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Hogwarts Dreamin'

Chapter 6: Oh, How Sweet Lemons Can Be.

Place: Great Hall Time: Break


Later that day, everyone was still in a buzz from the effects of last night's party. Many still suffered from the raging demon known as 'hangover', and some were nearing a breakdown as they realized what they had done to/with the person that woke up in their bed that morning. Girls were crying and wondering if they were pregnant, boys were worrying as to if they had acquired the clap or some other STD from some fast-ass girl. Other than that, all was peaceful.

Harry sat with Blaise and Karen at what is normally the Slytherin table, talking and chatting with the occasional glance at the magical grand clock. Time for the Slytherin's Quidditch practice.

"Hey, I'm gonna go out to the pitch."

"You want us to come with?" Blaise asked. Harry shrugged and two arose, following the 'Golden Boy' out the doors and outside.


The snow fell onto the pitch in light drifts, chilling the noses of the Slytherin Quidditch players as they zoomed through the air on their Nimbus 2002's. In the Gryffindor stands sat three figures, bundled up nicely in think hats, coats, gloves, and snow boots.



"What the hell are we doing out here in subzero weather?" Harry looked at Karen with a blank expression on his face.

"I don't know what you guys are doing, but I'm watching my boyfriend practice." he replied. Not being one to argue a logical answer, Karen turned her attention to Blaise.

"Why didn't you play Qui-qui-that game, Blaise?" she asked. The dark haired Slytherin looked down at her and smiled.

"Takes up too much time. Time that I could be using for…other things." His smile transformed into a devious smirk, which caused the girl's face to burn. She decided to change the subject.

"I still don't get why we're out here." she grumbled bitterly. Harry and Blaise looked at each other.

"Is she okay?" Harry whispered to Blaise.

"She's been a bit testy ever since she woke up. I think it's 'her time o' the month'

Harry nodded as if he really understood. And he did. Back when he was dating Cho, those times were pure hell for him. All he heard for those five-or-so days was 'Don't do that', or 'Don't say that', or 'Why can't you be more like Draco?' 'Well who wants to be more like Draco, now, bitch?' the Gryffindor thought bitterly before he spoke.

"But, you've got to admit, it's pretty funny to watch her while she's like this." he said, earning himself a death-glare from the girl. Karen turned away from the boys, letting out a light 'humph', which caused them to laugh until who should come swishing by but the Slytherin seeker himself.

"Hey all." Draco greeted, afterwards, giving Harry a peck on the lips. "What's so funny?"

"Just Karen." Harry joked. Karen 'humph'ed again, only to have Blaise wrap an arm around her. No, there still weren't dating, but they were close to it. Everyone could tell. Draco just smiled.

"Well, practice is over, so I've got to head to the locker room. I'll meet you guys later on?" he asked. The three agreed and stood up to leave. Draco grabbed Harry's wrist and pulled him closer.

"Meet me in the dungeons in fifteen minutes." it was a gentle, yet forceful command, the kind that Harry had no problem obeying. The black haired boy nodded, his face turning red and his pants beginning to feel a little tighter. Draco smirked and kissed his neck before letting him go and heading off towards the locker room.

"See you later, love!" the blond called over his shoulder, blowing Harry a kiss. After Draco was out of sight, Harry raced off to the Slytherin dungeons.


Karen slouched on her bed, still pouting. Blaise's was sitting beside her, playing with one of the many honey colored streaks that adorned her naturally dark hair. He wasn't smiling anymore.



"About what happened at the party. Between you and I."


"Karen, I know that you're leaving in the summer, but, nonetheless, I really want to be with you. You're probably the first person I've ever felt this way about. And I want to cherish your love while I still have it. I love you, Karen." the girl in question stared up at him, her chocolate brown eyes brimming with tears.

"Blaise. I love you, too. But I don't know. It'll be hard to leave you for the summer. And this being our last year at Hogwarts, we may never see each other again."

"That's not stopping anyone else." he replied gently before leaning down and pressing his lips against hers. Karen moaned lightly and reached her arms up and around Blaise's neck, pulling him closer. The brunette boy moved his head lower so that he was kissing her neck, getting a louder moan from her as he nipped, licked, and sucked at her skin. The girl gasped and arched into the young man. Her face grew hot as she felt his erection. He looked down at her, both love and lust sparkling him his deep brown eyes.

"Karen Cabbage, I love you, and I want you." he kissed her again. "More than anything."

