Disclaimer: I do not own any rights to any superstars in the WWE and anything placed in this story that relates to real life, is completely coincidental.

Summary: Trish survives a horrible car crash only to end up in a coma. But while she is in the coma she experiences the greatest love story with the most unlikely man.

Characters: You will see periods with all sorts of WWE superstars, as well as the romantic interest for Trish is also a WWE star.

Genre: Romance

Distribution: This is for a Original Character story I am writing offline but thought it would also work for fan fiction. If you want to post it anywhere please ask permission. I am an equal opportunity writer.

"I'm sorry we have done everything we can for her right now. What she needs more then anything at this moment is time."

"How long will she be in this coma Doctor? I mean we need to get healthy so she can get back to doing what she loves."

"Coma patients sometimes never come out of it. Even if she does come out of though sir, we can never know for sure if she will remember anything."

"You mean to tell me that she won't remember anything about herself? She won't remember being a wrestler and doing what she loves?"

"No, but as I just said, we can never be too sure what will happen with Ms. Stratus. She has strong vitals, could wake up as soon as tomorrow, or weeks and months from now. We just have to make sure she has the best care as possible."

He touched the gentleman on the hand before heading off to check in with his other patients. As Shane stood there, he couldn't imagine what had happened to her that night on the road. She wasn't a known drinker, and the doctor had said there was three times the legal limit in her system. There had to be something going on here.

He looked through the glass as she slept, wondering how he was going to explain all of this to his father. Sure Vince would completely understand, and wouldn't be angry, but Trish had been one of his best girls, almost like a daughter, this was going to hit him harder then ever.

"How is she?" a male voice from behind Shane asked, touching the glass.

When Shane turned around and saw Shawn standing there, he sighed. Before he even got to his father he had to explain it to another superstar that cared a lot about her. It seemed that soon the hospital would be filled with people worried about her and if she would ever come around. Trish had a lot of people that loved her. He was never going to be able to get the right words out.

"She was in a head on collision with someone else tonight out on Route 54. She was driving to the next show, and someone hit her head on, it's a lucky thing they didn't take out her entire life."

'So she can come around from this?" Shawn asked, as he viewed Trish through the glass. He noticed how small and childlike she looked as she slept there.

"Shawn, I was just informed that the crash made her brain dead. She may never come out of it. I am holding out hope for it though. The doctor says its pretty much 50/50 if she comes out of this coma or not."

Shawn stood there in utter silence, wondering what would become of the legions of people around the world that watched their show just for this young woman. She was loved everywhere she went including the locker room. This was going to be one of the hardest hit's the WWE had ever taken.

"Well what can I do?"

"Just make sure everyone knows and that tonight and until she comes out of everyone is praying for her alright? I believe she is going to need all the prayers in the world to come out of this unscathed."