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Chapter 13 Fragments of Divinity

There are moments in Eternity that are the entirety of Existence seems to pause.

A moment when all of Time stands still, when the Universe holds its breath.

Such was the moment when Harry Potter was finally reunited with his friends.

Ginny and Ronald Weasley, Hermione Granger, and Remus Lupin gaped unblinkingly, unable to look away. Even Albus Dumbledore could not tears his eyes away, and barely managed to hold his own surprise. Though he had expected, nay, hoped desperately that the Boy-Who-Lived was alive, it was still a shock.

The Guardian, Lily watched warily, pure ivory sword glimmering in the morning sun.

The epicenter of this moment was the Creator, the mad god-boy, Harry James Potter. For a moment, he stared at the newcomers with apprehension. But then, his eyes came unfocused, and memories, buried by madness, surface, jumbles of words and phrases that meant nothing and everything.

"... this is Ron, our brother."

"I'm Hermione Granger, by the way, who are you?"

"Ginny, my sister. She's been talking about you all summer."

"Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!"

"Professor R.J. Lupin."

Fiery red hair, bushy brown hair, pure white hair with twinkling blue eyes, brown eyes, gray eyes, blue eyes...

It was too much, too fast, an fragments of dreams and lifetimes burning into his mind, searing his vision.

He fell to the ground, overwhelmed.

Screams of concern and fear ripped the air apart, and three teens rushed towards the fallen god. However, a vicious hiss and a metallic clang cleaved the air in front of them, and Lily's ivory blade blocked their way.

"You will not harm the Creator." She whispered softly, but firmly.

Raising his hand appealingly, Dumbledore said softly, "We only wish to help him."

For a moment, the angel studied him curiously, weighing him, gauging him. After another moment, she nodded, and pulled her sword back. "I will be watching." Lily said quietly, and folded her wings behind herself.

After a few minutes, Harry stirred, his eyes creeping open slowly. "Moth- Lily..." He corrected halfway, unconsciously.

The Guardian knelt at his side. "What is it, master?" she asked concernedly.

"What happened?" the Creator murmured, staggering to his feet. His eyes caught sight of the newcomers, and soft breath escaped his lips.

A word formed... "Friends..."

Nodding feverently, Hermione nearly shouted hysterically, "Yes Harry! We're your friends!"

Nearly falling backwards, Harry held his head in one hand. "I... I don't remember. The memories are there... but its all fuzzy..." After a moment, he straightened. "We... we should talk somewhere else."

"Nice... place you've got here, Harry." Ron said nervously, glancing about the ominous jungle beyond them.

"Not here... s'dangerous." the Boy-Who-Lived murmured, waving his hand in the air, closing his eyes. His mind reached out, and grasped hold.

Collective gasps chorused as a large, at least three meter wide and long stone platform soared into the air from the jungle horizon, and placed itself, hovering, in front of them.

Harry stepped on, glancing at them. "You coming?"

Deep within the fortress of Death, a demon raged.

Bellatrix Lestrange lay prostrate, screaming untold pain as the Dark Lord tortured her mercilessly. She sobbed in anguish, managing short, loud shouts of apologies.

His temper unappeased, Lord Voldemort backhanded her with his artificial arm, sending her toppling to the floor. The dark power within the arm was hungry, chanting in fevered pitch, desiring Bellatrix's death.

But he let her live, grudgingly, knowing that he had none to replace her position in the circle. To take away a loyal servant this early in the game was unwise.

At the very least, she came away with knowledge of an island where that damned Angel roosted.

"Marshal my Death Eaters. We strike soon." Lord Voldemort hissed. "Now leave me."

Still sobbing in anguish, Bellatrix Lestrange crawled away.

"Bloody hell... what is this place?" Ron muttered, glancing at the floating castle in undisguised awe.

Harry smiled, sweeping his hand to encompass the structure. "My creation... my fortress."

"It's... impressive." Remus said slowly, jaw still open.

"How do we get inside, Harry?" Hermione asked, searching the flying fortress for any openings where the stone platform could dock.

"Just wait." The Creator continued smiling, as he closed his eyes. Soundlessly, a large, spherical hole opened itself in the once solid stone wall of the structure.

"That's not possible!" Hermione protested, turning towards her once lost friend.

Harry smiled insanely. "Anything is possible for me..."

Harry ushered them into a small dining hall, one he rather liked for its homey feeling. "We can talk here." He paused, and glanced at them. He had never served guests. "Do you want anything?"

"Some food." Ron said immediately, causing a ripple of laughter with the others.

"A drink would be nice." Remus admitted, taking a seat.

Nodding, the Creator pushed his will into the stone, and within moments, the liquid-like stone placed a plate of fruits and a tray of drinks on the table.

"How... how did you..." Ginny stuttered disbelievingly.

"This place... all of it, is mine. My will directs it." Harry replied calmly, grabbing one fruit and biting in. "It's quite good." He assured them.

Dumbledore finally spoke. "Harry... what do you mean it's yours?" he asked slowly, half knowing the answer already.

Glancing at him, the boy-god said simply, "I created it."

