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Matrimony Ain't Always Holy!

By: Youkai Koinu

Chapter 1 Bad News

Kagome's day was going great. She got an A on her Social Studies Project, and her English test was a piece of cake for her. Now it was time for health. She sat down in her seat in the third seat in the fifth row. She got out her notebook and opened it to a clean piece of paper.

Two minutes later the bell rang, and the teacher walked in. She walked to the front of the class. "Good morning," Mrs. Kaedae said. "Good morning, some people mumbled. "Today we will be starting on a new project." The class groaned. "You will be working with projects." She added. The class cheered. "You will each have different jobs and be married to someone in this class. Here are the couples."

"Sango, you are a demon slayer, and are married to... Miroku, he is a monk. You have two kids."

"Hiten, you are a bus driver, and you are married to... Kagura, she is a store clerk. You have three kids."

"Inuyasha, you are a doctor, and you are married to..."

'Please let it be Kikyo, please let it be Kikyo, please let it be...' Inuyasha's thoughts were cut off.

"... Kagome, she is a model. You have four kids."

Inuyasha choked on the spitball he was shooting, and Kagome shot him a death glare.

"And Naraku you are a factory worker, and you are married to... Kikyo, she is a nurse. You have one child."

"Now get together with your partners and I need the names of your kids by the end of the period."

Kagome and Inuyasha named their four kids, Macy, Natasha, Boris, and Derrick. (AN: I know they're not Japanese but come on, give me a break!)

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