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Well first off Grave Mika are hanging out in their crappy apartment when all of sudden they gotta get the hell out. You know what I mean? Yea, sucks doesn't it? Anywho, they've got some gang going after them and all hell breaks loose. Wow, don't you just love this summary? I sure do. Just read the thing, it's a pretty simple one really.

It was Saturday night and raining. One of the city's remaining gang's, the Diablo's had been tipped off by a few people in the lower part of town for the whereabouts of Grave and Mika. The reason for them wanting to find them? Easy, a few years back Grave had had one of the biggest bounties on his head. It was even better now because the bounty had been almost tripled for all of the gangs and criminals he had taken out over the past few months. And then there was that little girlfriend of his, Mika Asagi. First off there is a rumor going around town that Mika had actually been killing almost half of all casualties'. Never actually being confirmed by anyone, a sizeable bounty was also put on her. Also they had an idea on how to get her, not the most original idea but it always seemed to work, they would kidnap her and wait for Grave to come to the rescue. It always worked. There is no doubt in any of their minds that they will have both of them dead within the next few weeks.


Mika's eyes fluttered open; something was making noise in her room. She turned on her side towards the clock, 12:46am, "…To early". Turning her head back she saw someone standing at her door. "What is it Grave?" The light turned on to answer her question. Just get up. And with that she did tossing the covers to the side and sitting up at the corner of her bed, waiting for him to explain just what the hell he was doing. He then walked over and sat down beside her. " You're going to hate me for this one Mika." He said that with just a hint of amusement in his voice.

She looked at him out of the corner of her eye, "Oh really? Give me a good reason to be mad at you for waking me up at one in the morning." She finished it off with a tired smile, she wasn't mad at him at all. Things like this always happened every now and then it was just the reason that usually changed from time to time. He shrugged and laughed slightly, " I think it's a pretty good reason actually." She turned her body completely towards him, " Well spit it out!"

"Were leaving, right now."

"What? Are you serious!" She wasn't really hoping that the reason would be this again. The last time they had to leave so suddenly was because someone was after them. Again. That meant that this would all be another pain in the butt thing as usual. "How fun," she thought.

"I am serious Mika. Not to mention we have about an hour and a bit to get ourselves out of here and go well, somewhere." She whined lightly at that last part, she was barely awake not to mention the fact that she didn't like to pack up all of her stuff and travel around the city this early in the morning. Yeah that was fun.

He heard her whine against the whole ordeal and smiled slightly. You could always count on her to disagree with something at least once a day. "I'll make it up to you some time Ok? Just pack up your stuff and be ready to leave in an hour." Finishing what he needed to say he got up and left the room leaving her to do what she needed. She murmured an Ok and started packing up.

45 minutes later.

Alright, enough was enough. He was getting a little peeved at how long it took for her the finish packing. Honestly it didn't take that long did it? Besides they had to be out of there pretty damn quick, he had a schedule to keep to after all. Go over to Daniel's and talk, or something along those lines. Yeah, one hell of schedule indeed.

Grave being to busy bitching with himself didn't hear the door in the hall open up, the footsteps leading towards him, the girl standing behind him, her thin arms loop around his neck. Nothing. " What a zoner" she thought.

"Am not."

Oh great she said that out loud didn't she? Oh well it was too late anyway. Besides maybe they could do something for the next few minutes… Letting go of him, she walked around the couch he was sitting on and sat down beside him resting her head on his shoulder. She then put her hand on his thigh and tapped her fingers lightly waiting for him to do something. Noticing her little plea he took her hand in his and rubbed his thumb over it then spoke up. " You want to do something don't you?" She just rubbed her head on his shoulder. "Yes."

Even though they didn't have the time too- ah what the hell it wouldn't hurt if they did for a few minutes right? Sighing inwardly he turned his body towards hers. But before he did do anything, "Only for a minute or two Mika. Ok?" She was already crawling on him though "Sure thing." She sat on his legs like she always did and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling herself towards him even more, her face up against his. She sat there breathing on him, waiting or just taking in the moment she couldn't really decide which one she liked more.

Grave decided to continue with their fun. Remembering how she hated to be teased he lightly rubbed his lips over hers, hearing her moan slightly he knew it was working. And boy did she ever hate that. Pushing her head forward she tried to catch him but he tilted his head sideways causing her to get well, nothing. She didn't move much if any, she just leaned into him more. Grave about to something again glanced up at the clock, 2:15 am.


"Not to be a party pooper Mika but we have to leave. Actually we had to leave almost twenty minutes ago." He heard her whine again, "Ok." Getting off of him she put on her jacket and picked up one of the two backpacks from the couch and stood there looking at him, lust still in her eyes. He got up then and did the same thing. Then making sure they had all they needed they went towards the main door and opened it. Leaving behind another small part of their lives.

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