Diana sat in silence on the blood red couch in the castle library. The only sounds were her pencil as she sketched, and the occasional flipping of pages from across the room. Every few minutes Diana would look up; her eyes scanning her subject momentarily before returning to what she sketched.

Though she did not usually sketch portraits anymore, Diana resumed the old habit for a special reason tonight. She wasn't exactly a bad artist; she had simply discovered there was nobody worth drawing or worth working for. But tonight... tonight she had found her muse in the least likely place; within her captor, Count Vladislaus Dragulia, the vampire lord.

It was not that he was particularly good looking- well she supposed he was rather good looking... but then again he was holding her within his Castle against her will... it made it a little difficult to fall for a heartless monster who held you captive. At any rate, Diana did not find her muse in the fact that he was good looking so much as in something he had said earlier; while they were discussing his curse.

Being a Vampire, 'Count Dracula' (as the locals called him) could not see his own reflection, nor could anyone else when looking at him through a mirror. So for however many years since he became a member of the undead, he had not seen what he looked like... when he spoke of it she could see a sadness in his eyes that made her wish she could help him remember days gone by... and that was what led her to this.

Slowly Diana finished the sketch, delicately finishing off the details of his elegant eyebrows and the shading of his dark blue eyes. She began to sketch out a few of the hairs that fell in front of his face with a smile as she remembered his habit of brushing them back.

"Count?" Diana wondered aloud as she continued with the finishing touches.

"Yes?" The vampire wondered as he looked up from the book he read.

"I was curious... do you ever feel that the memory of what you look like is fading? You have no pictures of yourself about the castle; do you not wish to see what you look like on occasion?" She didn't look up.

"I confess, I do get curious... why do you ask?" Dracula questioned as he arched an eyebrow. Where was Diana going with this?

"Come see." Diana invited him over in response.

In wonderment the vampire closed his book and stood, walking over to the still seated Diana. He stepped behind her and looked down at what she held in her hands with wide eyes filled with astonishment. "Is that... me?"

"I assume you have not changed so much so try not to be so surprised... but yes that is you as you appear now. I made it for you so that you may never forget what you look like ever again."

The vampire straightened up and cleared his throat, hiding the fact that he couldn't find any words to express his thanks. Instead of thanking her verbally he bent down and pressed a gentle kiss to her forehead before walking out of the room.

Diana smiled to herself, a little surprised but very pleased. She was glad she had found someone who appreciated her art so much.