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"Uh, dude, it was only yesterday," Beast Boy said, obviously annoyed. "My dear boy, you haven't changed a bit. I remember wondering what you'd become in later life," sighed a melancholy Dr.Witkin. "OK, this isn't very funny to me, and that's a rarity," exclaimed Beast Boy. "Are you telling me we've met before yesterday?"

"Oh yes, Garfield, we go WAY back. In fact, I'd say without me, you would have had no future. I saved you, Garfield. I am the one you gave you your powers." "How in the hell can I believe what you're saying is true?" choked Beast Boy, a lump forming in his throat. "You don't HAVE to believe me Garfield. You can always turn back and go out the door, and never speak with me again or ever mention my name. But you WANT the truth. I can see it in your eyes."

Beast Boy looked at Raven, as if for approval. She nodded. "Alright, Witkin, explain yourself."

"There really isn't that much to explain, Garfield. Your parents were nuclear scientists; a dangerous job obviously. There was an accident, a spill. You just happened to be with them that day. You came to me, because, well, I am your uncle, your father's brother. It was their wish to send you to me if something ever happened. I am a genetic scientist; I guess science runs in our side of the family. The only way I could save you was to perform an experiment of recombinant DNA replacements. Unfortunately, I only had animal DNA at the lab that day..."

"If I wanted science fiction crap I would have stayed home and watched a movie about it! You're a liar. Like I'm supposed to believe all this," spat Beast Boy, but as he turned to leave, Dr. Witkin handed him a packet. "Proof," is all he said.

Beast Boy tore open the envelope and took out a dozen photos. All of them had pictures of him, as a young child... a human-looking child. And in each picture, Dr. Witkin stood smiling. In the last few pictures, his skin, hair, and eyes were the emerald-colored skin, hair, and eyes he had always known. "It's true," cried Beast Boy, overwhelmed with emotion. "Why didn't tell me yesterday!?" "Because you never would have come back for any other reason," Witkin said softly, his voice full of shame. "Knowing you, I knew you wouldn't be happy with your new body. You had... have too much confidence in yourself. I knew you would come back."

Beast Boy stood as if his legs had been plastered to the ground, and Raven watched like all of it was a horror movie gone wrong. "Is this how it has to be?" Beast Boy asked quietly. "I'm afraid so. Garfield, I can bring you back to normal, but I'm afraid there will be consequences if I do," said a nervous Witkin. "Story of my life, apparently," added an angry Beast Boy. "I think it would be best if we never talked again. I don't want it to be this way, but it's the best way. I am just another weakness to add onto your plate. If I loved you, then this is the best way, Garfield. You have people that depend on you. It would be selfishness to change anything," said his brave Uncle, tears rolling down his cheeks. Beast Boy nodded, as if he understood, but he was far from understanding. "When all is said and done, Uncle Witkin, I'm glad I met you. I don't... I never will feel alone." The two long-lost relatives embraced, and the beginning of an end sealed the fates of the two men...

Two weeks later, things still weren't back to normal. Beast Boy had shut himself away from the world. He never came out expect for city emergencies, and to see the sunrise. The other Titans were extremely worried. "I'm so sick of Chicken Little's attitude! We all got problems; he needs to get up and move on!" commented Cyborg one morning. Raven shot him an evil look. "You'd be so pissed right now if anyone said that about you Cyborg," she snapped, but in her heart, she knew he was right. So, an hour later, she went to his bedroom. She could hear the sad, expressive lyrics of Linkin Park drowning out any other sound, and sensed excessive sadness and anger.

"I wanna heal, I wanna feel, what I thought was never real,

I wanna let go of the pain I've felt so long..."

She knocked a couple of times and after a minute or so, Beast Boy's dark frame entered the doorway. "What is it, Rae?" he asked in a sad, broken voice. "I need to talk to you, Beast Boy. Please," she almost begged, and Beast Boy knew how much she hated to do that to ANYBODY. "Fine. Can we go on the roof?"

"Beast Boy, remember all the times I thought I couldn't live anymore, and you told me to be strong, and that you were there for me? Those were the best words anyone's ever spoken to me," she said quietly, the tears coming. "You are one in a billion, Beast Boy. To see you like this; I don't think I can handle it."

Beast Boy looked over to her face and saw she was really crying. "Your Uncle is watching Beast Boy. You never left each other. You're still in his heart," she said.

"It's so hard, Rae. I mean, it was just so much at one time. My parents, the experiment; it's a wonder I lived through it all," he said, and felt Raven move over to him, and put an arm around his shoulders. "It's not a wonder, Beast Boy. You're a strong person; there's a reason you're here living. It's not just me or yourself you're living for; it's for the other Titans. It's for all the people who count on you to help them." They looked at each other, and suddenly everything became clear again to Beast Boy. He did have a purpose, and he did mean something. As the two stood watching the vast skyline of Jump City, Beast Boy couldn't help but smile. One more obstacle down in the never-ending game of life.

The End