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Lost without their leader and destined heiress to Amyranth. The Dark coven plan to resurrect Ciaran to put things back to how they were. When a vengeful Ciaran returns, he has only two things on his mind... to kill the link that severed his relationship with his daughter and turn Morgan back to the dark side or take her powers for himself.

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Morgan walked across the cemetery and knelt before her mother's grave, placing a bunch of lavender on the headstone, they were her favourite, she thought, wiping a lone tear from her cheek, she sighed.

She wished she had known her better. Morgan had always thought of her mother as an inconvenience, but that was the old Morgan, the Morgan before Hunter. Her father had blinded her from the world she really wanted to be a part of. Not the dark, magick and all-knowledge reins supreme – Amyranth world she had known so well. She knew no better, it was how she was raised.

It had been a year to this day, both her parents were gone and it had been a traumatic time. She now lived in her large home in Widow's Vale, Upstate New York, with Hunter, her brother Killian and Hunter's cousin Sky.

Morgan kissed her fingertips and placed it on the marble gravestone, "I love you" she whispered.

Rising to her feet, she brushed down the dirt on her black dress and turned to see her fiancée stood tall with a comforting smile on his face, he pulled his love into a short embrace and kissed her forehead, then took her hand as they walked to the car to take the short journey home.

To this day Morgan could never bring herself to visit her fathers grave. He had after all killed her mother, and besides she was so full of guilt, she had Killed Ciaran MacEwan herself, her own father, something she could never forgive herself for, no matter how evil he was, he was still her dad.

"Tea?" Hunter asked once they had walked through their front door.

Morgan nodded and headed to the bathroom. She looked into the Mirror. She still looked like the same old Morgan she always had, despite her redemption she wasn't going to give up her style... but now she thought it was time for a change. Studying her current look; the thickly applied make-up, a black dress that came up just above her knees and fish nets, her long hair that had been dyed black seemed to complete the gothic look. She needed to go shopping, jeans, sweaters, blouses, tank tops and t-shirts were what she needed, and not just residing in the colour; black either. She loved the length of her hair so vowed to keep it flowing down to her waist, but she decided upon buying a brown dye that was close to her natural colour.

Just then Hunter came in holding two steaming mugs of tea.

"Here you go love" he said handing her a mug, "what are you doing?" he asked

"This is not me" She said, "This is not who I am anymore, when I look at myself I just see the dark Morgan I used to be, or like some non-witch, witch wannabe"

Hunter smiled, "You look beautiful however you dress" he commented, "What were you thinking of?"

"I want to look... different"

"I could take you up to the shopping mall in an hour, I'll treat you" he smiled.

Morgan gave her husband-to-be a smile "Thank you" she said

The next day, Morgan admired her new look in the mirror, her hair was a medium brown and was loosely tied back in a hair tie, she had lightly applied make up and was wearing faded blue jeans, a white tank top with a plaid flannel shirt unbuttoned over the top.

Now she was a senior in high school and today was her first day back from the summer break, she grabbed her school bag and her car keys and headed for the kitchen, dumping her bag by the breakfast bar she put a pop tart in the toaster and pulled a can of diet coke from the fridge.

"Morning" Hunter lowered his newspaper and took a sip of his tea. Morgan went over and kissed his forehead, "You're running late again" he said

"Don't remind me"

"Little sis?" Killian walked through the door shocked to see Morgan in her new look

"Morning Killian" Morgan said between sips of her can, "Can't stop, I'm running late"

"Oh goddess it is you" he sounded relieved, "what happened? I thought you didn't want to change your style just because you changed your life"

"Well sometimes you just gotta go with the inevitable" she said, grabbing the pop tart that just jumped up from the toaster

"Well I like it" Sky said walking into the kitchen in her bathrobe, "Morgan, aren't you late?" Sky asked

"Dammit!" Morgan Cried,

Everybody grinned as she ran out the door to her car.

When she arrived, parked her amazing Porsche in the car lot, no one was around, she guessed they were already in homeroom, she ran to her homeroom, and as soon as she opened the door she heard whispers and several 'Oh my god!' and 'is that Morgan Riordan?' Now she may have changed, but she was still no push over

"Am I really the centre of attention?" she said in a fake tone, "Its so flattering to know how many people love and care about me"

"Whatever" droned Carla Grey, the captain of the pep squad, "We were just wondering why you turned up looking like trailer trash, makes a change from the wannabe witch look" the rest of the class laughed, all except, Bree, Robbie and Jenna, they knew better now.

Their coven was still going strong and Killian, Hunter and Sky had now joined, and they had decided to re-name it to give them a fresh start, to re-purify the coven, without knowing what it meant first, Raven chose Kithic, but surprisingly it stuck.

"Wannabe?" Morgan arched her eyebrows

"Take a seat Morgan, you're already late, no need to disrupt the class" said the teacher

What a great first day back, Morgan thought

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