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Digimon Legends: Second Generation.

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Summary: Basically it's about the kids of the season four (that's Frontier peoples) digimon and they go to the Digital World and fight these evil peoples and then there's a whole bunch of stuff that happens and- ooookay. Let's rephrase that. The Frontier gang is grown up. They have kids. The kids go to the Digital World and kick butt. It's got no swearin, some blood, some romance. The blood is mostly why it's rated PG-13.  NO, I repeat, ABSOLUTELY NO SLASH, YAOI, SHONEN AI, OR HEAVY ROMANCE!! Got that? Okay, On to the story!

By the way for more information:

-The names that come first are their first names even though I'm using Japanese names.

- I'm using all the dubbed names for Digimon but some Japanese and some dubbed for the names of the Frontier peoples. (like JP)

- The Frontier peoples are all grown up.

- Kouji 38: Kouichi 38: Takuya 37: Izumi 37: JP 39: Tomoki 31:

- That's their ages y'all. (I hope I did it right)



' ' Thinking

Digimon Legends: Second Generation

Chappie One: Flame of Beginning

A sixteen year old boy trudged down a deserted sidewalk. Brown eyes stared glumly at the ground. His fire-red tipped brown hair was covered by a dark green hat and goggles. His shirt was a dark red over a long-sleeve orange one. For pants he wore black cargo shorts and his shoes were white, dyed red by the sun that had set halfway over the city of Sibuya. No one was out at this time. They were all eating dinner together as a family, laughing and joking about their day, complaining about homework, getting trouble for shooting rice at your brother.

But not him.

The boy kicked a stray soda can into the street, remembering the events that had taken place just ten minutes ago at his house.


"But daaad." The same teenage boy groaned.

"Ginta." His dad's voice floated over to him from the kitchen. He came out wearing a stained and faded apron. The pan he held was steaming and was burnt to a crisp. "I know you're angry but you still have to apolagize to Benjy for yelling at him."

"But-but, I, he... argh!" Ginta stormed over to the couch and sat down. "He's the one who went into my room and messed up and he doesn't hafta do anything. It's not fair." he mumbled angrily, half to himself and half to his dad.

"It needed to be cleaned anyway," called his mom from the laundry room. She had to get all of it done before she left that night for Hong Kong for a business meeting.

"Yeah." He glared up at his little brother, Benjy, who was PS2 in the game room. "But he still erased all those games I've been working on. For a year."

"Well, now that you know how to do everything you will get them done faster." His dad disappeared back into the kitchen where he was desperately trying to cook dinner.

Ginta glared after him. It was like nobody cared that Benjy had invaded his personal space, even after he had told him a million times not to.

"Ginta! Ginta!"

Ginta looked down at his younger twin sisters. Their warm brown eyes stared back at him. They looked almost the same, except Tara was taller and had freckles while Tess had curly sand colored hair put up in a pony tale. They shoved a piece of paper into his lap and smiled up at him.

"We made you a picture!"

It was of a little yellow pony rearing under a blue and pink rainbow. It was pretty good (for four year olds) but he wasn't going to admit that. Something was on the back of the picture. He flipped it over to reveal-

"ARRGH!!" Ginta ripped the picture he had been working on for weeks in half and threw it over the sofa. "Why can't I get just a little privacy!?" He yelled and jammed his hat and goggles on his head before storming out the door. His mom and dad shouted after him to stop as he slammed the door. But he just kept on running. He wouldn't turn back, not him.

 Not Ginta Kanbara.


Ginta sighed again. His stomach gave a loud grumble that echoed in the alleyway. He wasn't gonna turn back, no. There would be heck to pay for. He could buy his own food. Ginta reached into his pocket and found it empty. Then he finally remembered that he had changed out of his pants right after school. His stomach rumbled again, as if to scold him for doing such a stupid thing.

'Oh man,' he thought gloomily.

Something growled again and this time it wasn't his stomach. The hairs on the back of his neck began to prickle. It growled again, louder this time.

Ginta spun around to see the strangest dog he had ever seen, if you could even call it a dog.

It was enormous. Almost as big as he was. The dog's bristling black fur looked like it could cut his hand into a million pieces just by petting it. (not that he was going to) Its eyes that glowed in now dark alley kept on changing from dark red to amber every few seconds.

