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Ban looked on patiently as Kazuki tried to ease the car into third gear. The gear slid from second into first causing the car to slow down abruptly. Kazuki gritted his teeth silently, and stopped.

"Maybe I should just stick with automatic gears, Ban."

"Oh? Ito no Kazuki giving up already?"

"I'm not giving up, Ban. I've just had enough for today..."

Ban leaned over and planted a soft kiss on his lover's mouth.

"This reminds me of our first date, when you insisted on driving."

Kazuki blushed slightly at the memory. He had never seen the invincible Midou Ban look that scared.

"I was really nervous that day, you know."

Ban smirked. "Oh, you're not much better today."

"Maybe it's because I have such a bad teacher."

Ban's deep blue eyes took on a glint that could be mildly described as evil. "So, I'm a bad teacher, huh Yarnball?"

He leaned in close to Kazuki's ear and whispered, "I'll show you just how well I can teach."

Kazuki gasped slightly at the intensity of Ban's hot breath in his ear and his calloused palm moving under his shirt, rubbing his stomach. The hand slowly traveled south, causing Kazuki to bite his lip gently.

"Ban, I'm never going to learn with you distracting me," Kazuki managed.

Ban slipped his hand under the usual leggings Kazuki wore, rubbing him softly. "Hold the stick shift like this," he instructed between mouthfuls of Kazuki's long neck.

Kazuki complied, moaning softly.

"Now this is neutral..." Kazuki squirmed slightly at Ban's touch. "And this is how you take it to first, then second, and when you go to third, you do this." Kazuki pushed slightly into Ban's talented fingers.

Ban reached over with his free hand and turned the engine on. "Now start driving."

"Ban, I'm going to get us in an accident," Kazuki said between soft moans.

"You said I was your teacher, so listen to me, Kazuki. Just work the gears the way my hands are moving."

Frowning slightly, and fighting to keep focused, Kazuki went on the hardest drive of his life.


Kazuki was the first to enter the Honky Tonk. Paul, Ginji and Natsumi stared a little at his disheveled look as he greeted them a little too cheerfully.

Ban was the next to enter, with a smug smirk on his thin lips. "Hey guys."

"Heya Ban-chan! How was your drive today?"

Ban's smirk widened. "Great! Kazuki finally learnt how to use a manual today. I'm a good teacher, Itomaki, accept it."

Kazuki blushed deeply, looking down into the cup of coffee Paul had just poured for him. "Yes you are, Ban."


I got stuck writing my other story, and this kinda just popped into my head. This makes me want to do a series of one-shots revolving around various GB pairings. Yeah, I know it's overdone, but it's still a great way to relax from work-type writing (Funny, my other fanfic was supposed to be a break from my book). Back to writing now!