Hi. I thought of this while on my way to Del Taco (fast food restoraunt in San Diego) to buy dinner. Mmm... dinner. It's a short fic about 3 titans reflecting on their betrayel... and the traitor hersefl's feelings. Because of the new document manager, this may not be what I had originally typed, in the sense that the spacing isn't showing up. Why the hell did they do that to the manager?! Ah, well. It's all good. No it isn't. Now.... read the damn thing. Go Raiders!!!

I was betrayed.
Betrayed by my comrade, my ally... my friend.
She abandoned us, turned her back on us... she tossed us aside like we were nothing.
We offered her a home... she offered us lies.
We offered her friendship... she offered us pain.
We gave her our secrets... she gave us betrayel.

I was betrayed.
Betrayed by someone I trusted.
One whom I opened my heart to.
She was my friend.
She was my love.
I was her pet.
I offered her my heart... and she crushed it in her palm.

I was betrayed...
Betrayed by my friend.
I didn't like her.
But I trusted her.
And she took him away from me.
I offered her solace... and she tried to murder me.

I was betrayed.
Betrayed by the ones I trusted.
Betrayed by the one who I loved...
I thought they were my friends.
I thought I could trust them.
But they lied
He lied.
I thought I could trust him.
I thought I could confide in him.
And he said he'd be my friend forever.
But he lied...

Slade was right... you don't have any friends...
And he will pay.
They will pay.
I will hunt them.
I will kill them.
I will stand over their broken bodies and I will be victorious...
And when the dawn comes the people will flee...
For I am the hunter...
And they are my prey.

'EY!!!! How'd ya like it? Not what I originally intended... but I think I got it done nontheless... You can guess whos thoughts they each are. Bye!