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Notes: Tru calling has just come on to tv in South Africa, and I love it! They showed the second episode on Thursday, it was excellent! When I saw this My thoughts were, "No way! it's like a Buffy/Angel cross Early Edition...."

Then it hit me, a cross over! This is my first story in Tru calling, oh, and I haven't read any Tru Calling stories yet (Don't want to find out what is going to happen!) So if someone has done this crossover, well, sorry but great minds think alike.

Oh, and I just want to warn you that I am not good in English, but I try my best to make sure that there are no mistakes. But sometimes I miss some.

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A young woman who wore a white lab coat looked down at the body which lay before her.

The man lay on a cold metallic table. His skin was deadly pale which made the bruising stand out even more.

"What happened to him?" Tru asked.

Davis looked at the man in front of them, then looked up at Tru.

"Number of things actually," Davis said.

He moved the blanket down to the man's waste , as he looked at the flat chest which was covered in anger dark bruises. Davis looked closer at the one side of the man's stomach where he saw a bullet wound.

"Ouch, that must have hurt," Tru said in sympathy.

Davis nodded as he used his hand to go over the body's ribs, feeling how many ribs were broken.

"Five broken ribs, you really pissed someone off badly buddy," he joked.

He shook his head when he looked at the damage that was done to the person in front of him.

Davis looked up to see that Tru was still staring at the man in front of them.

"He was found in an apartment, he was trying to stop a mad husband from killing his wife, he got in the way," Davis explained.

"What happened to the wife?" Tru asked.

Davis looked up and pointed to the table behind her. Tru turned around and saw a woman's body on the table.

She moved away from Davis, focusing on the woman.

Tru moved the cloth from the woman's face.

The woman was in her late twenties, she had short blond hair.

Tru tuned around and examined the man Davis was busy with.

"How did she die?" Tru asked.

"Shot in the back, it appears that the husband killed this guy, then turned on his wife," Davis explained as he still examined the man's broken body.

"Which apartment were they found in?" Tru asked.

Davis signed.

He stood up straight as picked up the notes which were given to him.

"They were found in apartment on Main street. Her name is Judy Archer, she is twenty-nine. Time of death was around five in the afternoon. The man over there, he is in his early thirties, his name is Gary Hobson," Davis read out aloud.

Tru nodded. She didn't know why, but she had the strangest feeling that she had meet Gary before, she just couldn't place him.

Tru and Davis quickly finished with the bodies and placed them into their 'slots'. Davis headed back to his office where he could quickly file his findings.

Tru remained where the bodies were kept, she had a feeling that someone would ask for her help. She sat down on the stool, she looked around the empty room.

After a few minutes she got board, she looked around the room again, this time, something caught her eyes.

She walked over to where the people's possessions were kept till the family members could get them. She picked up a brown coat, that's when she noticed the newspaper.

She smiled as she took the newspaper and walked back to her chair, at least now she had something to do while she waited.

She had just opened the newspaper when she heard a voice. She slowly walked up to where the new bodies were.

She opened the woman's one, but to her surprise, it wasn't her.

She closed the door, and headed over to the where Gary lay.

She opened his slot and quickly pulled him out, just enough so that she could see his face. She laid the newspaper on his stomach, so that she could see his face, as she did that, she saw the date.

"What the....?" Tru gasped.

In that exact moment, she saw Gary's head move, his brown eyes staring at her.

"Help me,"

o o o