"Brian" someone was yelling from behind him. He turned and there, standing right in front of him was the last person he expected to be there, Mia. It had been about a year since the heist Brian left, he had started to care a lot about them and when they found he was a cop they felt, mad, betrayed, and hurt, h had cared about all of them. But there was only one person he really cared about Mia. He was starting to fall in love with her when the heist had happened. When she found out he was a cop his whole world had started to fall apart, because by just looking at her face he knew she was going to leave him it had happed after everything was done.


She pulled him aside and told him that she hated him and never wanted to see him again. He said "I'm leaving anyways so I really don't care Mia I tried to gain your trust at first cause it was my job but then I just liked being with you guys. I felt like I had a family and I had started to fall in love with you and to tell you the truth I still am but I'm going to get over you one day I will love you but guess what I won't need you"."Ohshut up, stop saying these lies, you're not leaving, and even if you do you'll be back in day or so you love

Me you stop lying you can never hurt me, you love me and if you left you know you would hurt me I need you and you need me". Maybe that's what you think but I know that I won't come back to a heartless bitch you say you love me you didn't even try to understand what I'm going though all you can think about is yourself and no one else". As he took a breath he looked around everyone was standing there looking at him with pure shock written on they're face, no one thought he could talk like that to Mia, and they sure as hell didn't think Mia felt like Brian owed her his life and they sure didn't think that he thought of them as family. They now under stood why he had done what he had done it was his job he had to-do what they told him to do he couldn't just walk up to his boos and say no. Mia stood there looking at him, she looked like she was about to either cry or kill someone everyone thought it was the latter, everyone thought she was going to jump Brian and murder him right then. Leon and Dom barely had time to stop her when she jumped at him. I'm leave whether to like itornot so if you ever see me or try to find me leave me the hell alone" by the time he was done he has yelling. He went and grabbed his keys and started walking towards the door but then turned back" you guys don't know anything about me you thinkyouknow my reasons for this but you know nothing" as he said that he walked to the door and out it.

End flashback

"Mia what are you doing I thought I had told you the last time I saw you to leave me alone, are you here by yourself or are the guys with you" he really didn't want to see them. " I'm here with the guys, they're over there. They want to talk to you" "well I don't want to talk to them," he said as he got up and started to walk away "O'Connor' he heard some one yell as he turned towards the voice it was a friend he had met when he first came here she was short about5'6she had long black hair and blue eyes they had hit it off right away she lived only 2houses down from the one he brought when he got there so she always came over to his house they would watch movies and do a lot of stuff he would always fall sleep with her head on her shoulder "hey Chris" "what up bullit, who is she" "that's just someone I used to know back in LA" he didn't want to say girlfriend because he knew she was starting to like him and he was already in love with her and if she said anything it could mess that up. "well I was his...

Dose Mia say they dated dose she find out any ways or dose someone try to help Brian