Ginta cleared his throat nervously. "Um, he-hey there buddy."

This time the dog barked and revealed double rows of razor sharp teeth. Ginta searched in his pockets for something, anything. The only thing in them was his cellphone.

"Nice doggy." Growl. "Uh, look-over-there!" He pointed in a random direction and took off running. He knew the dog wouldn't buy it. The sounds of clacking nails echoed across the alley. Ginta turned a sharp corner and came face to face with a chain link fence. Quickly, he scaled it, his heart pounding in his chest. He was almost over the top when he looked back. The strange dog rounded the corner. Ginta jumped off into a pile of old newspapers thinking he was safe. The dog ran straight on, onto the wall and ran along it until it got in front of Ginta.

He stood up, shaking slightly. "Man, what kind of dog are you?" It started running towards him. Ginta picked up a stray rock and threw it, missing it by a mile. He closed his eyes, waiting for impact.


A man bolted upright in the darkness. His long black hair was tied back by a silver band that shined in the light of the old computer screen. His face was drenched in cold sweat. Fear and surprise were reflected back by the screen in those dark blue eyes. He sat there panting a few seconds before jumping out of the metal chair. Lightning flashed outside a nearby window as he passed it. Heavy rain began to pound down on the old apartment. He sped through the house into a room with an empty bed.


He ran back through the hall and paused before a picture. It had been taken years ago of him and his friends in a park. "That's it," he whispered and ran on to a crumpled trench coat. He searched many pocket of the coat for something before coming out empty handed. "Blast."  He sped to a door while putting on the coat. Next to the door was a shelf with peeling white paint. He grabbed some keys and a motorcycle helmet off a hook on the wall and some paint came off in his hands. The door swung open with a creak and was left open in the man's rush to get out.

Outside the man was drenched. He took two or three steps on the three leveled stairs with each stride. Across the parking lot was a tarp covered motorcycle. Its black paint was chipped and scratched. Dark gray splotches showed up in some places. Ripping off the tarp he put on the helmet. He mounted the beat up motorcycle and geared it up. Nothing happened.

"C'mon, you worthless piece of junk." He growled. The engine roared to life. "Yes!" He raced out of the apartment outlet. "Hope Takuya doesn't mind an early wake up call."

Ginta waited. And waited. And waited.

'Come on. I'm suppose to feel a bone crushing pain right now.' He opened his eyes and his mouth dropped open. "I'm definitely not in Sibuya."

He was standing in the middle of a forest with a clear blue sky overhead. A light breeze blew from behind. He could see can like houses in the distance and further was a town. (or what he presumed to be a town) In the center of it was the top of what he thought was a large dome. 

"Hi." Ginta turned around to see a pretty (and he meant pretty). Her voice was light and cheery. She seemed about 16 or so. She had dirty blond long hair with a French braid in the middle of it. Her light purple shirt had a peace symbol on it and her blue capris were tied off with a beaded belt. She wore floppy sandals and a necklace with a metal rose at the end of it. She was about as tall as him. Her aqua greens eyes just radiated excitement and hyperness. She held out her hand for him to shake which had a red bracelet on it. "My names Saisho Yang-hi. What's yours?"

He stood there gaping at her like a fish out of water. He slapped himself mentally and regained his composer. "Oh I'm, um, um, no let me think. I know, Ginta. Yeah that's it! Ginta Kanbara!" He shook her hand nervously.

"Heya! That's Mobakai Shibayama," Saisho said pointing to the tall teenager sitting down by a tree. "And that's Danny Himi." She pointed to the shorter and younger boy next to Mobokai.

The first boy stood up and walked over. "Hey , just call me Kai."  He seemed about 17. Kai had short spiky brown hair. It was the exact same color as his eyes. He was taller that Ginta by half a foot and looked pretty athletic. He wore a green shirt with a yellow collar and baggy brown cargo pants. His shoes were white with yellow stripes.

