May's Poem:
A Letter to Mommy

Mommy, Mommy, how are you? I hope that you are well.
I am a year older today and have so much to tell.
I know that you are busy, grandpa told me so today.
Still, I hope you can read this, if not, then it's okay.

You should see me now Mommy, I have grown so tall.
I know that when you left me I had been so very small.
But grandpa says that now I've changed, I even look like you.
And maybe if you could come home then you could see it too.

I wish that you were here Mommy, then you and me could play.
And if you met me, then maybe, you would want to stay.
But if you cannot make it, then I guess that it's okay.
Because I still will hope that you will make it home one day.

I hope that you're ok, Mommy, I hope that nothing's wrong.
Am I the reason that you left and have been gone so long?
I know that I'm not perfect, and I wish that I could be.
Then maybe you could find somewhere in your heart for me.

Are you happy where you are Mommy? Will leaving make you sad?
If so, then maybe you should stay, and even I'll be glad.
And if you found another little girl to play with there.
If she makes you happier, forget me, I won't care.

I wonder where you are Mommy, I wish that you were home.
Because without you I am sad and I feel so alone.
I know that you are busy and maybe you'll never care.
But if you ever make it back, just know that I'll be there.

By Zinovia H. Hatzipetros