We walk through the ages. We dance through time. Most of us were born commoners but some of us were born high. But we all have one thing in common. We cannot die.

I am immortal,

I have inside me blood of kings,

I have no rival,

No man can be my equal,

Take me to the future of you all.

A trench coat flapped weakly in the wind. She had been walking for days, trying to find a city. There had to be something around here. She had seen the ruins of ancient cities; cities that had once looked great. A gust of wind made her coat whip behind her, the only sound in this barren land.

A sound caught her attention. She turned to look back and saw a group of men riding towards her. She stayed where she was, not wanting to be suspicious (as if a woman alone wasn't suspicious enough). It was a small group, no more than fifteen or twenty, who rode towards her. Her quick and careful eye picked out the man who looked to be in charge of this group. His helmet was different from the rest as it had a plume of white hair on it. His spear was also different, but just a little.

The men rode up around her and stopped.

"Who are you, woman? Why are you here alone?" the man she had thought was the leader asked.

"I am alone because my two traveling companions have disappeared. I have been alone for four days now. Is there a city nearby that I might hope to find some word of my missing companions?"

The man dismounted. He strode up to her and looked down his nose at her. He was obviously highborn. Not that she cared as she was born from a noble family herself.

"The only city is the capital city and you would not be allowed in without being arrested as a spy."

"A spy?" she said, her anger rising.

"Yes. You are out here alone and without any man protecting you. Your clothes obviously mark you as an outsider and you have still not given me a name."

"You want a name. Fine. I am called Guin."

"What is the name of the land of your birth? Are you from Gondor? Or maybe, you are from Harad?"

"I am from neither place. I was born in England and raised in the highlands of Scotland."

"I have never heard of such places," the man said, turning to face one of his companions.

Guin couldn't hear what was said but the next thing she knew, the man was on his horse and she was being picked up from behind and thrown across the saddle of another horse.

"We will continue home."

Guin didn't struggle from her uncomfortable position but she really didn't care. All she needed to know right now was, where was their 'home'?