Danny mumbled a muffled hello and stuffed something in his pocket that looked like a picture that had been ripped in a few pieces. He seemed to find the ground very interesting because he kept staring at it with green eyes. His shirt was striped blue and white with a brown jacket over it. His black shorts had white zig-zags going down them. His shoes were light yellow. Ginta could see splotches of dark brown hair showing up around a black and blue beanie.

'Man he must be shy,' he thought.

"Oh yeah." Saisho pointed to a tree over on her right. "I don't know his name." It took Ginta a minute before he saw what she had been pointing at.

It was a teenage boy leaning against a tree with his eyes closed. He wore a grey hoodie ripped off at the elbows over a dark blue long sleeve shirt. His baggy jeans were ripped and faded jeans. His shoes were something that resembled black Harley-Davidsons but they were worn and dusty. A blue and brown tiger striped bandana was tied around his head under just below chin length, messy blue-black hair. His calm features were half hidden in shade of the gigantic tree and it looked like he was almost asleep.

'This guy must have girls falling all over him.' Ginta thought. He suddenly found himself looking into the penetrating stare of the teenage guy. It was as if he had known he had been looking at him the whole time. His eyes were a dark blue like the sky right after sunset and right before midnight. "Hi there. I'm Ginta Kanbara! Who're you?" The boy just settled back into the tree as if he wasn't even there. "Um, hellow." Ginta could see him smirking a little. "You could answer me!" Nothing. "Hey I'm talkin to ya!!"

"Geez, what's up with this guy?" He asked Saisho, Ki, and Danny.

Kai shrugged. "Eh, I dunno. He hasn't said two words to us."

"His name's Jyro."said Danny quietly.


"His name's Jyro," he repeated again. Danny had a soft, musical like voice. It sounded like he was the main singer in the school melodramas.

Ginta looked down at him. "How d'you know?"

"He-he told me," he said in that same soft tone.

"Jyro," Ginta whispered. 'Alright, so he talks to the little guy and completely ignores me? He ignores ME. Oh well, I'll find out about him soon enough.' He stretched casually. "Soooooo, does anyone know where we are?"

A female voice answered him. "You are in the Digital World."

The four of them jumped and spun around while the boy turned calmly to see the dog Ginta had been running from.

"Greetings children." It bowed its head. "My name is Suriusmon. (note the lack of creativity in names) You have been called to the Digital World for an important mission."

"What!" Shaisho and Ginta shouted.

"THE Digital World. The one my mom use to tell stories about? I never thought it was real, just some made up fairy tale for a bedtime story," Saisho said.

"My dad wrote something about it in his journal, I think." Ginta went on. Saisho looked at him with the I-can't-believe-you-would-be-stupid-enough-to-do-that-but-I-guess-you-are-a-goggle head-after-all look. "What, it was just lying down on the table. Plus I didn't read that much of it."

"No, it is very real." Suriusmon continued. "And in danger."

"In danger? How's it in danger? Why's it in danger? Who, where, in- could you just start at the beginning, please?" Ginta said.

The dog smiled. (as much as a dog can smile) "Of course. It all began about two years ago when a Digimon called Viraonomon came speaking for his master with his own ideas about how the Digital World should be. No one knew where he had come from. Four of the legendary warriors, wood, water, earth, and steel began to listen to him. They drifted away to his side. The other six, fire, wind, ice, thunder, light, and darkness tried to help the other four to turn away from Viraonomon. They wouldn't listen. Wars broke out. Other digimon sided with Viraonomon, thinking that he was right. Lord Angemon, Lord Tekidomon, and Lady Angewoman soon began to fight against Viraonomon also. They feared for the safety of the Digital World.

"But- "The dog paused here before continuing. "They were defeated. Viraonomon overthrew them. The Lords and Lady now live in a secret place. Where the five warriors are, I do not know."

"Wait a minute," Kai interupted. "I thought you said there were six legendary warriors."

"Ai, you are right. It is the warrior of darkness. Right before Viraonomon overthrew us he disappeared. We think he might have turned to Viraonomon's side but we're not sure. Anyway, Lady Angewoman once told me that in the past when the Digital World was in danger she called upon humans to save it. Six answered her call and she brought them here. The legend goes that when the humans came here they defeated the last dark master, Lucemon, with the spirits of the legendary warriors. That's what I have done. I had to do it in secret for fear that the enemy would find out what I had planned.  I am very sorry for scaring all of you. In the real world I was afraid that speaking your language would frighten you. But now you must find the spirits of the legendary warriors."

