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Hungary, 1862

It was a late-autumn morning, Agnes was in the west-wing of the Desewffy-mansion in Nádudvar, in her room. It was rather small, compared to the size of the mansion, furnished with carwed, wooden furniture, the walls covered with bourdon wallpaper. Nothing really showed that the room belonged to somebody, she didn't have time to make it homy in a month's time: there were only few books on the shelves, and the cupboards were half-empty as well. Agnes was just putting her empty gripsack upon her bed, when her father stepped into the room.

„What is it, that I hear? You're leaving again! You came home barely a month ago! I haven't heard of you for three years, lest the letters you wrote, and you leave me all alone again!"

said Peter Desewffy, the lord of the mansion, entwining his arms, looking at his daughter reprovingly. Agnes lifted her head, while searching under her bed. Her father looked just like when she left her home 3 years ago.

„ Grey trousers, white shirt, long, Bocskai-coat. Father really hasn't changed a bit!" she thought, then stood up, and stepped to her father.

„ So I guess you heard some gossip, haven't you? But I assume that the servants didn't mention where I was going, right?" asked Agnes in a nippy tone „ But how would they know!"

Agnes was wearing a long black skirt with leather boots, black Bocskai-coat, a crimson vest and a white blouse. Lord Peter fancied her beautiful face, deep, always-curious brown eyes, along with her wavy brown hair, which cascaded down to her waist, and glimmered with a hint of red, as the October sun shone upon it. Despite what others thought of her, he was very proud of his daughter. She was more than non-conventional, both in beauty and nature. Even now, in the safety of her home, she was heavily armed with her Catana sword, and her dagger, both hanging from the leather belt around her hip.

Agnes was looking lovingly at his father's old and wrinkled face, lively grey eyes, and grizzled hair. This image had always accompanied her wherever she went.

„ I got Elizabeth's letter this morning" continued Agnes " She asked me to join her in Borszék, she's there at the moment in her fiancé's summer castle as long as she's having her wedding-gown sewn."

She went to the table and took the letter from it, gave it to her father, and went on with the packing.

„Your sister has always had her ideas! Although the wedding will be only 3 weeks from now! I can't go with you right now, I have to be in Pozsony."

" I have seen no representative of the parliament, who would be more concerned about his job than you, but you will only need to get there for the wedding."

„ Well, somebody must stand up for the rights of the lesser-nobles in the parliament, I can't get the situation get any worse. Do you really need to go today?"

„ I'll travel by horse, and be there in a few days. During the nights I shall sleep in the barn of a farm, and then...."

„Alright, wait a minute!" interrupted Lord Peter „I'd rather you travelled by a stage-coach instead."

„ Oh my, father, you know I have always travelled by horse with the master as well, it's no trouble"

„The master again! If I knew you wouldn't come home for 3 years, I would never have let you join that man from the East!"

„ Come on, father! The master is a good man, you know that as well. During those three years, I learnt more form him, than during the 12 years of school! „ said Agnes, as she was squeezing a heavy brown bag into her gripsack.

„When I said, that I wanted to raise you and Elizabeth in a liberal spirit, this was not exactly what I meant! If you only knew how many times I have regretted letting you go!" siad Lord Peter with a sigh. Agnes strapped her gripsack, then stepped to her father and hugged him.

„ I became educated and I've seen the world. Surely I will get along somehow." said Agnes and looked and her father, making a funny face, and raising her eyebrow.

„Well, all this is mighty fine, but who will marry a noble lady who is wearing a sword, and two daggers?"

„One dagger." said Agnes sturdily.

„And the one in your boot?" asked Lord peter.

„ Alright, but how did you know that? Oh, never mind" Agnes smiled and shook her head.

„Look father, I promise you that if I find a man that I grow to love and can protect me, I will put my sword down. But until that, I can only rely on myself if I step over the doorsill, and leave our estate"

said Agnes, with glimmering eyes

„ I'm really proud o you, my little lady, you remind of the legendary warriors, who the myths of old times talk about. But I'd still want you to take the stagecoach to Transylvania.

„ Father, you're so stiff!" laughed Agnes, and she left her father's embrace and grabbed her package „Alright, but I need some money for that, I would not pay for the coach and the inn, if it was for me!"

„ I'm a representative in the Hungarian Parliament, you think I cannot pay for your journey?" asked Lord Peter sardonically, and gave a pouch of money to his daughter. Agnes put her hat on, which was decorated with the tail feathers of pheasants.

„ Fine, then tell Szabolcs, we're going to Debrecen, I want to catch the afternoon stagecoach!"

Lord Peter ordered the postillion to get the newly bought cart, and be ready to leave in half an hour. At the given time Szabolcs was waiting for Agnes at the main entrance of the mansion.

„ You're leaving again, my lady?" asked Szabolcs, and greeted Agnes with a warm smile, while getting of the coach-box. „Is it so boring here?"

Agnes smiled back at him. The postillion was in his fifties now, but he had been serving her family since her childhood, and witnessed all her childhood pranks.

„I'm going to Transylvania to visit my little sister. But I'll be home sooner this time. I promise!" Lord Peter got outside as Szabolcs was putting Agnes' package on the coach.

„ I wish you a pleasant journey, my darling, take care!" said Lord Peter, hugged his daughter, and kissed her forehead. He looked down at his daughter with a smile, and asked

„You're still wearing your mother's necklace, aren't you?"

„I would never take it off" said Agnes, and pulled a silver chain from under her blouse with a beautiful gem hanging upon it. It was a fine piece of art; silver leaves surrounded six crystals, which formed a star.

„ She would be just as proud of you as I am now. You really look like her, you know? Although in nature you resemble your grandmother. I will miss you very much."

„Come on, we'll see each other in 3 weeks. And you have to be there, whatever happens in Pozsony!" said Agnes with a smile.

„ What a glib tongue our little lady has!" laughed Lord Peter „ Go now, before I get angry. But don't make a manhunter of your sister by the time I get there!"

„Come on daddy, I'm no manhunter! But come to think of it..." laughed Agnes, making a funny face at his father. Lord Peter let his daughter go, and Agnes hurried down the stairs, and sat in the coach.

„ Send a letter to Elizabeth that I'm on my way!" shouted Agnes from the window of the coach.

Szabolcs commanded the horses to set off, and they left the Desewffy estate in a comfortable gallop.

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