"Have a good day at work, honey." Kari Takashi kissed her husband goodbye.

"You too, Kari. See you tonight." TK walked out the door. Kari closed the door and sighed with relief. He didn't suspect a thing. She was hoping that she would be able to get a few minutes to herself before she had to leave, so she had kind of rushed him out, but luckily he hadn't noticed. She went to the closet and pulled out her grocery bag. Then, off to the bathroom. Following the instructions on the box very carefully, Kari tested herself. Pink, she thought, positive. She disposed of the paper and walked slowly into the hallway.

"Kari? What are you still doing home?" Gatomon had come out of the bedroom she shared with Patamon.

"Gatomon..." Kari leaned against the wall and let herself slide down it until she was sitting on the floor, "I'm...I'm pregnant!" Kari burst into tears.

"Kari? Why are you crying? Isn't this a good thing?" Gatomon tried to comfort her partner.

"It's a wonderful thing!" Kari sobbed.

"Then you should be happy."

Kari sniffed and gave her a small smile. "I am happy. Just... a little surprised."

"Does TK know?"

"Not yet."

"When are you going to tell him?"

"Tonight, I suppose." Kari sighed, her breath uneven. Just then Patamon walked out.

"Good morning Gatomon. And Kari?"

"Kari's having a baby." Gatomon said, as if it were no big deal. Patamon's eyes grew wide, and he looked panicky.

"But then that means..."


"No!" Patamon started flying around in circles. "I'm not ready! You're not ready! We're not ready! I- how could you?" Patamon came to a stop and glared at Kari, who sat uncomfortably.

"Uh, sorry?" Kari had no idea what was going on.

Now it was Patamon's turn to look uncomfortable. "You didn't tell her yet?" He hissed at Gatomon, trying to ignore the fact that Kari was watching them suspiciously.

"I didn't have a chance." Gatomon looked to Kari. "You see Kari, when a digidestined is going to have a baby, their partner is automatically 'fertilized' too. Once a digimon chooses another digimon to be their partner, all of the female's eggs are fertilized with the male digimon's sperm. These eggs lay dormant until the human partner has a baby."

"The digimon's baby is the human baby's partner." Added Patamon.

"You sound like you're teaching a biology class." Said Kari, "So then, Gatomon's pregnant too?"

"Not pregnant. Fertilized." Gatomon corrected. "The egg should be here in a few days."

"Oh my gosh. This is way too much to take in at one time." Kari slumped.

"Well, you better take it in quickly." Said Gatomon, "You're late for work."

"I'd better call in sick. I don't think I could work after I just found out that I'm carrying a tiny life form along with me."

"When she says it like that it makes me glad that we come out of eggs." Said Gatomon as Kari went to the phone.

Kari was in bed most of the rest of the morning with morning sickness. Gatomon and Patamon tried to help out any way they could.

"Maybe you should call Joe. He's a doctor." Patamon suggested as Kari was making lunch.

"He couldn't help me. He doesn't work with pregnancy. Besides, I want TK with me on my first doctor's appointment." For the rest of the day Kari made a nice dinner and got ready to break the news to her husband.

TK walked through the door, arms full of bags. "Hey Kari, I stopped by the store and... Uh oh." He spotted the table, which was set with their best plates. "The good plates. Is it our anniversary? Not that I forgot or anything," he giggled nervously, "In fact, I bought you a present! It's a..." he dug through one of the bags, "Box of Kleenex?"

"You are a horrible liar." Said Patamon.

"It's not our anniversary."

"Phew. For a minute there I thought tonight was special."

"But I thought that every night was special when we were together." Kari said in a hurt voice.

"Of course it is. I meant that I thought that it was more special- I mean, you had out the good plates, so-

"You're in big trouble now." Gatomon said.

"Well, normally, he would be, but I can't tell him the news if we're not on speaking terms, so I forgive him."

"Hmm... was there ever a time we weren't on speaking terms?" TK said to himself, "There was that one Thanksgiving...No, we- Wait. What news?"

"Well, I'm having a baby." TK stood there, eyes wide and popping, and his jaw was dropped. He stayed like that for several seconds.

"Say something, Daddy." Kari was on pins and needles waiting to see what her husband's reaction would be.

"Honey," TK finally got a grip, "this is GREAT!" Kari let out a sigh of relief. "When did you find out?" asked TK.

"Just this morning. I stayed home from work, I was so shocked."

"There's more," Patamon added, "I'm going to be a father too."

"What?" Kari and the digimon proceeded to explain about the egg.

"Wow, Patamon, I can't believe there are going to be two new additions to the family." TK finally said. "It all seems so sudden."

"Well, you've got nine months to get used to the idea." Kari answered. "Then we'll be parents."

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