-Oh freaking A dude. I just had to write it. Yes, my first "Totally Spies" fanfiction story. Like totally! Sorry if I feel like I'm complaining about it, I mean, if I really didn't want to do it, why am I writing it in the first place? It's just that, I never thought I would get into "Totally Spies", and even write a fanfiction based on it. I certainly tried my hardest not to get addicted to it, like not watching the first two seasons of it when it was on for starters. But once I started watching, I was hooked. But how? I mean, look at me! I'm supposed to be Mr. Serious that watches more serious, more in-depth, and sophisticated series like "Evangelion", "Oh My Goddess!", "Love Hina", "Ghost in the Shell", "Read or Die", "Gundam", "Tenchi Muyo", "Big O", "Dual", and "Teen Titans"! Ummmm…okay, maybe you could scratch that last one (but at least Teen Titans is based on a serious DC comic book series), but basically yeah, compared to the ones I've already mentioned, "Totally Spies" shouldn't be on that list. A series where the main characters are high school teenage girls who moonlight as spies? I mean, just look at Clover! Where the target audience is, young pre-teen girls (something I can assure you, I'm not)? These reason alone should be reason why I shouldn't be watching it! And yet, I am! And I also think that it is great on its own right. And this fanfiction is the result of it.

-And a little about me…mostly a Teen Titan writer. Teen Titans is where it all started. Also currently writing a story for the more serious Evangelion and Oh! My Goddess series. And now, this Totally Spies.

-This story will also feature a new character in later chapters. I don't want to give out the secret just yet. All that I'll tell you this now is that she is a creation of me, and ElvisBan (also known as Cloud Strife Omega here on FFN) during an AIM rping session. ElvisBan gave her the name and the tool, and I gave her life so to speak (Although this version will be a lot tamer then the AIM version. Now, once I get there, you'd be amazed that this is the tame version of her).

-Standard Disclaimer: I do not own anything even remotely related to "Totally Spies". If I did, things could get really crazy in that series, and we'd have some advocacy group rallying against it, and the Cartoon Network would be forced to cancel it after all the controversy I would've put into it.

-Preview: A new group is threatening some of the top officials in banking and business. Of course, it is up to the spies to stop them! However, this group is proving a little hard stop. As the body count starts to rise, has WOOHP met its match? Then, when all seemed hopeless, a mysterious heroine comes along and helps our spies. However, this new heroine is leaving a trail of badly tortured, whipped, and mutilated bodies around. Is this new heroine going to far? And is this new heroine connected to WOOHP? Oh, and something about a new hot guy and something to do with Mandy.

-Well, enough of my rant, on with the story!

World Bank - New York City

Time – 1:30 PM EST

A well-dressed businessman walked through the doorway. He was about 50ish, balding, and very uptight. He entered a building filled with people going about their daily business.

A security greeted the businessman. "Hey Mr. Sanderson! On time as usual I see!"

The stern expression disappeared a bit from the businessman's face as he waved back. "Hi Jim. Yup, the world can't have me be late for one minute!"

"But the world will be better without you destroying it!" A bunch of masked men entered the lobby of the building.

Mr. Sanderson spun his head and stared at the incoming group of masked thugs. "What is the meaning of this?"

The first masked man pointed at Mr. Sanderson. "Your crimes against the environment will end now!" The masked thugs pointed some type of guns at the group.

The security guard Jim took out his gun. But at that very moment, one of the thugs shot Jim with the weapon they held. A green mist surrounded Jim. Jim looked at himself wondering what just happened. "Hey, what's…" Jim's eyes widen when his veins started to appear through his skin, green. Jim couldn't breath. He held his throat as his skin was covered in growing green veins. Suddenly, his skin burst, leaves and branches coming out of the hole, as he spilled tons of blood to the ground. The plant started growing out of his mouth.

