After reluctantly stepping foot inside the conference room behind Amy, Trish wasn't that surprised when she started to feel butterflies take over her stomach.

I guess Vince wasn't exaggerating when he said that he would get all of the WWE employees together so I could make my announcement.

Noticing the frightened expression on her friend's face, Amy quickly reached out and squeezed the younger woman's hand, before soothingly replying: "Hey, just'll do fine up there! And once you're done, you and me can go back to your house and eat our weight in Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough ice cream, how does that sound?"

After slightly laughing at the comment, Trish half-jokingly told the older woman that she would hold her to it, before letting out a slow sigh and making her way to the podium at the back of the room.

I'm sure this would be so much easier if I knew he wasn't staring at me.

With that thought in mind, Trish turned her attention back towards the front of the room; locking gaze's with Amy, who had quickly left her spot by the door and was now sitting beside an equally confused Matt and Jeff.

All right, here goes nothing.

After watching a nervous Trish make her way towards the back of the room, Jeff turned his attention to--an even more nervous looking--Amy, who was quickly making her way towards the front of the room where him and his brother were seated.

"What's going on, Amy? The truth....! Remember I know when you're lying!"

Knowing that was true, but that she couldn't sell out her friend, caused Amy to--without even bothering to meet the younger man's eyes--quickly take a seat beside her boyfriend while swiftly replying: "Just wait and see."

A comment which told Jeff that, whatever it was, it was big. And hopefully would explain why both Amy and Trish had been acting funny as of late.

And maybe why the latter had broken up with me last week..

With that thought in mind, Jeff turned his attention back towards the woman in front of him, just as she began to open her mouth.

"Could I please have everyone's attention?"

After waiting until everyone in the room had stopped what they were doing and focused there gaze on her, Trish nervously continued with: "I'm sure everyone here has been wondering why Mr. McMahon called all of you in here today. So, before I go any further, let me just say that none of you are in trouble and that I was the one who asked him to do so."

"Obviously!" Jeff heard one of the Diva's mumble. But given the fact that he wasn't sure as to which one it had been, he--instead of throwing a glare at the person--just glared in the direction that the comment had come from.

Stuck up bitches!

"The reason why I called you all here is because I wanted to get everyone together so I could personally thank each and every single one of you in here who took the time to call and visit me when I went into surgery a few months might not know this, but at times when I thought I would never be able to wrestle again--because of my stupidity--your friendship and words of advice made me think differently...and I thank you all for that."

Knowing that even though she was addressing everyone, Trish was mostly talking to him, Matt, and Amy caused Jeff to smile a little.

Unfortunately though, any hint of a grin was wiped off his face at Trish's next words.

"But your friendship alone is what makes my next comment so hard to of an hour ago, I have officially been taken off of the WWE Roster."


Jeff couldn't believe what he had just heard and--it seemed like--neither could anyone else around him as almost everyone started asking: "Why?"

Surprised by the reaction, it took Trish a couple of seconds before she was able to continue with what she'd been trying to say: "Before I tell you why I'm not on it anymore, I'd just like to say that Mr. McMahon did not fire me and after taking some time and putting a lot of thought into it, I was the one who ultimately decided that I should quit."

What the hell?

If Jeff thought he was in shock before, he was now completely thrown for a loop. What the fuck is going on?

As if reading his thoughts, Trish--interestingly enough--moved her line of vision from Amy to him. And then afterwards, slowly replied: "The reason for doing this is because...I'm pregnant."

Next part soon.