English is not my first language so be pity with me. Also I would love if someone could correct my grammatical mistakes...


Kevin and Lucy are married, but Kevin is in buffalo right now. His mother has cancer and he decided to be with her. Lucy wanted to go with him but she is courrently working on a project with Chandler for Pregnant Teenagers. She has really good news for Kevin but she wants to tell him personally not on the phone.
Jordan Gerrit(Since i can't remember if his name was every mentioned i made up one for him, yes, he is THAT Jordan) - he is widowed. Their house burnt down because of a wrong electric cable. He has twins and Lucy and Mary take care for them until he can get out of the hospital.
Okay, but Lucy and Jordan in the same house? It'S enough for gossip and most people think that there must be someting in gossips.

I think I still said too much, so I'll shut up and let you read the story...