After a big break up, Kagome and Inuyasha go their separate ways, to different colleges for an acting degree. Five years later, they meet up and work on a movie together. Problems will arise, problems from the past, present, and future.

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This first chapter might seem awkward because of Kagome's character, but she will change later on.


Crawling in the Dark

Chapter One

"Please just don't play with me
My paper heart will bleed
This wait for destiny won't do
Be with me, please, I beseech you
Simple things, that make you run away
Catch you if I can"

- My Paper Heart by All American Rejects


Unaware of his surroundings, a boy zoomed his black Pontiac Firebird down the residential street, leaving nothing but a breeze in his tracks. He was late for school. As he got out of the car, he got glances and whispers from the girls who were nearby. However, he could care less about them. He swept his fingers through his hair.

Without even bothering to grab his books and backpack, he straightened his shirt and started walking towards school. It was a nice afternoon; Inuyasha took in the scent of the gentle spring air. Just as he was enjoying it, another scent caught his nose. Inuyasha smiled, "Kagome!" He waved to a girl who had on a heavy backpack. Her long, wavy black hair was tied into a neat ponytail. She wore a simple t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers.

Kagome turned her head around to face the guy yelling her name. She looked up at him. It was Inuyasha. Biting her lips, she forced herself to stay. Why did she ever get involved with him?

Inuyasha studied her face, she looked different today. Usually, she was a cheerful, selfless girl, but now… "What's wrong?" he tried asking.

"I…" the girl tried. She then took in a breath, "they're mad."

Immediately, Inuyasha knew what she was talking about. "Then, let them be mad." He said gently, putting his hand on her shoulders. He was not the type to be with Kagome. Everyone knew it, he even knew it. He was the guy that everyone wanted in school, yet, he chose her, an average girl. No one liked her because of this.

Kagome diverted her eyes to the ground, "Look, Inuyasha…" Ever since she started dating him, she lost respect of many of her so-called friends. Although she liked him a lot, she couldn't handle all the pressure. It was only high school. "I don't think I could go like this anymore." She finally raised her head, her eyes met his. She meant it.

Inuyasha's eyes widened, it was the first time a girl tried breaking up with him. He thought he heard it wrong "What do you mean?" He asked carefully.

Kagome started again, being very careful at her words, "I mean, I don't think we should…" She then looked at her surroundings; many people were hanging around, listening intensively. "We're making a scene, let's go somewhere quieter." She grabbed his hand and led him to an empty spot behind the building.

Before she could continue, someone cut in. "Let me finish this for you, I don't think we should go out anymore," she mocked, but her voice was bitter.

Inuyasha took in a breath, the day was getting worse. He shouldn't have come to school in the first place. "Kikyo, what are you doing here?" he tried as calmly as possible.

"Inuyasha, baby, I still don't understand why you ditched me for a girl like her." She said, straight to the point. Kikyo looked at Kagome in disgust, and then crossed her arms.

Inuyasha couldn't believe what she said, what nerves. Was he really causing that much trouble? "Kikyo, that was the past."

The girl was not giving up easily. She used a finger and twirled her straight black hair. Her sharp features turned soft. "But we were meant for each other," She nearly whispered.

Kagome couldn't handle it anymore. Ever since she started going out with him, everything went wrong. "Inuyasha, I'll call you." She turned around and walked away.

Kikyo scoffed, "She obviously doesn't like you like I do." As Kagome walked towards the building, Kikyo made one last remark, "Did you see what she was wearing? I bet her mom still picks out her outfit."

"Kikyo," Inuyasha didn't know what to say, he was surprised enough about Kagome, "Just stop." He immediately got back into his car and drove away, school was not important. Truthfully, he never even came to school that much until he started dating Kagome, maybe seeing her was a mistake.


Sitting uncomfortably in his couch, Inuyasha awaited for Kagome's phone call. He was nervous for the first time in a while. Why was he feeling this way? As much as he hated to admit, Kagome meant something to him. Why couldn't he just like someone else? Kagome Higurashi, a smart, quiet girl. There was something wrong with him.


He knew who it was, but wanted to act more naturally, so he waited a few more rings before picking up. "This is Inuyasha."

"Um…hey Inuyasha, it's Kagome." A voice on the other line said grimly.

Immediately, Inuyasha cut in and asked, "Hey Kagome, what was up?" Although, he knew deep down what it was. Inuyasha just wanted to make sure he heard everything right and he was not making it up in his head.

"We can't do this anymore. I just…we…" Kagome struggled with her word choice.

Inuyasha sighed, "You called to break up with me, right?"

"Right." Kagome sighed too.