Karen was far too overwhelmed to reply, so instead she leaned up and kissed him again, pressing her body even closer to his.


Harry slowly entered the Slytherin boys' dorm(through a secret entrance behind a painting of a faerie with a dragon.) and searched for any sign of Draco's bed. It didn't take him long, seeing as Draco's was the one with the large Prada Gucci trunk resting in front of it. The green eyed boy smiled and moved toward the comfy cheery oak four-poster and flopped down on the plush, green-covered mattress, reveling in the softness of it.

"Having fun, Potter?" A familiar voice asked. Harry looked over towards the door and smiled at his boyfriend. Draco neared the bed, smirking devilishly at the smaller boy, which kind of made him nervous.

"Drac? What are you planning?" he asked, raising an eyebrow at the blond. No sooner than he got the words out, the silver eyed boy pounced, jumping onto the bed and straddling the smaller boy's hips and ravishing his neck.

Harry shrieked, surprised, before he started to giggle.

"Drac! Drac, quit it!" he gasped out between giggles. The blond complied and lifted his head to look down at Harry, who could see great love and lust in those beautiful silver orbs. It was amazing how those eyes could put him in such a trance. Draco leaned down and gently kissed Harry, causing him to moan lightly. Though Harry was probably too preoccupied to notice, Draco slowly undid the boy trousers and dipped his hand down, groping the brunette's manhood, causing Harry to moan loudly.

"Draco…" he whispered, breaking the kiss. The blond sat up and tugged at his lover's pants and boxers, pulling the both off. He reached up and began to gently stroke his manhood. Harry gasped and bucked his hips into Draco's hand.

"Drac, please…" he whimpered. The blond leaned down and started to whisper in his lover's ear.

"Please what, love?" he nibbled gently on the boy's earlobe as he waited for the answer. Harry moaned again before answering.

"Please, Draco, take me. I want you. I NEED you." Harry begged, bucking his hips again. Draco smirked and started stroking harder, squeezing Harry's manhood harder. The brunette continued to moan, whimper and squirm under the ministrations of the blond boy. Before too long, Draco stopped and sat up and gently spread the smaller boy's legs further. He held his manhood at his lover's entrance before he slowly pushed himself into him. Harry let out a loud moan as Draco slid into him.

"Draco…" he whimpered. Draco smiled down at him, loving how tight he was. He moved in and out, listening to the way Harry moaned his name, and loving how it gradually got louder and louder. The blond squeezed Harry manhood again, causing him to cry out. The boys both felt their mid-sections tighten before they finally gave in, Draco coming inside of Harry, and Harry released in Draco's hand. The blond leaned down and kissed Harry passionately, his tongue slipping into the boy's mouth. Harry, more than happily, responded. Before too long, the boys broke away and stared into each other's eyes.

"I love you, Harry Potter." Draco whispered.

"I love you, too, Draco Malfoy."


Dinner seemed to move pretty normally. The Great Hall seemed to buzz with chatter. Ron and Hermoine were flirting and loving on each other, as were Karen and Blaise. Draco and Harry were lip syncing and blowing kisses to each other from across the Hall. All in all, things were somewhat peaceful. That is, until the mail came. The barrage of owls swooped in through the large windows, all holding letters and parchments and other random whatnots.

Acer, the mail-raven of Karen's, swooped in at the end of the line and dove for the Slytherin table, making a 9.5 performance landing in front of her owner. In her beak, she held a red envelope that was practically begging to be opened. Karen took the envelope from the bird and opened it. In in instant, the Great Hall was filled with the horrifying shrieking of Karolyn Valeth, Karen's mother.


"DO YOU WANT THE BRITISH TO HATE THE U.S. AGAIN?! I WOULDN'T HAVE BEEN SHOCKED IF THEY HAD PUT A BOUNTY ON YOU!!!" 'Mommy likes to exaggerate' Karen thought to herself, ignoring the snickers of the other students.

"WELL, GET THIS!! IF YOU SO MUCH AS PISS THE WRONG WAY, YOU'RE GOING RIGHT BACK TO SELARNO WHERE YOU STARTED. GOT THAT?! Oh, and Professor Dumbledore, thank you so much for the lemon drops. How did you know they were my favorites?" After that, the letter hissed at Karen and ripped itself up. After gaping at it for a moment, the girl made a face of her own as Blaise put a comforting hand around her shoulder.

Draco smiled at the two, then over at the Gryffindor table. This was defiantly one year he wanted to remember.


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