Mr. Sanderson stared in horror as he saw what that weapon did to Jim. He looked around and saw that the entire lobby of people stood in absolute fear of these new masked thugs.

The first masked thug, the apparent leader of the group, approached Mr. Sanderson. Mr. Sanderson was shaking in fear. He held his suitcase in front of him in a futile attempt to block whatever came at him.

The masked thug looked at Mr. Sanderson and grinned. "You will serve as an example to all!"

The rest of the people gasped in shock.

Mr. Sanderson didn't understand what he could've done to deserve this. "This is the world bank! All we've ever done is help people!"

The masked thug shook his head. "That's the problem!" The man shot Mr. Sanderson with his gun.

Beverly Hills High

Time – 3:00 PM PST

The final bell rang. Sam went to her locker and put her books away. She was wearing a green tank top, a short skirt with a simple flowery garment wrapped around her waist, high heels, and wearing a small backpack purse.

"Hey Sam!" Clover and Alex waved at her down the hallway. Clover was wearing a red short-sleeved shirt, cut above her midsection, black pants that are cut just above her knees, with black-strapped shoes. Alex was a loose fitting T-shirt with the red sleeves, with the rest of her shirt a slightly darker red color. Her pants are tight fitting jeans and standard running shoes.

"Hi guys!" Sam closed the locker. "What's up?" Sam walked with the other two down the hallway.

"Oooo. I heard that new shoe store opened today." Clover beamed thinking about all the shoes that were there. "We have to go ASAP!"

"Sounds good. I can always use…" Sam smiled before she turned her head and stopped in her track. She stared in one direction without blinking.

Clover and Alex walked a few steps forward, before they noticed Sam wasn't moving. They both looked back and saw Sam just standing there.

Alex waved her hand in front of Sam. "Earth to Sam! Are you in there?"

Clover decided to see what exactly was Sam looking at. Clover's eyes widened as she saw the source of Sam's attention. Clover tapped Alex and pointed at the area where Sam was staring. Alex looked in that direction, and widened her eyes.

A blonde man, with long hair, a well-defined body, wearing a blue shirt, with a white undershirt, blue jeans, and brown hiking boots, was walking down the hallway.

Clover smirked and nudged Alex. Alex turned to Clover and smirked back. They both looked back at Sam. They got on either side of her and smiled. Their presence finally broke Sam's stupor. Sam blinked and looked at her two grinning friends.

"No wonder our Sam here was lost in space for a while. And I don't mean that crappy movie either." Clover deviously smiled at her.

Sam gave a fake smile in embarrassment at Clover. "I don't know what you're talking about Clover."

"Oh come on Sam." Alex wrapped an arm around Sam. "You certainly know how to pick them."

Sam started to blush. "It's not like that…"

"Oh really?" Clover turned their attention back to the incoming 'hottie.' "That's not what I'm seeing here!"

Sam started to sweat. "Oh please, I don't even know his name! Besides, maybe he is, you know…"

Clover rolled her eyes. "Oh please. Just because one of your hot boyfriends turned out to be a psycho, doesn't mean all of them are. Besides, if all you are afraid of not knowing his name, well, just ask him!"

The blond 'hottie' gets just a bit closer.

Alex smiled widened. "Here he comes!"

Alex and Clover push Sam forward. Sam bumped into the blond 'hottie' who dropped all his books. Sam nervously looked back at her so-called 'friends' who just waved her on.

The blond 'hottie' started picking up the books. Sam decided to help him and picked up a few of his books. One of the books that Sam was picking up; he also grabbed a hold of.

"Oh hey there!" The blond 'hottie' noticed Sam for the first time.

"Oh hey!" Sam blushed. "Sorry for, bumping into you…" She eyed her so-called friends who were cheerleading behind her.

"Oh that's okay." He extended his hand to Sam. "By the way, I'm Scott! Scott Greenwood."

