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I looked down at the waking Nori on my chest. I think he fell asleep sometime during the second half of the basketball game on TV, but now he was looking up, blinking his big blue eyes at me. Kari had him dressed in baby-blue footie pajamas, and had mentioned this morning that he had looked "soooo cute" in them. I think that for once, my wife was wrong. Nori looks "soooo cute" whether he's wearing baby-blue footie pajamas or not.

Nori looked toward the door and started squirming. I followed his gaze to see Patamon and Gatomon pushing their baby in a miniature, old-fashioned pram. I could almost picture Gatomon in a big poofy dress with a matching umbrella and Patamon in a top hat. The image made me chuckle, and Nori squealed happily as my chest shook. He started reaching out for the digimon, and I put him on a blanket that was on the floor. Gatomon did the same with their baby, and Snowporomon bounced over to Nori, where he received a bear hug from the four-month-old. Kari raced in the room at once with her camera (I swear, she can smell these Kodak moments from a mile away) and began clicking, exclaiming about how it, too, was "soooo cute."

The doorbell rang. Kari answered it and said, "Well it's about time you came to visit!"

"Yeah, Yolei!" I agreed. "I mean, you've already been home from the hospital for a full two days!"

"Ha ha ha." She said, making her way into the house, the digimon and Ken following her with their new son in his arms.

"Hello, Osamu!" Kari cooed. "We've been waiting for you! Oh, Yolei! He is soooo cute!"

I wonder if it's possible for my wife to say the word 'so' with only one 'o.'

"Yep!" Yolei beamed. "Just like his daddy is!" She smiled at Ken.

He smiled back. "No. Just like his uncle was." He cradled the Child of Compassion, then came to sit by me on the couch.

"Man!" he said. "My arms are killing me!" He looked at Nori on the floor. "But Nori's got to be at least twenty pounds more."

"Not quite. But he has grown a lot."

"Yeah. Man, I love them this small."

"I know. But it'll be fun to see them grow up to become little people."

"Little people are fine, but I am not looking forward to the teenage years. I'm afraid of Sam becoming some kind of rebel!"

I was suddenly filled with an awkward vision of a sixteen-year-old, pierced eyebrow, green Mohawked Nori trying to convince Kari and I to call him "N-Dawgg." I shook the picture from my mind and said, "You're just being paranoid. Besides, that's a long way from now. He's only, what, five days old?"

"Yeah. Born on June 21st."

The doorbell rang again and Kari opened it to reveal Izzy, Mimi, Tentomon and Palamon on our porch. Everyone exchanged hellos and Mimi and Izzy both went to do their favorite things: Izzy set up his laptop on our coffee table and Mimi started complaining.

"I'm soooo fat!" She whined. There are those four 'o's again.

"Mimi, you're pregnant!" Kari said, using the same voice that I used on Kari a few months ago.

"And you're not that big!" Yolei agreed. "Just wait a couple months more; then you'll be blimp size!"

"Not helping." Mimi said grumpily and flopped down on the couch. Just then, Izzy's laptop screen began to glow, and spat out several light radiant objects. I watched, intrigued, as Palamon caught them and brought them to Mimi, then to her egg, then back to Mimi. Izzy stood up beside Mimi. She held the crests for a moment.

"Curiosity." She said, then, "Faith." She leaned back, obviously pleased with herself, then snapped forward as she realized what had happened.

"Two…" she breathed, then grabbed poor Izzy by the collar and pulled him face to face with her. "There's two!" She yelled, and began shaking him violently. "Why the heck are there two?" Kari and Yolei giggled and took Osamu as Ken and I went to pry Izzy from Mimi's death grip.

"Wow. Twins." Muttered Kari.

As a mother, I cannot express my feelings for my son in words. I'm not creative enough. Hardly anyone is. But every time I gaze into Nori's eyes, I am reminded of one author who came very close. Tillie Olsen wrote the story, As I Stand Here Ironing about a young mother's thoughts of her daughter:

"She was a beautiful baby. She blew shining bubbles of sound. She loved motion, loved light, loved color and music and textures. She would lie on the floor in her blue overalls patting the surface so hard in ecstasy her hands and feet would blur. She was a miracle to me…"

So goes the excerpt. And when I watch Nori play with his father, TK bouncing him on his leg, I realize how true this is, and the only thing I can do is thank God for this beautiful gift He has given me, and thank Him for the fact that He only gave me one gift.

"I never bargained for two!" Mimi screamed.

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