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Morgan took a deep breath as she took a step onto the aisle she looked to her right and sighed, she longed for her true father to walk her down the aisle, and she looked at the front row in the seat her mother should be sat. The band sat to one side started their flutes and violins as she slowly walked towards the alter where the new high priestess of her mothers old coven (who took over until Morgan is ready) stood ready to start the ceremony.

The wedding was beautiful, set outside a huge marquee (which the reception is being held afterwards) in beautiful gardens, the sun shone down on Morgan and a smile spread across her face as Hunter turned to face her.

As the ceremony continued it came to the vows, which they had written themselves.

"Hunter would you like to start us with the vows?" Priestess Gillian Evangeline asked, he smiled and looked deep into Morgan's eyes.

"When we first met, we didn't exactly see eye to eye, but I knew there was something about you, you awoke something inside me and made me feel alive for the first time in my life. I love you more than words can say and I would do anything for you, if you asked I would reach up and pull all the stars from the sky for you, I'll love and cherish you in this life and every other life, you're my soul mate Morgan, your so special, there's no one like you, you're the woman I need and the woman I can't live without."

Morgan felt the tears fall from her eyes, "Morgan?" Priestess Evangeline asked,

"Hunter, I'm not so different from the other girls, I had the same dreams, a dream where prince charming would come and sweep you off your feet on his white horse and we'd ride into the sunset. And that's what you did, Hunter you're my prince; you swept me off my feet. You changed me, you made me a better person, a good person, and I feel warm and always loved. Everyday with you is like riding off into the sunset, and what I feel for you is touched by every fibre of my being, please never ride off without me, I couldn't live without you, I don't even want to try. I don't have much, but I promise that everything I am is yours, and always will be."

Priestess Evangeline smiled and tears crept into the eyes of the guests.

"It is my greatest of honours, to pronounce you, Hunter 'Giomanach' Niall and Morgan Riordan-McEwan, Princess of Belwicket, husband and wife, may your love live on forever. You may kiss your bride Hunter"

Hunter took his new wife into his arms, wrapping one arm around her waist and gently placing the hand of his other arm on the back of her neck he kissed her softly but passionately.

Three years later.

Hunter and Morgan broke apart from a kiss and playfully Morgan broke away from Hunter's embrace and ran through their garden, catching up to their two year old daughter Moira, who was crawling through a large fabric pipe in her play pen, meeting her from the opposite end, Morgan picked up her giggling, blonde-curly haired child with sparkling green eyes.

Hunter came over and wrapped his arms around their family, Hunter took the child into his arms and kissed Morgan on the cheeks, revealing the small bump of Morgan's stomach.

"What's that?" Hunter said in a light voice, questioning Moira, Moira pointed at the bump and giggled, "Baby!" she giggled then hid her eyes behind her eyes, then removed her hand again, "Peek-a-boo!" she giggled, Morgan smiled,

"It's your little brother, he'll be born soon!" Hunter told his daughter, "Pretty brown eyes!" Moira said as she touched Morgan's stomach.

Morgan smiled, "She's a seer, just like her mother" Hunter said softly, "If I recall correctly, she takes after her father, your Da's book of shadows said that you guessed the eye and hair colour of Alwyn before she was born" Morgan corrected, Hunter smiled.

"Baby coming sooner than you think!" Morgan said suddenly, "My water's just broke. Call Bree to take us to the hospital, she can look after Moira while we're there, hey Moira, you want aunty Bree to look after you at the hospital?" Hunter lowered Moira as he called Bree on his cell, Moira nodded and clapped, "Annie Bwee!" she said.

Several long hours later, Morgan and Hunter were still in the delivery room.

"Come on Morgan, just one last push, I can see his head, a beautiful head full with thick dark hair, come on push!" said the mid wife.

Morgan pushed as hard as she could, Hunter rested his arm on the pillow behind his wives shoulders and held her hand with the other, "Come on my love" he whispered into her ear, Morgan's hair so soaked with sweat and her face was red, "I can't!" she choked out, "You can, one more big one!" the mid-wife urged, "There we go! He's out!"

The mid wife clipped off the umbilical cord and took a bundle over to Morgan, "Here you go, Morgan, meet your son." She smiled as she passed him over, Morgan sobbed with joy, Hunter planted a kiss on Morgan's head, "Thank you nurse!" Hunter said to their mid-wife, "Thank you so much!" "No problem," she smiled, "Shall I bring Bree and Moira in?" the mid wife asked

"Please," Morgan

A second later the mid wife had left the room and Bree came in carrying Moira who was sucking her thumb, Bree handed her to Hunter and she went over to stand at the end on the bed.

"He's beautiful" Bree commented, "He's perfect," Morgan sobbed, "That's your brother!" Bree told Moira, "Hunter stroked his sons cheek with his finger and tickled his hand gently with it," "He's so tiny" Hunter said proudly, the baby took hold of Hunter's finger and held it in a grip, the baby's eyes opened revealing beautiful brown eyes, the proud parents smiled at their daughter

"Can I take a picture? Of you guys as a family?" Bree asked she didn't need an answer she took a quick snap, "What are you calling him?"

Morgan and Hunter looked at each other, "We like Aiden, it means fiery." Hunter said

"Moira and Aiden" Bree smiled "Moira is the spitting image of you Hunter but she has Morgan's nose and cheeks, Aiden has Hunters fine face structure but Morgan's eyes and hair colour is there."

Morgan looked at her husband, then smiled at her daughter and then looked down at her son, they were a family, and nothing could ever break this bond, and no one would ever dare try.