"Ah. That's what I suspected." The Headmaster nodded, leaning into his chair. "Do you... understand these powers?"

"What powers?" Hermione demanded, not liking the fact she had no idea what was going on.

"Mister Potter has manifested a most rare and... some might say, divine power." Dumbledore explained, sampling one pale yellow fruit. He smiled. "That is quite good Harry."

"Potter?" Harry asked, confused.

The Headmaster's eyebrow raised itself to an almost unbelievable height, while everyone else coughed and glancing at their once lost savior in disbelief. "That's your last name, Harry." Hermione said, almost pleadingly, begging him to remember.

A spike of pain drove itself into the mind of the Creator, but he blinked it away. "Ah." He paused, and glanced at Dumbledore. "You know what my power is?"

"To a certain degree, yes." The old man replied. "I will explain. What Mister Potter wields is the power of Creation, true creation, not conjuring, not transfiguration. He can create new objects by merely willing them into being. Documented accounts of this ability are rare, most exist as oral legends, and none in these past millennia." The Headmaster paused, glancing at the stunned faces of his companions.

"Creation magic?" Hermione asked skeptically.

Dumbledore shook his head. "No, this is not magic. This is beyond magic... this... it is like wielding one of the fragments of divinity, a piece of the inferno of Creation that birthed the Universe."

The statement sent the gathered into a stunned silence.

"What happened to the others... who had my power?" Harry asked curiously, breaking the silence.

The Headmaster paused, looking unsure and hesitant. "Be aware, these are mostly legends and dubious accounts. But... from all accounts, the ancient Creators went mad with their own power, and eventually either lost their minds or their lives."

Harry leaned out against the railing, completely unafraid, lost in his own mind.

After all, what Creator is afraid when he is within his own fortress, his own Heaven?

Below, his creations screeched and howled, reflecting their progenitor's mental anguish. Even the trees whistled with an angry wind, and the stone beneath his feet rippled constantly, reflecting his mercurial mind.

He lifted his hands off the railing, and looked at them. Innocuous, normal, calloused.

The hands of a god.

Harry didn't try to deny what Dumbledore had said hours ago. He knew it... felt the madness that lurked just at the edges of his conscious mind, knew the temptations of power. And he knew that he would not resist the destructive siren forever.

He looked up at the sky, at the crescent moon, that glimmered and shined. Could he make one?

The powers of Creation bubbled and rose within him, but Harry shoved them down. Not yet.


The Creator turned warily, and caught sight of a diminutive redhead. "Hello Ginny." He greeted, the names flowing from still shadowed memory.

"Do you want to be alone?" she asked quietly, stepping backwards.

"No... I think I've been alone enough for a while." Harry remarked wryly. The presence of other people, things he hadn't created, was a stabilizing force for him, helping keep him sane...

For the moment.

"I suppose so." Ginny said, giggling slightly. A cold wind blew by, and she clutched her robes tighter against her petite frame. "It's cold tonight..." she whispered, shivering.

"We're a way up, so I guess so." The boy-god replied, leaning against the rail.

"Aren't you afraid you'll fall?" the redhead asked curiously, a noticeably safer distance from the balcony edge.

The Boy-Who-Lived shook his head. "I... I know I won't." He responded softly, glancing at the stone.

"Because you can make the stone do anything you want?" Ginny said wryly, smiling.

Harry chuckled. "Something like that." He failed to mention that within hearing distance was also the Guardian, who would make doubly sure that the Creator did not fall to his doom.

A silence fell between them.

"You're frightened, aren't you?" Ginny said quietly, not really questioning. At Harry's confused look, she continued, "You're afraid of what you could do, and what will happen to you."

Nodding, the Boy-Who-Lived whispered softly, "I... I have all this power, but I don't know what to do with it. I'm scared I'll make a mistake and..."

"And you'll end up hurting someone." The redhead finished, smiling slightly as she shook her head. "You know, you may have lost your memory, Harry Potter, but you're still the same."

"How?" the boy-god asked desperately, needing to know more about who he was... before he had the power of Creation.

Ginny smiled, her pale face illuminated by moonlight. It caused a slight hitch in Harry's throat. "You'll still try to protect people, no matter what." She said, half to herself, remembering how he had selflessly stepped in front of her at the Department of Mysteries, not to mention the Chamber incident...

"Thanks." Harry murmured softly. He wanted to do something to pay her back, for helping him take his mind off of what happened to his predecessors, and what sort of power he wielded. On a burst of inspiration, he held his hand out, and closed his eyes, imagining it in his mind.

Ginny gasped slightly, eyes wide. A single, delicate flower, appeared in his hand. Its pale crimson petals were arranged in an unnaturally complex manner, making it seem a beautiful conundrum.

"For you, milady." Harry said jokingly, but his eyes were sincere as he handed her the flower.

"Thank you, good sir." Ginny replied, pseudo-courteously, placing the flower in her hair.

That night, for the first time since he woke up on that deserted island, Harry Potter slept peacefully.

But, far away, his mortal enemy did not sleep, plotting his assault on Paradise...

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