Sam felt like her face was on fire. "I'm Sam." She looked at the books that Scott was reading. "Earth in the Balance, Nature's Blessing, A Green World…wow, you seemed to really be into the environment."

Scott smiled. "Yeah. They're so much beauty in nature; its just sad that so few people see it."

Sam smiled. Her mind just kept saying, keep going, keep going! "So, you care about the environment. Guess what? So do I!"

"And so do I!" Mandy appeared on the sideline. "In fact, I go out of my way to help plant a tree."

Sam was stunned silent for a few seconds with the new intruder. Sam stared at the thankfully ex-spy, Mandy. However, slowly but surely, rage was building.

"Really?" Scott smiled at Mandy. "That's a really great thing you did for the environment."

"Um…" Sam tried to shift the focus back to her.

"Yup!" Mandy wrapped an arm around Scott. "You could say I have quite a green thumb."

Sam closed her fist trying to control her rage.

Clover and Alex narrowed their eyes at the one who seemed hell bent on trying to ruin their lives. They too, are filled with rage.

Mandy and Scott walk off chatting with each other.

Clover and Alex moved to Sam's side.

"Stupid Mandy!" Clover interjected. Clover turned to Sam. "Don't worry Sam, once Scott finds out how shallow Mandy is, he'll be running straight for you."

"Not before I pound her face in first!" Sam punched her first.

Alex was slightly stunned at Sam's comment. Especially since when Mandy voluntary gave up being a spy, she thought that, at least Sam, would've respected Mandy a bit more. "Whoa there, isn't that a little harsh Sam?"

Clover smirked. "I know. I mean shouldn't I be the one to do it?"

Sam calmed down. "Yeah. I guess it's better to wish the earth to open, and have Mandy sucked down it."

Just as Sam said this, the floor opened, and the girls fell down it. "Agggggggggggggggh!"

"I said Mandy! Not us!" Sam yelled as they continue to go down and down the tube.

"Why can't we just drive to WOOHP?" Clover yelled.

WOOHP Headquarters

The ceiling opened, and the spies landed on the large cushioned O.

Jerry stood behind his desk. "Hello girls. Hope you three had a good day."

"Could've been better." Sam sighed. "What is it this time?"

Jerry took out a remote control and pushed a button. "About five hours and half ago, a group of masked men walked into the lobby of the World Bank and did this to the people there."

The spies watched the surveillance tape in horror.

Alex eyes were wide open. "What, what happened to those people?"

"We know it is some sort of gas as you can see here." Jerry replied. He rewinds the tape to show the masked men spraying the people with something. "Beyond that, we don't know."

Clover tried to hold the contents of her stomach down. "If they were going to rob the place, they certainly made a mess."

Jerry shook his head. "The World Bank doesn't handle individual transactions and in turn, didn't hold any loose cash either."

Sam nodded. "That's right. They only dealt with aid and development loans for countries. Why would anyone do this to them?"

"We believe that this man…" A picture of a man appeared in one of the computer screens behind Jerry, "…was the main target. His name is Mr. Sanderson. He was one of the World Bank's directors. Recently, it was discovered that he was funneling money into a company that was logging the Amazon."

Sam thought about this for a moment. "So, is this some sort of sick form of justice?"

Clover frowned. "And for what? Trees? Like, there are more important things to avenge."

Jerry sighed. "Whatever the reason, it is up to you three to find out who these people are, and stop them before more people are killed. You'll start by going to New York, and investigate these mysterious deaths. The building has been sealed by the CDC for obvious reasons." Jerry pushed another button on his table. "Here. You'll be using a WOOHP instant bio-suit, high-powered laser fuchsia lipstick, WOOHP specialized heat seeking ninja stars, and jetpacks." Jerry hands them their equipment. "Enjoy your flight to New York."

"Flight? So when does our plane leave?" Alex asked.

"Plane? What plane?" Jerry smirked.

"Oh no. You know what that means." Alex dreaded this moment.

