was visibly shaking. In his arms, clutched tightly to him was a bundle. An alarm went off in my head as a familiar, yet unfamiliar presence in the Force assailed me. It was not my old master's presence, it was a combination of mine and....

It was then that I knew...

The Emperor had told me of Padme's death, but he did not have to. I knew when I awoke in the suit, unaccustomed to the breathing apparatus and praying for death, that she was gone. Naturally, our child would have perished with her, my brain registered through the sounds of my screams. What a fitting way to end everything. There was nothing more. The best I could hope was to die from my own wounds, or live to make the Jedi pay for every transgression rained down on me in my previous life. Most of all, it was a fitting end for Anakin, as his failing was the most heinous of all. He had sworn himself to protect his family and failed...yet again. Pitiful.

But the situation that was before me had never been contemplated. My child lived, and Kenobi held him in his arms. As if to prove his existence, the child started screaming and Obi-Wan moved for the hatch of the ship. What for, I do not know. He knew he was surrounded, even though I had closed the hatch as I entered. My weapon already drawn, I stepped closer by one step, unsure of my next move.

"I should kill you where you stand," I said, the unfamiliar voice rumbling through the vocoder. "You have betrayed me for the last time." For the first time I could hear my own heart in the suit. It pounded out each second we stood there, drawing out time, maybe even stopping time. I could tell no longer. This man had been the bane of my existence for years, I once thought him a friend. Now...every breath that passed through the machine reminded me of the hatred I felt for Obi-Wan, my brother. He stood with the last thing left of me in his arms.

Kenobi swallowed and turned the bundle towards me with one arm, his right hand moving cautiously to his lightsaber hilt. There was no doubt that he would die saving the child, my child. My son became quiet as I looked into his eyes. There were so many questions that I yearned to ask. Where was Padme now? Had they returned her to Naboo? Was she at peace at last?

I drug myself from the abyss; I had almost given quarter to that part of me that was dead. Not dead.

Quickly, I drew my saber back to my side and assessed the situation. We were in the Dagobah system.

"The Emperor must never find him. I have a brother, Owen Lars, who lives on the outskirts of Mos Eisley. You will take him there and then you will disappear. If I find you again, I will kill you."

My former Master looked at me incredulously. "Do you think for one second that I trust you? I will not let you destroy this child. I will do what I must, and you need not fear, the Emperor will never know of him," he sneered.

My patience coming to an end, I drew my lightsaber again. "Do not make me destroy you. You show yourself to be a fool yet again. You have no choice in this matter. If I wished to find him, I would," I proclaimed. I began to fear that the child would be seen by the stormtroopers. Kenobi must have sensed the same thing, as he peered around me to feel for them through the force.

The air stagnated around us as the baby began to cry again. I laid a gloved hand on the baby's forehead, and he quieted immediately. I turned to leave, and returned to take one last look. I then looked to the Jedi, my eyes behind the lenses burning into Kenobi's.

"Do not fail in this and never return to the Core. If you do, I will take possession of what is mine." I turned and stalked out of the hull of the ship, leaving my former Master behind me. He still clung to the ideals of the Jedi. I knew he would do what he must to take care of the child, however much I hated him.
I took care of the troop that had been on my shuttle, leaving no witnesses. I then turned for the shuttle and my destiny. It was the last time I saw Kenobi and my son.


The sand of Tatooine is a patchwork of browns as I stare out of the viewport, still held immobilized. I cannot help but think that somewhere down there, where my youth is buried, that my son waits for me. He waits for me to come and together we will claim our destinies. But not today...