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Warning: mentions death (Duh!), violence. Oh, and main character deaths.

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2)Also, is it just me, or did the words change? I noticed that instead of the dead person saying, "Help me," that they now say "I need you,"

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o o o

Darkness and light. Screams, shots…then eerie silence.

Tru couldn't move, her body felt numb. She knew that she was still lying on the cold apartment floor. She could smell the copper sent of the blood as it slowly suffocated her. She moved her head, slowly becoming aware of the pain in her stomach. With great effort, she raised her heavy arm, slowly bring it down on her stomach.

Big mistake.

She shut her eyes tightly as a wave of pain felt pain explode through her body as she felt his wound burnt. It felt like her blood was on fire, burning her alive. She wanted to scream, to cry for help, but her body didn't respond. Her screams echoed in her head, begging for mercy from the overwhelming pain, but the pain never ended. She was trapped, tortured. She wanted to move away from the pain, but her body didn't respond. She felt her heartbeat, as she felt it pounded against her chest against her aching ribs. That's all there was, just the beating, the pain, and the screaming....

She looked around, her focus stopping on Gary who lay near her.

He was lying face down on the floor, his face turned to her. She could see his glazed, unseeing eyes, looking straight through her. But his face, his face was relaxed, calm, almost peaceful. As she looked at his face, she noticed a dark red liquid which was now forming a pool beneath him.

"Gary, ask for help," Tru begged.

Her plea came out as a whisper, as she looked at Gary, wishing that he could ask her. She knew that he was her only hope.

"Gary!" Tru pleaded.

But he didn't move, he didn't ask. His unseeing eyes didn't move off her.

Tru could feel the pain worsen as she began to struggle to breathe. She could feel something warm beneath her, and knew that it was her blood.

She was running out of time.

Tru looked at the white ceiling above her, wishing that someone would help. But no one could hear her soft pleas.

Her body shook violently as she began to cough, her hand immediately went to her mouth as tears of pain ran down her cheek.

After a few seconds the coughing came to an end. Her breathing worse as it became more laboured, making every breath a struggle.

The only noise that could be heard from the room was the horrible wheezing that came from Tru as she fought for each breath.

"G...Gary!" Tru cried out.

She didn't want to die, she didn't want to die on the cold floor, alone. Why weren't they asking for help.

Tears of frustration began to run down her cheek as she couldn't do anything. She was helpless.

Tru started to cough again. Blood was bubbling out her mouth. Her teeth were now a reddish orange.

When she tried to speak again, blood poured out her mouth. The wheezing turned to choking as her lungs began to fill up with blood.

Her lungs burnt as they cried out for the air that it so desperately need. Her mouth opened as she tried to take in a deep breathe, only to discover that she couldn't. Her heart continued to beat against her chest as she tried desperately to get air. Her body tensed as her lungs froze, her chest screaming out in pain as no air could enter. A tear ran down her cheek as her head rolled to the side.

As her body began to shut down, her eyes rolled to see Gary's eyes turn to meet her gaze.

"I need you,"

o o o

A woman's scream, gunshots.... Gary looked around the room, he saw two woman lying in pools of blood. Their dead eyes staring at him...

He had failed... he didn't save them.

He looked down, there was blood on his clothes. There was blood on his hands...

He looked up in horror to see a man pointing the gun towards him, before firing...

"NO!" Gary yelled as he woke up.

His heart pounded as he sat up straight, trying to free himself from the nightmare that still hung onto him. His eyes nervously darted from one side to the next, trying to see where he was.

Some relief came as he recognised the room.

He lifted his one arm resting his hand over his heart, trying in vain to calm his racing heart.

His heart skipped a beat as he jumped when suddenly the silence was broken as the radio jumped alive, for his six thirty alarm. His body trembled as he reached over to switch off the radio. As he still tried to control his breathing.



Gary sighed as he heard the familiar sound of the cat's cry followed by the newspaper being dropped off. His body trembled as he made his way to the door.

The cat looked worried as the door flew open, revealing a very pale Gary. However, Gary's focus failed to see the cat's expression as his eyes focused on the newspaper.

He slowly knelt and picked up the newspaper, hoping that everything was just a bad dream. He slowly opened his eyes, not really wanting to know the truth.

Gary groaned as he saw the newspaper.

o o o

Tru bolted out of bed in a panic, her breathing fast as her heart raced. She looked around the room nervously, trying to get her grounding. She relaxed when she saw that she was in her room.

Her body trembled as she remembered what had happened. Her hand shook as she felt along her stomach, in search of the bullet wound.

She looked down and smiled in relief as she saw nothing.

Her heart was still pounding as she got out of bed, not wanting to close her eyes. To afraid that this was a dream.

She slowly walked up to her tv, switching it on just in time to see the lottery numbers being called out.

"And the numbers are...."

Tru listened to each number, half praying for the same numbers, half hoping that they were different. But as she listened to each number, she knew, she was reliving the same day.

She couldn't believe it. Not that she was complaining. It was just very strange.

But at that moment, she was happy. She was given another chance, she just prayed that this time, she would save them.

o o o

to be continued...