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Grissom opened the door to his apartment and invited Sara in.

'Make yourself at home, I'm just going to grab a shower and then ill start with breakfast'

Sara nodded and smiled in response. 'You've got a really nice place'

'You've only seen one room' he curiously replied

'A woman knows' She said, scrunching up her face. Grissom chuckled and wandered off down a hall.


Sara walked around the room, soaking it all in. Framed butterflies lined the walls In anyone else house, this would be creepy. She noted and smiled.

A framed photograph grabbed her attention. The gold border outlined the image of a young boy holding on tight to an older woman. The recognisable glint in the little boy's eyes instantly told her it was Grissom.

'That's me and my mom' Grissom announced behind her, startling her from her wondrous daydream. She hadn't heard him approach after his quick shower and change.

'Whoa, you shouldn't sneak up on people like that'

He chuckled at the unintentional response. 'Sorry'

'So that's your mom?' she asked, gesturing to the attractive brunette

He nodded. 'I was 5 when that was taken. My parents where going through the divorce so Mom took me to a fairground as a day out. That was my first ride in a rollercoaster' he beamed.

'You look really happy' she said, not sure herself if she was meaning present–day Grissom or 5yr old Griss.

'I was' he started 'and I still am' there eyes locked again.

'So...breakfast? What do you fancy?' He asked, breaking the tension-filled silence that seemed to follow them around.

Clearing her throat 'Anything. Chef's choice'

He made his way around the counter into the kitchen area and scoured the cupboards for appropriate breakfast/lunch food. 'Okay, how about some of my famous Blueberry pancakes and French toast with sides of maple syrup and coffee?'

'I like the sound of that. What makes them famous?' Sara asked taking a seat at the counter

'Don't know…Lyndsey called them 'famous''

'Must be good then' she joked.


After many helpings of pancakes and French toast, it was decided that Grissom was a very good cook. They had talked about work and about the past and present over the many-course breakfasts, and old memories seemed to bring the two even closer together.

'So any other 'famous' specialities?' Sara asked, taking a sip of freshly squeezed orange juice.

'I've been told my vegetarian lasagne is very good'

'I'll have to try it sometime'

'Why not tonight?'

Sara nearly choked on her juice by the abrupt and forward question. 'Tonight?'

'Yeah. Ill make the meals if you bring the movies…that is, if you want to of course'

'No, yeah, I'd love to' Dinner? Movies? Did Grissom just ask me on a date?

'Okay, so it's a date' Grissom announced, collecting the empty plates from the counter and putting them by the sink

'It is?' A bit of clarification would be nice

He sat back down next to Sara 'Sara, I've realised over the past few months how much you really mean to me…Not just as a colleague or student…but as a friend. But every part of me is telling me that we're not destined to just be friends, not like Catherine and I are friends, but like Monica and Chandler are friends-'

'Did you just make a pop-culture reference?' she asked, shocked but with a smile

'Er…yeah. I read it in the TV Guide…although that's not the part of what I just said that I was hoping you'd take away from here' He looked away, slightly deflated.

Sara took hold of his hand and pulled his face to face hers, 'I feel the same way, and have done since your Entomology lecture at that university back in California.'


'So…yes, it's a date'


Grissom and Sara entered the lab together. They were dating. Each other. And although they agreed to keep it secret, she wanted nothing more than to climb to the top of the Stratosphere and shout it out for all to hear.

They walked around the familiar halls and corridors, heading for the break-room and their friends and colleagues, with a stop off at Grissom's office for the assignments.

Grissom opened the glass door for Sara as she walked in and over to the coffee-pot. She'd had more than her fill of the stuff already, but it was her usual routine, and she didn't want to change anything and alert anyone to their secret relationship.

'Hey guys' she greeted Nick and Warrick. That was too happy. Dumb it down or they're gonna notice…

Nicky eyed her suspiciously, before breaking into this trademark cheeky grin, 'Hey. So, er, what happened?'

'What do you mean?'

'Oh c'mon, you left together, he drove you home...kiss on the doorstep?' he asked with a smirk

She returned the smile. 'You'll never know' okay, shouldn't have said that. Act cool. Stir your drink and walk back to Grissom. And she did.