Author's Note: For those of you who don't know me, I usually write for the Transformers universe. This is my first attempt at a Stargate crossover. This story operates on the idea that the Transformers and Stargate SG-1 are in the same universe. The Autobots don't know about the SGC, and the people at Stargate Command know little to nothing about the Transformers. All they heard are stories, and they consider those stories to be only rumors. So, what would happen if one gate address leads to a Stargate on Cybertron?

Also, this story contains hints of slash. You know what that means, right? If you don't, let me explain. It means that I will be writing Jack and Daniel as a couple. You no like? Then you no read. Simple as that.

Disclaimer: I do not own Stargate SG-1, no matter how much I would like to. Nor do I own the Transformers. Ultra Rodimus, however, is my own creation. He belongs to me. By the way, is it Siler or Davis who operates the Stargate? I'm really not sure.

Cyber Stargate

Chapter 1: New Address, New Mission

Colonel Jack O'Neill tapped his fingers on the briefing room table, waiting for a certain archaeologist to arrive. Next to him, Major Samantha "Sam" Carter leaned back in her chair, staring at the open folder on the table in front of her. Across the table, Teal'c, the Jaffa, glanced up from his own folder. At the head of the table, General George Hammond shifted impatiently.

"Where is he this time?" the general asked finally.

"Last I saw he was still digging things out of his office, sir," Jack answered, still tapping.

"Will you please stop that?" Sam asked.

Jack glanced at her, then fisted his hand and stopped tapping.

For a few minutes, silence reigned. Then they finally heard the sound of running feet in the corridor, and Dr. Daniel Jackson hurried in, out of breath.

"Sorry I'm late," he gasped out, dropping into the seat beside Teal'c. "I lost track of the time."

"Now we can get started," General Hammond commented, looking at Sam.

Sam rose from her chair and walked over to the whiteboard that occupied one wall. "We have worked out the address of another gate, sirs. But this one is unusual. It is beyond the usual range for Stargates."

"Teal'c, do you know anything about this world?" Hammond asked, looking at the Jaffa.

Teal'c looked at the coordinates. "No, I do not. The Goa'uld avoided that sector of space. It has been said that no one who goes into that sector comes out alive."

"The System Lords are afraid of whatever is there?" Daniel asked.

The big Jaffa nodded.

"Then I think it's worth taking a look at," Jack commented. "Maybe they won't be so hostile to us. And someone the Goa'uld fear could be a valuable ally."

"This address is a red one," Sam added.

Everyone at the table knew what that meant. It did not come from the cartouche on Abydos, but from the databanks of the Ancients. The SG teams were going out to worlds with "red" addresses more often than not, hoping to find someone with the technology and the manpower to help in the fight against the Goa'uld.

General Hammond thought for a long moment. "Prepare a MALP. We'll see what it sends back before I decide whether or not to send a team through."

Half an hour later, the four members of SG-1 had gathered in the control room and were looking through the window into the gateroom. About a dozen techies were swarming around the boxy probe, preparing it for the trip through the gate. Finally, one of the techs signalled up to them, and the rest scurried out of the room.

"MALP is ready to go," someone announced.

"Open the gate," Hammond ordered.

Fingers danced across a keyboard. Below, the massive circular gate began to move, the inner ring rotating to bring the seven symbols of the address into place. When all seven were locked in, a burst of energy exploded out of the empty center, hung suspended in the air for a moment, then snapped back to form a glowing energy field that rippled like a vertical lake. The MALP rolled up the ramp and passed through the field.

"Probe is en route," the man at the controls reported. "Arrival in approximately ten seconds."

The probe arrived right on time. All eyes turned to the monitor as the first images came back.

"Am I seeing a metal plain?" Jack asked.

Daniel looked at the readings. "Apparently. From these readings, there is practically no organic life in range of its sensors. The air is thin but breathable, though it might smell funny. No life signs in sensor range. And those look like ruins."

Jack exchanged glances with the general. Both of them knew that Daniel would do just about anything to get at those ruins. And there would be no stopping him.

Hammond sighed. "SG-1, you have a go. Now go get ready."

Ten minutes later, the team assembled in the gateroom. Their camouflage clothes were grey instead of green, better to hide them against a background of grey and silver metal. They waited at a distance until the Gate opened, then walked up the ramp and stepped through the gate into the unknown.

To be continued...

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