There was a moment of silence, for neither knew how to continue. It was over, what else was there to say. Inuyasha asked, "Why?"

"Because Inuyasha, we weren't meant for each other, I mean everyone hates me while they love you." Kagome tried to explain.

"You don't have to get everyone to love you so you can date me."

"But," Kagome tried to explain once again, "I guess you can say it's called peer pressure."

"Then what's so 'peer pressure' that you want to break up with me?"

"Don't you get it?" She didn't want to do this, but it was the right thing.

"No, would you care to explain?" Inuyasha challenged.

Kagome took in a deep breath "When we started this whole…relationship, at first I thought you were using me, but I went along with it, and then we grew closer and closer and I actually liked you. I remember one day I asked you why you wanted me, and not anyone else, you ignored me. That tore me apart, because if somebody really liked you then they wouldn't care about who knew."

She paused, a tear slip down her face, "But you still did, at school the next few days, you avoided me and the topic. I thought about this and you know what I think? You were really using me; I can't believe I fell for it."

"Do you know what Kikyo told me?" Kagome started.

Inuyasha took in a breath, "If you're breaking up with me because of Kikyo, I didn't know you could be so stupid."

"Stop it with your attitude; you know what she told me? You were in drama the first place to make fun of me. Is that true?"

Inuyasha froze, it was true, but what was he supposed to say?"

"Right, I knew she wasn't lying, because the liar is you. So it's over, ok? Bye!" Kagome slowly hung up the phone, she finally got her feelings out, but it didn't feel very good.

Inuyasha put his phone down onto his desk, how could she think this way? After all he did for her? Was this really the end? Questions hung in Inuyasha's mind like hooks. She didn't even give him a clear answer. Instead, she blurted questions back at him.

After thinking for a long time, Inuyasha decided to go to her house and apologize. But apologize for what, that, Inuyasha still had to figure out. He just didn't want to lose her just like that. He barely got to know her. It was too sudden.

He drove silently for about five minutes before he reached her house. Once there, he got out of his car, took a deep breath, and approached the door. He knocked, there was no answer.

Desperately, he knocked again. After a long time, the door was opened, and it was Kagome.

"Look…" He started.

"Inuyasha, didn't I tell you it's over?" Kagome's face was a little bit red and puffy; Inuyasha could tell she was crying, so if she was crying why did she break up with him in the first place?

"But I want to explain." He desperately tried again.

"Over means over, what part of that do you not get?" Kagome raised her tone.

"What part did I do wrong?"

"Every part."

"Can I say I'm sorry?" It was the first time Inuyasha sincerely tried to apologize. Kagome froze, she fell silent. She then closed the door. Inuyasha slammed his fist into the wall, why did this happen?


Kikyo snickered from her window. She was the neighbor of Kagome. Everyday, she would see him go to her house, or the other way around, same thing. Now it was finally over. She could have him all to herself again.

What did Inuyasha see in her anyways? That ugly girl. She was much better than that nobody, Kagome, and they had dated for a year.

They dated until Inuyasha was in "The Winter Sonata", a local play, with Kagome. And from that day on, Inuyasha ignored her and visited Kagome, then, right after winter break, he broke up with her. What a shame.


Inuyasha lay on his bed, thoughts were running through his mind; he was recalling memories from the past. His conversation with Kagome still rang in his head. She caught him, Inuyasha was afraid she would find out. He did want to disgrace her, but that was a long time ago, couldn't she forgive him? Things changed; his feelings towards her changed.

It was the day of The Winter Sonata; he could see all his friends, Kouga, Miroku, Sango, and Kikyo waving at him, giving him a grin. He grinned back and they all snickered. He was about to humiliate Kagome in front of the whole school. Kikyo had her camera ready.

Inuyasha ended his flashback. He couldn't think of that day, that day when everything went wrong.


Kagome sat at her desk, trying to do her homework. Although her pen was not working, her mind wandered off, she could not stop thinking of Inuyasha.

"I have to stop thinking." She said to herself, shaking her head. She sighed and kept persuading herself, "I did the right thing."

But did she do the right thing? She liked him, she really did. But the problem was if he liked her. She didn't want to put herself down; she didn't want to get hurt. Kagome put down her pen and fell into her bed, thinking.

"Kagome, you don't like me do you?"

"Do I make it look obvious?"

"Please, just give me a chance."

If only she had not given him a chance, then everything would still be fine.

She sighed and started flipping through her yearbook. This was the first time she noticed that every picture seemed to have Inuyasha in it. Of all the pictures Inuyasha was in, half of them were with Kikyo and the other half were with his friends. There was not a single picture with her.


And that's the end, for now…

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