The ground under them gives way, and the Spies find themselves falling. "Aggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

The Spies find themselves in a rocket, and are blasted into the sky.

World Bank - New York City

Time – 9:00 PM EST

After the girls crash through the upper floors of the World Bank building. They all activate their bio-suits and prepare to head to the scene of the crime. The girls all hooked up their bungee cords to the roof of the lobby, and slinked their way down to the ground. Sure enough, the CDC has sealed the place up pretty tightly.

Sam used the bio-suits computer to check the air and the dead people.

Plants were growing out of the dead people.

"Remind me to be kind to a plant when this is all over." Clover felt sick at the sight.

"I can't believe we are touching…dead people." Alex tried to lift an arm, but dropped it instantly. Alex started to turn green.

Sam took a closer look at her data, then at the bodies. She examined the orientation of the plants and where they were coming from. "It was definitely that gas that did it."

"Well duh. Even I knew that Sam." Clover mocked.

"Except it wasn't gas." Sam opened up a chest and scooped out a piece of the lung. She used the suit to examine it microscopically. She sees tiny seeds embedded in the lung. Both sprouted, and ones that weren't. "I think we should send this back to WOOHP for analysis."

Clover looked at the ground. She sees a torn mask. "Hmmmm…unless the dress code here was for something kinky, I'd say that this is definitely a clue!"

"Hey there!" A man in a standard bio-suit looked at the three. The three was noticeably startled. "Who the heck are you?"

Sam was the first to respond. "Ummmmm…we're from…Homeland Security."

The man blinked. "Homeland Security? I didn't receive any notice that they would be sending anyone here."

Alex was the next to respond. "It's a surprise."

The man looked at Alex confused.

Sam felt like hitting herself. Sam took it upon herself to clear things up. "What my partner was trying to say, when we first heard this, given that this was an obvious biological or chemical weapon implications, we had to rush over here this instant!"

"Yeah!" Clover interjected herself into the conversation. "After all, we have to keep the homeland safe, and well decorated!"

Alex and Sam sweat dropped.

Sam spoke up. "Anyways, whatever information you have, we'd like to hear it."

The man finally nodded. "Well, in that case…" He took off his hood. Revealing a middle aged, slightly balding man.

"AGGGGGGHHHHHH!" Sam, Alex, and Clover yelled back stunned.

"Aren't you afraid that you're going to become like them?" Alex put her hands on the man.

Clover was the next to panic. "I know! I mean, aren't you afraid of becoming plant food?"

The man shook his head. "It's safe. The plant spores, whatever they are, don't survive very long in the air."

After blinking a few seconds trying to get the full extent of what the man said, they all took their bio-suits off.

"Whoa. You Homeland Security agents sure have all the cool stuff." The man noted.

"Yeah. Hehehe." Sam put a hand out. "By the way, we haven't really introduced ourselves, I'm Sam."

"Alex." Alex shook the man's hand.

"Clover." Clover followed suit and shook the man's hand.

"Brian from the CDC." Brian crossed his arms. "Well, I guess I really shouldn't be surprised that you guys are here because you are absolutely right. What we have here is definitely a biological weapon and it is definitely up your guys ally."

"Well, we knew that much." Sam replied. "So, have you figured out what makes these seeds so unique?"

Brian nodded a bit, before shaking his head. "Yes, these seeds are strange. Like I told you, they don't last very long in the air. They weren't meant to infect an entire city that's for sure." Brian walked Sam and others to one of the victims. "Once it does hit someone in those few seconds, the seeds instantly sprout, and grows extremely fast. But that's all we know."

Sam frowned. "Who could do this?" She asked herself as she looked at the bodies.

Alex was the one to ask the question to Brian. "Do you know who could do this?"

Brian shook his head. "The only things we have are the surveillance tapes. And even with that, we don't know a lot about them other then the fact that they seemed to be from an unknown eco-terrorist group."

