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Cyber Stargate

Chapter 15: Working Together

The iris groaned as it spiralled open to let the Gate's blue-white glow fill the embarkation room. General Hammond waited at the foot of the ramp, waiting for the team to emerge. Selmac and Garshaw, who'd arrived some time after SG-1 had left, stood behind him.

The event horizon rippled. Then Jack O'Neill walked through the Gate. The rest of SG-1 and the Cybertronian ambassador followed.

"What on Earth happened to you?" Hammond blurted out, taking in torn and scorched uniforms and the faint smell of burned metal wafting ahead of the group.

"Apophis happened," Sam responded.

"You returned too quickly to have engaged in a battle, and your return was too calm," Garshaw noted.

"We did fight. Apophis also made a very big mistake. He tried to infest Roddy." Jack jerked a thumb at the tall Autobot human.

"He what!"

"Tried to put one of his parasites into Ultra Rodimus," Daniel repeated. "The key word being 'tried'. Ultra Rodimus, Falcon, and Magnus drove it out and Roddy killed it. Once it was out, Ultra Rodimus turned on Apophis and destroyed him."

The Tok'ra and the humans stared.

"He... destroyed..." Jacob repeated numbly.

"He did. The shot from his rifle completely vaporized him. Once we got out, he tore the ha'tak to shreds. I can understand why the Goa'uld fear the Transformers, and I think we can be very grateful they're on our side."

Ultra Rodimus looked at the stunned Tok'ra and gave them a chill smile. A large bruise discolored one cheek, and his braid was coming undone. Garshaw took a step toward him and froze.

"The parasite was inside him long enough to leave naquedah in his blood," Sam explained.

"But it is dead?"

"Unless it could magically escape the blast Falcon hit it with, then yes, it's very dead."

General Hammond shook himself slightly. "We have received a massive datafile from the Pentagon, which I assume contains all of the information about Cybertron and your people's interaction with humans. All of the information that was kept from us. We also got a call from...Metro-something, letting us know that the first shipment of weapons and armor is ready."

"That would be Metroplex," Ultra Rodimus corrected. "He's a Transformer of massive proportions... a very big robot. He transforms into a city."

"The city is a robot?"

"Yes. We may build one nearby, not a living city, but our own relay base, to keep in contact with you. Once Perceptor gets all of the bugs out of his shrink-ray, we may start going on more missions with you."

Jack grinned at the general. "Finally, an ally that actually helps."

Jacob glared at him.

"Down, boys!" Ultra Rodimus shook his head at them. "Heel!"

Both glares fixed onto him. He returned it with equal intensity until they looked away.

The first shipment arrived via courier four days later. The courier, an Autobot with a truck transformation, explained that their shuttles were in use elsewhere, and that he'd volunteered for transport duty to relieve boredom.

"What's the weather like in Oregon?" Jack asked, looking at the dusting of snow covering everything.

The Autobot snorted. "We got a lot more snow. So much we had to fit a snowplow onto Prime."

Daniel burst out laughing. "He must hate that!"

"He has a very colorful vocabulary," was the chuckled response. "When I left he was clearing out Metroplex's main courtyard, swearing in language fit to peel the paint off the walls. I don't think Magnus has stopped laughing yet."

"I don't blame him." Sam chuckled.

The new weapons and better armor gave the SGC a much-needed advantage when their teams ran into Goa'uld during their trips through the Stargate. Some of the worlds they visited were within shuttle range for the Autobots, so SG teams met up with them quite often. Their partnership freed dozens of worlds from Goa'uld control, and the Goa'uld began going well out of their way to avoid meeting either the SG teams or the Autobots they knew were never far behind.


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