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Author's Note; this entire story has been edited to match the events of Episode III. It therefore now contains several Episode III spoilers.

Damn his rugged good looks…

Leia strolled back and forth, disjointed thoughts running through her head, jumping at every sound, eyes flicking from the uneven stone floor to the smooth ice walls, putting great effort into both feigning a lack of fear and stopping herself from crying.

Why does he have to so stubborn? Running off like that. God, I hope that they're both alright…

Leia gave up the pretence of calmness as her head jerked up, desperately hoping for good news from the young captain. She noticed that she had been rubbing her hands together without realising. His superior glared at him and he lowered his voice. Leia sighed with a quiet sob that she refused to let anyone hear. Her emotions were clearly quite obvious to everyone.

The captain approached her and spoke reluctantly, "Your highness, there's nothing more we can do tonight. The shield doors must be closed."

Leia couldn't answer. She nodded forlornly as she kept her head firmly down. One of the captains ran off. She looked out as the doors began to slide shut with a juddering rumble. As she stared out at the cold dead wasteland, her world was silent. C3PO was saying something, but she couldn't hear it. Droids couldn't feel. They couldn't understand her pain. She walked away quickly, not looking back. She had to be alone right now.

Luke struggled onwards through the blur of snow in the biting cold. His face stung as it was assaulted with hail. He swayed and lurched in a random direction towards an unknown destination, walking because there was nothing else to do except die.

Luke staggered forwards a few more steps, faintly aware that he was probably walking in circles, before collapsing. He tried to rise, but his legs were cold and numb, and they refused to obey. The world spun in a swirl of white and shadow as Luke saw nothing but the ground, heard nothing but the wind, felt nothing but the cold. He closed his eyes and there was darkness.


For luck…


For luck…


The image of her face. The first time he saw her…

Who is she? She's beautiful…

Then the chasm…

For luck…

That single kiss…


He opened his eyes as fraction as the hail assaulted his face again, that voice, "Ben?"

Leia lay in her personal chambers, wrapped up in several covers, staring at the icy ceiling. Both of them. They both had to come back. But who had she cried for? Who did she care for?

The first time she saw him…

I'm Luke Skywalker. I'm here to rescue you…

The youth and innocence of his face. His integrity and good intentions were beyond doubt. That very first time he came though the door into her cell, she felt a… connection between them. The strangest feeling that they had a strong bond… an unspoken rapport. He was brave too, and a fine pilot, leading the attack on the Death Star and not just showing up late… like some people.

Not that she didn't care for Han. He was irritatingly handsome. But there was just wasn't the same connection as she felt with Luke. She had never felt any bond with anyone as strong as that elusive pervading feeling that she always sensed in his presence.

If only I'd…

It didn't matter now. Luke surely couldn't have survived. She'd always put it off. She'd do it tomorrow, she'd said to herself, then tomorrow there'd been a mission to plan or a signal to investigate or a new shipment of bacta canisters to distribute to station outposts.

If only I had another chance…

Leia's emotions were a mess. Luke was alive, and so was Han. Luke was recovering too, and she was finally allowed to see him. As she gazed at Luke from the other side of the medical bay, that strange familiar comforting feeling from his presence filling her body, she became aware of Han making another tactless advance.

As his arm slid around her shoulder with a smug grin, Luke shot a worried glance at the pair as Leia launched into a full tirade of abuse, "Why you stuck up!"

Stubborn, presumptuous, cocky…

"Half witted!"

How did he know that I don't find him wholly unattractive…

"Scruffy looking!"

Stupid good looking…

"Nerf herder!"

"Who's scruffy looking? I must have hit pretty close to the mark to get her all riled up like that, huh, kid?"

This is the perfect opportunity. Do it. Do it, do it, do it. If anyone asks, it's just to show up Han.

Leia strolled forwards with confidence, a mixture of anger and fear making her bold in her actions, but terrified inside, "Well I guess you don't know everything about women yet." She said with obvious bitterness. Without any further delay, she shot forwards, grabbed Luke's neck and pulled him towards her hard, kissing him deeply before he had to chance to pull away. Leia savoured the moment, timidly wondering if Luke was too.

She pulled away at length, suddenly terrified, and practically ran out of the medical bay, immensely relieved that a call for command staff had echoed through the base's frozen corridors.

Luke paced up and down the east passage, waiting to meet with Leia outside her chambers, as she had asked him to. It was already late. Most people had retired by now. His mind was hardly clear. The jubilation of a second kiss from Leia, just as perfect as the first, combined with the fear and horror of the Empire's advance. Luke closed his eyes for a second. Leia was behind him, at the far end of the corridor.

Why hasn't she said anything already?

Luke smiled. His connection to the force was hardly great, but he could still feel it, and he could always sense it radiating from her. It was warm and soothing. It was almost as if the force drew him to her. It was like Anakin's legacy with the force tied them together somehow. Luke frowned as an image appeared in his mind for a second.

Why did I just see myself floating almost naked in a tube?


"Leia, what is it?"

"Today. It made me realise just how dangerous all this is. How close to death we all are."


"Here we are on a dangerous planet, about to evacuate our entire force past the Imperial Fleet, constantly hounded by the Empire. I'm scared. I don't know how you do it all, fighting on the frontlines without fear. I envy you for that. You're… remarkable. I always fear that I might fail, or someone could be killed, or that the Empire could hunt us down. I don't want to be alone right now. I just want…"

Leia stepped forwards and grabbed Luke again, kissing him passionately, finding solace in his embrace, an escape from all her responsibilities and fears in his lips. Luke stood there awestruck. Leia, kissing him again, took his hand and led him forwards, and he followed without resisting. She breathed deeply and looked him in the eye, all her emotions and feelings that she had been hiding exposed for Luke to see and crush,

"Could you ever… love me?"

"I've always loved you."

Her hand trembling, Leia tapped a button and the door to her quarters slid open with a gentle hiss. Still holding Luke's wrist tightly, she led him into the darkened room, and the door snapped shut behind them.