Ginta stared at Suriusmon in confusion. "Spirits? Us? Why were we brought to the Digital World? Why not bring the last people? And how are we gonna find the spirits?"

"To find the spirits you need to use your D-tectors. I did not know who the last humans were but I brought you here because there is something about all of you. Each of you have been chosen because of the great strengths you  possess, although, for some it might be harder to find them. Luck be with you." Suriusmon rushed this last part and began to fade.

"Suriusmon, wait!" Too late. She had already disappeared. Ginta kicked a rock in frustration. "Great. Now we're stuck trying to find something that we don't know what it is, looks like, or how were supposed to find it. So we might as well start now."

"Your right, let's ge-hey wait!" Saisho yelled. Ginta turned to see that Jyro had started walking off without them in the opposite direction.

"Hey, no, come back! We could help you or you could help us or.. Or... you could just walk away and ignore me." He sighed, annoyed by the strange boy. 'What is up with this guy?' "I think we can manage without him." He turned his back to Jyro. "Alright everyone, follow me to the big, tall, roundish dome type thing."

Saisho rolled her eyes and walked after the trying-to-look noble goggle head. Kai followed and Danny, with a backward glance at Jyro, got up and trudged off also.


Ginta glared at dirt road under his face. The town was pretty rough. The houses were pretty strange. They were like gigantic cans with flame spouting out of the tops of them. Flame Central (he'd heard the name of the city from a group of tourists) was about the weirdest place he'd ever been. In some patches of the city there seemed to be some buildings or trees missing. But there were still plenty of digimon. Digimon of all kinds walked around the streets.

Now the digimon, they were a whole different thing than what he imagined from his dad's journal. Maybe it was because his dad had never been to the Digital World. His dad said it was a strange world with friendly digimon roaming around. YEAH RIGHT! They pushed them around, talked about them behind their backs, or completely ignored them.

'This is getting annoying,' thought Ginta. He straitened up after getting pushed over by a rather nasty looking wolf like digimon. He had been trying to find out where the spirits were. Saishio, Kai, and Danny had given up a long time before. They just stood against a building watching Ginta get his face shoved in the dirt for the hundredth time. He spotted a human like digimon running an information booth. "Hey! Hey you!" Ginta ran towards it to only have the door slammed shut on his face. He pounded on the door while rubbing his sore nose. "Come on buddy! Open up! I -pound-NEED TO-pound-FIND OUT-pound-WHERE-punch slam-THE SPIRITS ARE! ARGH!" The human teenager hopped on one foot in pain after kicking the door.

"Ginta, come on we better go." Saisho walked over to him.

"Yeah, you're right." He turned away from the door. "No ones gonna help us."The four of them, heads bowed in defeat, started off towards the forest where they had first appeared.

A small figure in the shadows watched their retreat with wide amber eyes. It backed up further into the darkness along the slender branch.

"Fire son. Your spirit awaits your arrival." It bounded off deeper into the forest along the trail of the teenagers.

"Man I'm bored."

The four of them sat around at the outskirts of Flame Central. A flock of Poyomon flew overhead.

"Yeah. Me too." Saisho squinted up at the sky, staring at the Poyomon. Digimon were so strange yet kinda cute. Well, some of them. Now that Viraonomom, he sounded nasty. Who was his "master"?  "You know, I better call my mom to tell her that I may be gone for a while." She reached in her pocket and took out a strange device. I t resembled a cell phone only it was bigger and had a larger screen. around the screen was a ring with 8 pointed stars around it. It was pink, purple and white. "What the heck is this?"

"I dunno. Wait a minute." Ginta felt around in his pocket and came out with the same thing only his was red, black and gold. "I think it's those D-tectors Suriusmon was talking about. I guess yours and my cell phone turned into it. Hey, do you guess have one too?" he asked Kai and Danny. They also took out the same devices. Kai's was blue, yellow and white. Danny's was green, brown and white. "D'you think," Ginta cleared his throat. "Okay D-tector. Where are the spirits and could you please direct me to them," He asked in a imperitive tone.