Sam nodded. She huddled with the other two. "I think we should head back home. Anything more, we have to wait for Jerry to contact us." After the girls all nodded in agreement, Sam turned back to Brian. "We better get back to…ummm…headquarters. We need to analysis all the data we've gathered."

Brian nodded. "Okay! Well, hopefully we won't be seeing each other again, if you know what I mean."

Clover shook her head. "Oh, I don't see why seeing you again would be a problem!"

Sam face-faulted.

Alex shook her head. "Umm…anyways, bye!"

The Spies activated their backpack jets and few out of the building.

Brian watched the three leaves spies leave. "Man, those Homeland Security guys really do get all the good stuff!"

As the three fly towards an area where a WOOHP plane was waiting for them to be picked up (did you really think that their little jet packs could get them all the way from New York to Los Angeles?), Sam was disturbed with what she saw. Not only was this the worse crime that she ever seen (and she has seen some really bad things), but, she had a disheartening feeling that it is going to get a lot worse before this is over. "I have a really bad feeling about this." Sam turned to the others. "What do you think?"

"If we hurry back, the mall will still be open!" Clover blurted out.

Sam face-faulted.

-------End of Chapter 1

Well, that's the end of chapter 1. I hope the two or three of you that will bother to read it will enjoy it. And in case you are wondering, no, I am not a female. I am a male. And no, I don't swing that way. Just that, well, if I'm going to write a Totally Spies fic, might as well do it the way it should be right? Oh, and the research I had to do for this story. I now know more about fashion then I ever bothered to care for. AGGGGGGGH!

Second, if you noticed that I called Mandy an ex-spy. Mandy was a spy? Yes…in a future episode for a short time (at the time of this proofread, it has already shown. I haven't seen though, but I did get the gist of it). I say short since at the end, it seemed clear that Mandy isn't a spy anymore. Now, all I have to figure out is if her memory is wiped of the experience or not (since I'm going through this after the proofread, from what I heard from a person who has seen it, yes, she does have her memory erased).

And third...I'm not completely sure about certain things (like the exact names of the devices the Spies use that Jerry calls them, or the times of certain things like when Beverly Hills High gets out. I'm also still wondering if I should really have time included or just have something vague like in the afternoon, day, or night, or whatever). So, at the moment, I simply made my best guess and, hopefully, won't detract much from the overall story.

Next Chapter…The group strikes again! When the clues lead to nowhere, what can our lovely spies do? And what happens when a few are kidnapped?! Until then…later!

Omake Time!


Clover: YEAH! We are stars, in a REAL STORY!

Alex: Yeah! (Hugs SimmyC) Soon, we'll be able to pay off our debt.

Sam: And it's all thanks to you SimmyC!


Sam: Um…yeah…

SimmyC: Anyways, here are your first paychecks (Hands them to the spies)

Clover: Wow! (Looks at her check). Look at all the zeros!

Jerry: (Takes the checks) I'll take those.

Spies: WHAT?!

Jerry: Well, you said it yourself, you needed to pay off your debt, and this is a start.

Clover: But, but Jerry, can't we pay like, an installment plan or something? You don't have to take all of it!

Alex: Yeah! Can I at least buy a latte?

Sam: There's nothing wrong with paying it slowly over time, right Jerry?

Jerry: Sorry girls but this can't wait. The bills need to be paid somehow.

Spies: (Angry expressions. All have their arms as if they are going to choke Jerry).

Jerry: (Sweat Drops) Now girls…I'm only doing what's best!

Spies: (Growls) Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Jerry: (Runs around with three angry girls behind him).

SimmyC: (Sweat Drops). This is going to be so fun.

-If you want to know what the above is about, well, check out my Omakes for (in this order), Chapter 9 for "Two Birds…Part 2", Chapter 8 for "Silent Titan", Chapter 11 for "Dangerous Love Affair", and Chapter 10 for "Two Birds…Part 2."