Chapter 9: Halloween Humbugs Part 2

Everyone started exited out of the car, they knew there was no using sitting there till someone came and saw them; they were in the middle of nowhere after all.

"This is bloody great!" Spike said as he slammed the door.

"Maybe there is a phone or a gas station up the road…" Buffy looked up and down the road. However, she couldn't see anything but a few feet away because the sun had already gone down.

"Well maybe we should split up…you know…some stay with the car and the other half go get help." Willow suggested.

"Good idea Red and since you thought of the idea…you get to be one of the lucky people to go out there into the wilderness…" Spike smiled and patted Willow on the back.

"What! No way…" Willow shouted and shook her head.

Buffy, Spike, Xander, and Willow started shouting at each other, saying that did want to go down the road of mystery. And of all people, it was Angel that started to become the rational person of the group.

"Hey! Hey!" Angel yelled over top of his everyone's voices.

Everyone stopped yelling and became very quiet.

"Okay…now theirs got to be a way we can all compromise as adults here…" Angel said, "I say…we rock, paper, scissors."

Everyone exchanged a glance with each other and nodded. They all put their hands in the middle to start play the game.

"Rock, paper, scissors shoot!" they all said.

Willow, Angel, and Xander all drew rock as Buffy and Spike drew paper.

"Guess you guys are going down the road…" Buffy smiled and gave a low high five to Spike.

Angel, Willow, and Xander groaned and rolled their eyes.

"Why the three of us?" Xander asked.

"Forget it Xander…it was our idea to come on this Halloween thing…lets just go." Willow said and started towards the road. Angel and Xander followed her from behind.

Buffy and Spike shook their heads as they watched there friends walk down the road.

"Don't you feel bad for them?" Buffy whispered to Spike.

Spike raised an eyebrow, "Do you want to go instead?"

"No." Buffy said quickly and opened the car door and got in.

Buffy and Spike sat in the backseat of the car, not saying a word. The only noises that were being made were Buffy squirming in her seat and making her windbreaker jacket rub against the seat. To Spike, it had to be the most annoying sound in the world.

"Will you stop squirming Summers." Spike spoke up.

Buffy turned to Spike slowly, staring at him for the remark he just made, "'Summers?' You must be really pissed off to be calling me that." She said and turned back to face forward.

Spike turned and looked at her, "What?"

"What?" she faced him.

"I'm not pissed off." Spike argued.

Buffy smiled and rolled her eyes, "Oh pleaseeeee."

"What! I'm not." Spike argued.

"Okay then." Buffy smiled.

"Okay…" Spike said and faced forward.

Both of them sat still in silence until Buffy purposely said squirming around and making her jacket made ruffling sounds.

"Okay stop!" Spike burst out and grabbed Buffy to make her hold still.

"Told ya." Buffy smiled as she looked up at Spike, "You're pissed."

Spike let go of Buffy, "Can you blame me? I mean we're stuck in the middle of nowhere...its dark…and I'm a little hungry."

Buffy reached inside her pocket and pulled out a stick of gum and offered it to him, "Gum?"

"Real food Buffy." Spike said.

"Suite yourself." She said and popped the gum in her mouth and started chewing. "So…it's that Drusilla girl huh?"

Spike turned and faced her, "What!"

"It's that Drusilla girl that is getting you all moody." Buffy said and started to blow a bubble.

Spike thought about it for a moment, "Well…I guess…"

Buffy nodded, "I get that…it seems that both of us are going through hard times, that our past seems to keep coming back as much as we think we're moving forward."

"I don't think she'll be coming back." Spike said, "I think this was it this time…"

"And are you happy about that? That it's the last time…?" Buffy asked.

"Not sure…part of me longs for her and the other…" Spike looks at Buffy, "The other part of me is happy where I'm at in my life."

Buffy smiles, "Me too."

Down the road Willow, Xander, and Angel were still walking.

"It's freezing out here!" Xander exclaimed.

"I hope Spike and Buffy are alright." Willow said and turned around and glanced in the direction they came from.

"We are the ones walking when it is thirty degrees outside and you are worried about Spike and Buffy?" Xander exclaimed.

"Well we are walking and keeping our body temperature up…they are sitting in that cold car." Willow explained.

"I think I see a gas station ahead." Angel said.

The three stopped and looked ahead and saw a tiny house in the distance.

"That's not a gas station it looks like a farm house." Willow said.

"So I'm guessing they will welcome us in and serve us apple pie or we will see Buffalo Bill behind that door." Xander said and they started to walk towards the house.

An hour passed and Buffy and Spike moved their positions in the car. Buffy was laid out in the back seat while Spike sat in the front driver's seat.

"Do you think they're okay?" Buffy asked.

"Not sure…I was guessing Xander would get a 100 yards and then collapse." Spike said.

Buffy turned and gave Spike a funny look, "Xander is incredibly weak and fragile." Spike explained.

Buffy smiled, "So I'm guessing this whole haunted house thing is a bust." Buffy let out a sigh and watched her warm breath hit the cold air.

"Guess so…" Spike said as he looked out the window and down the road.

Buffy sat up straight, "Hey do you remember Halloween in our freshmen year back in Sunnydale?"

Spike let out a small chuckle, "Like it was yesterday. I believe you dressed up as that Little Red Riding Hood."

"And you were James Bond." Buffy smiled.

"Principal Snyder sure had a time trying to clean up those eggs smashed on his windows the next morning." Spike laughed.

"He deserved it…" Buffy said, "Besides he should like eggs—being a little demon chicken that he is."

"Those were good times." Spike smiled.

"Yeah…" Buffy's smile turned into a frown, "We didn't really have anymore good times in the last couple years."

Spike looked at Buffy and noticed she was serious. Spike thought about it and then let out a shrug, "Guess we lost touch…we moved on, like all kids from high school do."

"But we promised each other we wouldn't be those people that see each other at our ten year reunions and that's it…I thought our friendship had more decency than that." Buffy explained.

"Me too…" Spike said and looked at Buffy, who was lying back down in the back seat.

"Guess there is really no one to blame." Buffy said while staring up at the car ceiling.

"Yeah…" Spike breathed out.

Spike turned around and faced the front of the car to look on down the road. 'If we couldn't keep our friendship together maybe we weren't meant to be together like I thought.' Spike thought to himself.

After about another hour Willow, Xander, and Angel came back with some help. The gang decided to forget about the Halloween plans and go home. They were all too cold and bummed out to do anything else that night.