Saisho and Kai burst out laughing. "What?" Danny was laughing to himself. 

"That was so stupid sounding," Saisho giggled. "I mean you really thought that it would respond?"

"Well, yeah." Ginta returned the D-tector to his pocket. "I don't suppose you have any idea how to use these?"

The three laughed quietly to themselves for a few more seconds and it returned to silence. Saisho looked back up at the sky. The poyomon froze and were zooming away from Fire Central. "Now that's strange. What made them do that?"



They all jumped up. Explosions and screams were coming from the main city. Saisho stared at one building. It suddenly turned multicolored and disappeared altogether. Clouds of dust rose from between the houses.

"What's going on?!" Shaisho yelled.

"I dunno. Let's go find out." Ginta took off with Saisho, Ki, and Danny in tow.

The four teenagers ran straight, smackdab into It. It was a giant hawk like digimon. It's curved beak and orange, knife like feathers made it the scariest thing Ginta had ever seen. (and the weirdest)

"What the heck is that?!" Ginta yelled out.

A cat digimon running by answered him. "That's Darkheremon. For a long time he has been attacking us but now he wants the flame spirit. Nobody knows where it is. He says he's going to tear apart Flame Central to find it." The digimon ran off towards its companions.

'Tear it apart? I know the digimon here ain't the nicest but still-' Ginta ran up to DarkHeremon. "Hey you, big scary thing with wings!"

The hawk digimon turned on him.

"Yeah you! How 'bout you pack up your feathers and get lost!" Saisho tugged on his sleeve to cut it out. "Saisho I've got it handled." He resumed shouting. "You're not gonna find the spirit here so leave!"

Darkheremon snarled and charged after him. They both ran in and out of the smoldering houses.

"Yep. You sure got it handled," said the blonde chick watching Ginta almost getting himself chopped in half by a flying feather.

"Oh and you're a lot of help to-ahh!" Ginta dodged the rampaging Darkheremon. They had made it to a single pillar with flame spouting out of it. Something was here. He could feel it.

"Flying Fury!" Darkheromon sent hundreds of dagger-like feathers towards the brunette. He ducked just in time. Instead of cutting him into little bite sized pieces the feathers hit the pillar. The pillar exploded and collapsed. Now there was only a pillar of flame with something inside it.

Darkheromon's eyes went wide. "The spirit of Flame."

Ginta turned around. In the middle of the fire was a small, red figure. 'That's the spirit?' "Ouch!" The D-tector in his pocket was burning. He took it out. The screen was giving off a redish glow.

 'I wonder-' Darkheremon sped past him towards the spirit. "Hey, no fair!" Ginta ran after him. They were neck and neck when he stuck out his D-tector. A beam of red light shot out of it towards the spirit and dragged it towards him. A strange symbol appeared on the screen.

"It is time." Came a feminine voice from the D-tector.

"Execute! Spirit Evolution!"


Where Ginta had just been standing a tall digimon now replace him. He stood ten feet tall and was fiery red. His body and face were human like. Long golden hair streamed out behind him and two half horns were on his head. He had on a red and black streaked breastplate and armor. Strapped on his back was a black sword with the same strange symbol on it. Dragon like wings sprouted from his back. Short nails grew form his hands and armored feet. His eyes were sky blue brimming with joy, yet spilling over with anger. Man, did he look dangerous.

Darkheremon took a step back. "A human has the spirit of flame? That is impossible. Only the old warriors could do that. I don't believe it!"

"You better believe it buddy!" Ardomon roared back at him. It sounded like Ginta only older and a lot more noble. "Sword of Flame!" He unsheathed the long sword from his back and charged at the hawk digimon.

"Flying Fury!" The warrior of Flame dodged the feather spears and jammed his sword right into Darkheremon's chest. Darkheremon stared at Ardomon with anger and fear. "No this cannot be! My master will get you for this-" He disappeared into streams of data.

"Alright you! Be purified by flame and fire. Fractal code, digitize!" Ardomon scanned Darkheremon's data and devolved into Ginta.

Ginta Kanbara looked back into his D-tector. "What the heck just happened?"

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