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Just a reminder, this story is based on the anime only as far as relationships between the characters.


Roy closed his eyes, nuzzling against Claudia's bare shoulder, basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking. She took one of his hands in hers, lacing their fingers. After a moment, he sighed. "Claudia…"

"Shh. Don't ruin the moment."


"I am right where I want to be. Where I'm meant to be. I an adult and I made this decision. I have no regrets." She waited a heartbeat. "Do you?"

"I have many regrets. But this…being here with you? No. Never."


Lisa waited as Claudia's phone rang, hanging up before the machine came on.

She would give Claudia a day, maybe two, but then she was going to insist that she come out. That decision made, her thoughts turned again to herself. Or rather to Kyle and Minmei.

Lisa had been doing nothing but trying to avoid this, but it was time…

Even more specifically, wondering what Rick was thinking of Minmei's engagement, now that Lisa wasn't with him to distract him. If that was all she was to him; and she had to admit, the way that he kissed her, made her feel she was way more important to him than merely a means to forget about Minmei.

Ever the officer, she looked at the other side. Rick had always been in love with Minmei. He was likely still in love with her even when he and Lisa became close. Yet they were growing closer still. If things kept going, it was likely…Lisa forced her mind to stop before she mentally started calling herself Lisa Hayes-Hunter, but not before noting once again how permanent her love for Rick had become.

Lisa had been doing nothing but trying to avoid this, despite the slips here and there, but it was time…

Maybe they were so-called Freudian slips.

Minmei was engaged to be married. She was 'off the market' as people said. She was no longer an option for Rick. Lisa just hoped he realized that. Lisa needed to know that he realized that. If he realized that, then….

And as if a force was pushing her, she dialed her phone again.

Lisa had been doing nothing but trying to avoid this, but it was time…She needed to see Rick. It was past time for them to have a talk.

She could no longer ignore the elephant in their relationship. She wouldn't allow her fears of Rick's answer or rejection to stop her from asking him about Minmei and whether he still had lingering feelings for her.

Their relationship couldn't go any further without her knowing.


"Rick, it's me."

"Hello me who I just saw twenty minutes ago" Rick couldn't help but tease. "Still not had enough of me, huh?"

Never, Lisa stated to herself even as out-loud she ignored his tease. "Anything on Alicia yet?"

"Not yet, but I did just get home. Give me some time Hayes; I always get the job done."

"So you always say. Would you care for a de-briefing back at my place?"

"Will be there. I'll call when…"

"No need. I'll be here….okay…bye." Lisa waited until Rick had hung up before doing the same.


Roy opened the door and followed Claudia out to her surprise. "Where are you going?" she asked.

"I'm driving you back to the base"

"I can walk."

"Then I am walking you back to the base."


"What is it that you say? I'm an adult. And I want to walk you back to the base. Decision made" he glanced over at her, winking before stepping of his porch. "Coming?"

Claudia smiled. Obviously she would follow Roy anywhere. Despite the mess surrounding them right now, she couldn't help but feel a bit of calm in knowing that still held true.


Lisa took a deep breath, reminding herself that this was needed, and opened the door. "Hi" Rick smiled, walking inside.

"Find out anything?" Lisa closed the door, using the question as time to gather her nerve.

"Only that she, like the rest of the female race, had a thing for Roy really badly. Hey…" Rick wondered. "Did you ever catch Roy Fokker fever?"

"Me? No…." Lisa joined him on the couch.

"Oh…right." Karl. "So…" Rick shifted nervously, wanting to move closer to Lisa, but wondering if his advance would be welcome.

Lisa looked at Rick. Just ask the question. Ask already…

"I wanted to talk to you about…"

"About?" Rick raised his brow. "Usually conversations starting with 'I wanted to talk to you' don't end very well" he worried aloud.

"That's 'we need to talk'," Lisa replied almost automatically.

"Everything is a battle with you" Rick shook his head, but a twinkle stayed in his eyes. He wouldn't take Lisa any other way…


"What?" Did she just…

"I want to talk to you about Karl". Lisa realized. How could she ask Rick to be honest about Minmei if she couldn't be honest with him about Karl? Any other time she attempted to broach the subject, Rick's answer was to ask her something about Karl. And rather than do what happened this afternoon, and wind up in an argument, Lisa knew that she had to grab the bulls by the horns and just say what she needed to say. If she was honest, than she knew that Rick would be as well.